What Does CBD + CBDa Do to You?

Posted on April 24th, 2023

CBD oil grew in popularity as the public became increasingly interested in plant-based supplements. CBD, which is short for “cannabidiol,” is one of the hundreds of active ingredients that occurs naturally in cannabis plants. However, unlike one of the other well-known active ingredients, THC, it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects in users. That means you won’t experience the same ‘high’ that you get from ingesting or smoking marijuana. So, while it might be a component of marijuana, it can actually be derived from the industrial hemp plant. And this form of hemp-derived CBD is easily available in many states throughout the country, as well as from our online store

Now, like we said, CBD is just one of hundreds of hemp compounds. And, here at Tanasi, we love producing whole-plant products. That’s why we create both full-and-broad-spectrum hemp extracts. And it’s also why all of our Tanasi hemp-extracts contain a patent-pending, 1:1 formulation of CBD and CBDa. (In case you didn’t know, CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD. It converts to CBD with heat or light exposure. But when combined with CBD in our 1:1 formulation, it produces 2X greater results than a product containing CBD alone. Learn more about these observed effects here.)

Ok, so that’s some of the most basic CBD + CBDa information. Now it’s time to get down to details. First, we’ll explore what CBDa and CBD won’t do,. Then, we’ll get into some of the reasons why people do like to try this supplement. 

What CBDa and CBD Won’t Do

It Won’t Get You High

This is something we can’t say enough of. And that’s because there’s too much misinformation out there. Basically, there’s a common misconception that because CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis plants, it has the same psychoactive properties as THC.

In reality, CBD and CBDa won’t get you high. It is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. And that means you won’t experience mind-altering effects from products with CBD and CBDa. Now, when you buy Tanasi’s full-spectrum CBD + CBDa products, there will be trace amounts of THC content. But, because the levels are below 0.3%, these products are legal. And they aren’t psychoactive. 

Don’t want to take our word for it? Don’t worry: you don’t have to! Like all reputable CBD companies, we provide third-party tested COAs (certificates of analysis) for all of our products. And that gives you a clear picture of everything that is and isn’t in your product. 

CBDa and CBD Won’t Cause Severe Unwanted Side Effects

Both CBDa and CBD are generally well tolerated. These compounds have safe profiles with minimal side effects. Still, some people may experience reduced appetite, fatigue, dry mouth, and diarrhea after taking hemp-extracts. But these side effects are relatively rare, and usually associated with very high doses. That being said, hemp compounds can negatively interact with certain medications. Therefore, you should discuss CBDa and CBD use with your doctor to ensure your medical safety. 

Now you know what CBDa and CBD won’t do to your body, let’s get to the good stuff: 

So What Can CBDa and CBD Do For You? 

Everyone reacts differently to plant-based supplements. And that’s no different when it comes to Tanasi’s CBD and CBDa products. As a result, we can’t definitively say what these compounds will do for you. Instead, we can share the experiences of some of our customers. Together, their reviews of Tanasi’s CBD + CBDa products can help paint a picture of what to expect when you try our supplements.

First, let’s look at our Tanasi GOLD 3600 mg tincture, one of our most-concentrated and popular delivery methods. Delivering a 120mg dose of CBDa and CBD in every full dropper (included with your product), this tincture packs a major punch. And, says Tanasi customer David D., “The 3600mg GOLD is super concentrated and a solid value. I can take a quarter of a dropper when I just need to maintain, or up to a full dropper when I need an extra strength dose. A bottle will last me well over a month. This is the most potent full-spectrum CBD+CBDA on the market, no question.” 

But what does CBD do to you when we mix it with CBDa in different forms? Let’s see how people react to our 500mg CBD + CBDa gummies, crafted in small batches and infused with artisanal flavorings like our new strawberry yuzu taste! Here, Tanasi customer Katie S. notes, “So far I’ve really enjoyed these gummies!” Now, she feels that, “The aftertaste is not the best, but I usually just drink a glass of water afterward – definitely not a deal breaker. Love that I’m supporting research and have been really impressed with Tanasi’s company mission and transparency! Planning on ordering more.” 

You see, here at Tanasi, we are all about transparency. That’s why we always share our research on what does CBD do to you. (Just try searching for the term “autophagy” here, in the patent application for our unique, 1:1 formulation of CBD to CBDa.) And it’s also why we appreciate every kind of product review, and invest in third-party lab testing for each and every product we create.

What You Need to Know When Buying CBD Products

You need to be aware of where you purchase CBD products, whether or not they contain CBDa. Because the industry is largely unregulated, some brands do not have the appropriate vetting procedures in place to guarantee that you get what you pay for. This is why you need to shop with a reputable brand with high-standards for sourcing and third-party certificates of analysis.

With Tanasi, you get the highest quality product, crafted from organic hemp plants that are grown in the USA. We are willing and able to provide third-party testing results to give you the peace of mind you need. We are committed to providing the highest quality products, which is why we partner with a university-based research team that has expertise in chemistry and biology. And the result? Our products are driven by research, making us so confident about the quality and effectiveness of our CBD + CBDa products that we offer a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee on each and every one of them.

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