University Developed 1:1 CBD+CBDA Formula. 2X Better Than CBD Alone

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The CBD experience Perfected

We researched and studied various cannabinoid profiles to come up with our validated optimal formula. Our entire hemp extract product line contains a specific 1:1 ratio of cannabidiolic-acid (CBDA) and cannabidiol (CBD) in every dose.

  • "Original" CBD+CBDA Tinctures

    Very smooth

    tanasi tinctures and gummies are very smooth and inevitably do the trick... which is sleep! I enjoy these products very much!

    Evlyn G.
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  • CBD+CBDA Salve


    I have now bought this for two separate people who have both said this brings an immense amount of relief to their back & neck pain. My husband who is a truck driver & best friend who is a hair stylist on her feet all day. They both have a ton of pain & if this can help them that says a lot. Highly recommend. All you need is a tiny dab massaged in. Also, there isn’t a smell. Love it.

    Michelle N.
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  • CBD+CBDA Drink Concentrates


    Tanasi samples was so good I used my son used it I used it on my coffee I was feeling great I recommend this to calm you down

    Dorothy D.
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  • CBD+CBDA Lotion

    Love it

    Love the texture. Love the smell. Absorbs into my skin rapidly. 👌🏻🔅😊

    Azalea S.
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