CBD+CBDA Softgels

Easy-to-swallow softgel for a quick and simple solution for your daily dose of wellness.

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  • Benefit

    A convenient delivery method for enjoying the all-natural benefits of CBD+CBDA 1:1 formula. Our softgels are a convenient way to help support restful sleep, manage everyday stresses, and help muscles recover.  Research-based formulation third-party tested at every step to ensure accurate potency and consistent results.

  • University Developed

    A team of University PhDs spent multiple years researching the hemp plant and developing the patent-pending formula that is the foundation of all Tanasi products.  5% of all Tanasi sales goes to ongoing University research. The University preclinical data using both human cell lines and mouse disease models which demonstrates our 1:1 CBD:CBDA formulation is twice as effective as CBD alone as an anti-inflammatory agent to address inflammation.

  • CBD + CBDA

    Detailed research and studies show our patent-pending combination of CBD+CBDA 1:1 formula is twice as effective as CBD alone.  Products that only contain CBD are simply unable to match the benefits of our CBD+CBDA 1:1 patent-pending University developed formula.

  • Certificate of Analysis

    The Certificate of Analysis (COA) – 1500mg
    The Certificate of Analysis (COA) – 750mg
    The Certificate of Analysis (COA) – 300mg


How It's Made

When you choose a Tanasi CBD+CBDA 1:1 formula softgel, you’re ingesting a blend of MCT Oil, infused with our university-developed CBD+CBDA 1:1 formula.  Our one-of-a-kind formula is encased in an easy to swallow softgel made of gelatin, water, and glycerin. All Tanasi softgels are made in a FDA and CDPHE registered facility, and 3rd-Party audited to cGMP compliance per FDA 21 CFR 111, 21 CFR 117, and 21 CFR 21. Our contract manufacturing Quality Management System (QMS) features process control from ISO 9001, and advanced risk management and mitigation adopted from ISO 13485 and 21 CFR 820 for medical devices and international harmonized quality standards for pharmaceutical manufacturing under ICH Q9.

How To Use

CALM: Try one dose after breakfast and see how you feel. CBD+CBDA has calming effects that are beneficial to some users throughout the day. Some use it to take the edge off, ease mental tension, and calm the mind to help concentration.

RELIEF: Softgels are a very popular option for a daily dose due to their ease of use.  Start with a single softgel every night when needed.  Increase to two softgels if you aren’t feeling relief after 3-5 days.  The 10mg softgels are low strength, 25mg softgels can be considered “regular strength” and the 50mg softgels can be considered maximum strength.

REST: Start with a single softgel, taking it daily for about an hour before bed.  Increase to two softgels if you aren’t sleeping better in 2-3 days.  The 10mg softgels are low strength, 25mg softgels can be considered “regular strength” and the 50mg softgels are maximum strength.

📌 One thing to remember is that consistency is critical! With how your body absorbs CBD+CBDA into its system, committing to a daily regime is important. Off and On usage will still provide you with desired results (likely with a higher-than-normal dosage) but our studies show that continued consistent use (even at a low dosage) offers the maximum benefit to the end user.

📌 Note about tolerance: CBD+CBDA affects everybody differently, from the amount needed for an optimal dose, to the effects felt. Tolerance to CBD+CBDA appears to be equally variable from person to person, with some people finding it does feel less effective over time, while others have reported taking the same dosage and achieving the same results, even over a long period.

Maximizing the Benefits of CBD+CBDa

Determining the perfect dosage for generating the best results from any CBD product can take a little trial and error, as dosage can vary depending on a person’s age, weight, metabolism, and the condition being addressed. Our studies have indicated that various fac