What Does CBD Do to You?

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Posted on June 16th, 2020

CBD oil has been growing in popularity as the general public becomes increasingly aware of its many benefits. CBD, which is short for “cannabidiol,” is one of the hundreds of active ingredients that can be found in cannabis plants. However, unlike one of the other well known active ingredients, THC, it doesn’t produce psychoactive effects in users. That means you won’t experience the same ‘high’ sensation that you would normally get from ingesting or smoking marijuana. So, while it might be a component of marijuana used for medical purposes, it can actually be derived from the industrial hemp plant, and this form of hemp-derived CBD is easily available in many states throughout the country, as well as from our online store

Now that we’ve gone over some basic CBD information, let’s get down to details. We’ll explore what CBD won’t do, what it does for you, and some of the benefits you may experience with its use.

What CBD Won’t Do

It Won’t Get You High

This is something we can’t say enough because of all the misinformation out there. There is a common misconception that because CBD is an active ingredient in cannabis plants, it will have the same psychoactive properties as THC. But the fact is, CBD will not get you high. It is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, which means you will not experience mind-altering effects when you use CBD oil products. That being said, you need to source your CBD from trusted brands and manufacturers. Some CBD oil products on the market contain higher than described levels of THC. Others will contain lower than advertised CBD concentrations. Both of these situations could be problematic. When you buy Tanasi’s full-spectrum CBD oil, however, you get a product with virtually undetectable amounts of THC content. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting an unwanted euphoric high from using them. And, you get the exact concentration of CBD that we list on the label. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Like all reputable CBD companies, we provide third-party tested COAs (certificates of analysis) so you get a clear picture of everything that is and isn’t in your CBD oil. 

CBD Won’t Cause Severe Unwanted Side Effects

Unlike many prescription drugs, CBD is generally well tolerated. In general, it is found to have a very safe profile with minimal side effects. Some of the documented side effects people have got from using it are reduced appetite, fatigue, dry mouth, and diarrhea, but these are relatively rare, and usually associated with very high doses. That being said, it can negatively interact with certain medications. Therefore, you should discuss CBD use with your doctor to ensure your medical safety. 

Now you know what CBD won’t do to your body, let’s get to the good stuff: 

So What Can CBD Do For You? 

May Help With Pain Management

Perhaps the most well documented and researched benefit of CBD oil is help with pain management. While there is still more research to be done, data points to it as a potentially powerful pain reliever. Why? Your body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), responsible for regulating and controlling your pain experience. And CBD oil impacts the ECS, binding to receptors in your nervous system.  As a result, some may find effective pain relief with its use. According to recent studies, there is evidence suggesting that cannabinoids are safe and modestly effective for patients with neuropathic pain, and for those that might be dealing with malignant diseases

Woman in blue dress using Tanasi Lotion Targets Joint and Muscle Pain

Knowing what we do about CBD oil and your ECS, it’s no surprise that it can have a positive impact on joint pain or discomfort. But this benefit is about more than just its interactions with your nervous system. In fact, it appears to have significant anti-inflammatory properties. This may further contribute to pain reduction, especially if you experience pain due to inflammatory conditions. One study showed that participants who took an oral spray containing a combination of THC and CBD were able to improve their pain during movement and at rest. They were also able to improve overall sleep quality. All of which helps explain why so many of our customers enjoy great effects from our high-quality Full Spectrum CBD Lotion, 1200mg Hemp Extract.

Potential to Reduce Anxiety and Stress 

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders throughout the world. In fact, it is the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting more than 18.1 percent of the population every single year. Anxiety can wreak havoc on your health because it puts your body in a constant state of ‘fight or flight.’ This is the reaction that occurs when you are anxious or worried about something. The problem is when your body is in a constant state of panic, various bodily systems can’t function properly. Plus, the stress triggers excess levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body, which can trigger or worsen your depression. Of course, we can treat anxiety with prescription medications, but these drugs may come with severe adverse side effects. They may even lead to addiction. Conversely, CBD may be a promising option. Early results show the potential for CBD to effectively reduce anxiety behaviors. Even better? It does so without any anxiogenic effects and with minimal sedative effects, all while maintaining an excellent safety profile.

Help With Nausea

CBD has also shown to be very effective at helping relieve unwanted side effects including nausea. In fact, one study showcased its potential for reducing chemotherapy-related nausea. It performed more effectively than the standard treatment. This study used a one-to-one formula with a combination of CBD and THC. We’ve also learned that one-to-one ratios increase your cannabinoids bioavailability, but we know our users want to avoid THC-induced highs. As a result, our products are made with a patent-pending, university-developed formula built on a one-to-one combination of CBD and CBDa, the unprocessed form of CBD found in hemp plants which carries its own benefits. And, to make our products even more effective, we add a proprietary blend of terpenes for an even greater synergistic effect. Some of our CBD products are even mixed with MCT oil, which can help maximize the effect while carrying its own health benefits. 

Improve Heart Health

CBD has also been highlighted for its link to potentially reduce high blood pressure. One study showed that it was effective at reducing resting blood pressure levels in direct response to a test that normally increased their levels. The theory is that it may help regulate your blood pressure levels because of its positive impact on stress levels within your body. Basically, we know that an increase in cortisol production can lead to major blood pressure increases. This is typically why high-stress levels are associated with an increased risk for heart attack or stroke. While we still need more research, pre-human studies showcase CBD oil for its therapeutic potential with diabetic complications and other cardiovascular disorders caused by stress and inflammation.

Woman with hair in towel looking at skin in mirrorCombat Inflammatory Conditions

Acne is a common and painful skin condition. Almost all of us have or will experience a breakout. But, unfortunately, we don’t have many truly effective acne remedies. Because the really promising prescription acne medications may contribute to serious side effects and potential liver damage. But let’s look at CBD. When you apply it topically or even ingest it, the anti-inflammatory properties may combat inflammatory skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. A study published by the Journal of Dermatological Science found that CBD may provide therapeutic benefits to psoriasis sufferers by effectively slowing down the overgrowth of various skin cells. Likewise, it may effectively limit acne outbreaks. It might even limit your sebaceous glands’ ability to produce sebum, and sebum is a main contributor to hormonal acne outbreaks.  

What You Need to Know When Buying CBD Products

You need to be aware of who you are purchasing from when buying CBD products. Because the industry is largely unregulated, some brands do not have the appropriate vetting procedures in place to guarantee you that you get what you pay for. This is why you need to shop with a reputable brand that has high-standards for sourcing and third-party certificates of analysis. With Tanasi, you get the highest quality product at the most affordable prices. That’s because when you buy from us, you are getting CBD straight from the source. We are willing and able to provide third-party testing results to give you the peace of mind you need. We are committed to providing the highest quality products, which is why we partner with a university-based research team. That way our products are driven by research, and we can contribute to future studies on CBD to highlight new potential benefits. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our CBD products, we offer a complete 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

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