All About Tanasi’s Full-Spectrum Hemp-Extract Lotion with CBD+CBDa

Posted on October 28th, 2022

Here at Tanasi, we don’t just devote time and effort to developing our patent-pending formula of CBD + CBDa products…we’re also our own customers! As such, we know it can be confusing when you first open up your product packaging. You might not be sure which information to digest first, or how to incorporate your new CBD product into your daily routine. Need a little help starting or reinventing your daily cannabidiol rituals? We’re here to help! Just read on for our guide to incorporating Tanasi 1200mg CBDa+CBDa lotion into your everyday routine.

Tanasi Full-Spectrum CBD + CBDa Lotion: All About the Packaging

When you unbox your order of 1200mg CBD + CBDa, you’ll immediately notice that, inside the external packaging, there’s a recyclable aluminum container holding 4oz. of lotion inside. Also, dispensing that lotion is simple thanks to the easy-to-use pump bottle design. And, once the lotion is all finished, you can recycle the bottle—just remove and discard the small mechanical pump first.

What else is inside that initial lotion packaging? As with every other Tanasi product, we include a handy leaflet with your full-spectrum CBD + CBDa lotion. It provides a link to the lotion’s Certificate of Analysis, or COA.

Not sure what a COA entails, or why it’s important? Well, the certificate of analysis displays the results of a third-party lab test that outlines the exact mix of chemical compounds contained in your full-spectrum product. All trustworthy brands should transparently display their products’ COAs. This is one of the best ways to know you’re buying an item that contains THC concentrations below the legal threshold of 0.3% THC by dry weight. It also helps ensure that your product contains the promised ingredient blend, and doesn’t contain any harmful additives or unnatural ingredients.

Also included in your Tanasi lotion leaflet are basic dosing instructions. (But remember that you need to find your own CBD routine, and also make sure that your supplement is cleared by a healthcare professional who’s aware of all your other supplements, as well as any prescription or over-the-counter medications you may be taking.) The suggested doses on our leaflets are based off of your weight range and your desired level of experience, running from mild to strong. But what we’ve found on our own CBD journeys is that finding the right-for-you dose takes time, patience and a bit of experimentation. And we’ve found our best results come from starting with a very low dose, and gradually increasing application amounts from that point, if needed, until we notice our desired effects.

What Does Full-Spectrum Mean in Tanasi Lotion

What do we include in our luxurious lotion’s ingredient mix? We blend our full-spectrum CBD topical with a wide range of hemp-plant extracts, which has earned us WebMD’s distinction of Best CBD for added terpenes. Of course, the lotion also includes our one-of-a-kind, patent-pending CBD+CBDa formula, along with the kind of high-end moisturizing compounds you’d see in a standard beauty product.

Now, we didn’t just come up with this blend out of nowhere. In fact, we’ve spent years researching the best way for our customers—and our team—to get the most out of CBD. But we haven’t stopped there. In fact, we keep on investing, which is why 5% of all Tanasi product proceeds are invested into our ongoing University research.  And it’s why we expect to keep learning more about the hemp plant in the years to come, allowing us to maximize your experience with our plant-based supplements.

How to use CBD Lotion

It’s important for everyone to find their own routine with CBD lotion. Because what works for one of us may not fit into your schedule or lifestyle. But, if you’re just getting started with full-spectrum lotion, you may be unsure of when or how to use this product. So here’s how we like to use our luxury CBD+CBDa lotion.

Our routine with Tanasi lotion works best when it’s applied daily. Most often, we apply this product shortly after completing a workout. While our team varies in size and reasons for use, most of us choose to pump the lotion bottle once so it releases a small amount of product. Immediately, we notice the slight aroma of hemp extract, which is fairly pleasant to most of the team. The product also feels lightweight and creamy—but never greasy—once dispensed and applied. In fact, verified Tanasi customer Azalea S. shares about her lotion “Love the texture. Love the smell. Absorbs into my skin rapidly.”

So, that’s what to expect when you apply our full-spectrum lotion. But where should that first application go? Again, the choice is personal. But we tend to apply that first pump of CBD lotion to our knees, where it sometimes results in a mild tingling sensation. Next, we’ll pump the lotion again—still, just one pump is all that’s needed—and apply it to our ankles. The process continues from there, with a pump and a product application for our elbows, forearms or anywhere else that seems to call out for attention.

After this routine, we usually feel relaxed and ready to shift from workout mode to the next parts of our day. But, again, that’s just what works for us. What many of our customers find is that they craft and identify their own lotion application routines over time. But, since many of our team members, friends and family who use the lotion enjoy the routine we just shared, we thought you might find it helpful. At least until you get into your own little groove!

Why Choose a CBD Lotion

Unlike many other forms of CBD, you don’t ingest a full-spectrum lotion, so there’s no need to worry about adapting to a new or unfamiliar taste. Still, if you’re not sure which CBD delivery method will be your favorite, you may prefer to check out our Tanasi Beginner’s bundle, which allows you to explore a trio of some forms of CBD that are popular with newbies: our 150mg CBD+CBDa salve, the 450mg CBD+CBDa gummies, and the 1200mg CBD+CBDA tincture.

Need a bigger incentive to get started? At Tanasi, we take customer service and client satisfaction very seriously. And that’s why we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all our forms of CBD. Because we aim to deliver products that would make mom proud. And we want you to love our Tanasi full-spectrum CBD+CBDa lotion as much as we do!

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