Does CBD Do Anything with CBDA?

Posted on May 8th, 2023

Does CBD do anything when it’s combined with CBDa? What about when it’s on its own? Well, these are questions often asked by people unfamiliar with either of these plant-extracted compounds. So, if you are curious and plan on soon trying CBD and CBDa yourself, it’s good for you to soak up some information before starting your journey.

As with any other supplement, it’s always important to check with your doctor before trying CBD, CBDa or any other hemp plant extract. This is doubly true if you have any underlying health conditions and/or are currently taking medication because CBD can interact with certain prescriptions. Pregnant women should also avoid these extracts, since we don’t know if they impact fetal development.

Having gotten through all those scary warnings, we do want you to remember that CBD is federally legal, but may still not be legal in all states, depending on the local regulations and the CBD source for your product. For that reason, you should always review your local laws before trying this supplement. And now, back to our original question.

Definition Of Cannabidiol

CBD, otherwise known as ‘cannabidiol,’ is an oily substance we can extract from all varieties of cannabis plants, including hemp and marijuana plants. CBD is a cannabinoid, and there are over a hundred different cannabinoids already identified. Each has its own distinct effects, although some might overlap with one another. But despite both being cannabinoids, cannabidiol is different from tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound of cannabis, meaning it is the compound that gets you ‘high.’ CBD products, on the other hand, have very little THC content, less than 0.3% to be precise, in order to be legal in the US. Thus, if you want to know: does CBD do anything psychoactive?  Well, luckily, the answer is no!

Forms Of CBD

If there’s something CBD has in spades, it’s variety. There are a lot of ways you can take cannabidiol. The most well-known are oils, salves, and lotions. Another seemingly popular way is ingesting CBD infused in edibles such as gummies. Or, if you want to quickly see if CBD does anything, try a tincture for fast-acting effects. You can take it sublingually, meaning you put some drops under your tongue to kickstart the effects.

Alternatively, you can take CBD in capsules, pills and softgels. These are flavorless, easy to swallow and come with pre-measured doses for effortless supplementation.

What is CBDa?

CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD. While it’s also naturally present in cannabis plants, CBDa automatically converts to CBD with exposure to heat. As such, it’s harder to supplement CBDa on it’s own.

But here at Tanasi, we’ve applied science to this problem. After years of research, we developed a patent-pending, 1:1 formulation of CBD to CBDa. This formulation now infuses all of our hemp extracts. And you can read all about the advantages of combining these two compounds here, in our research.

The Benefits of Using CBD and CBDa Together

Many people say they feel noticeable effects in their bodies after trying CBD. But guess what? According to our research, when you combine CBD and CBDa together, using our patent-pending formulation, those effects are 2X greater than when you take CBD alone. But what can CBD do with CBDa? The research is too early to say exactly. But for a taste of what’s to come, we invite you to search for the term “autophagy” here, in our patent application.

Side Effects to Consider

The World Health Organization deems cannabidiol safe to use even though it might have some mild side effects on some users. The side effects may include

  • Feeling fatigued
  • A change in appetite
  • Alteration in the liver enzymes
  • Inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism
  • Diarrhea

A few users prone to allergy report some discomfort and allergic reaction when applying cannabidiol on the skin. Vaporized CBD contains vegetable glycerin, which can cause an allergic reaction as well. You may end up feeling nauseous, dizzy, and have shortness of breath if you are allergic to it. Unfortunately, you cannot know how your body will react to CBD before you actually try this compound.

CBD Interactions with Other Compounds

Please note that it can interact with other medications, which is why your doctor must know if you are planning on taking CBD or CBDa. Do your due diligence to avoid having a bad reaction from CBD interacting with medications or other supplements.

This can happen with any compound, but meds or supplements with grapefruit warnings are particularly prone to interactions with CBD. You can stay safe and avoid problems by reviewing your complete medical history, and all supplements, vitamins and medications, with a licensed healthcare provider before adding anything new to your routine.

What to Expect from CBD and CBDa Products? The Final Takeaway

So, does CBD do anything? And does combining it with CBDa maximize those effects? Many people say that CBD does something to them with regular supplementation. And our research shows that you can double those effects by trying our line of products formulated with a 1:1 combination of CBD to CBDa.

Now, not everyone experiences these supplements in the same way. Each of us has a unique metabolism, and your weight, height, diet and more can change the effects you may or may not experience with CBD and CBDa. Still, with consistency, patience and a bit of experimentation when it comes to dosing, many people find that supplementing CBD with CBDa is a valuable addition to their daily routines. What to find out if CBD with CBDa does anything for you and your body? Shop with Tanasi and try something new or revisit an old favorite. Rest assured that if our products do not meet your expectations, we will stand by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We hope that eases some of your concerns over trying a new supplement, and that it supports your ability to try different forms of CBD + CBDa, along with different dose strengths, to find a combination that works for you!


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