CBD+CBDa Softgels

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Easy-to-swallow softgel for a quick and simple solution for your daily dose of wellness.

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  • Benefit

    A convenient delivery method for enjoying the all-natural benefits of full-spectrum CBD.  Our softgels pack in all the natural occurring cannabinoids that are known to help support restful sleep, manage everyday stresses, and help muscles recover.  Research-based formulation tested at every step to ensure accurate potency and consistent results.

  • University Developed

    A team of University PhDs spent multiple years researching the hemp plant and developing the patent-pending formula that is the foundation of all Tanasi products.  5% of all Tanasi sales goes to ongoing University research.

  • CBD + CBDA

    Detailed research and studies show our patent-pending combination of CBD+CBDA is twice as effective as CBD alone.  Products that only contain CBD are simply unable to match the benefits of our CBD+CBDA formula.

  • Certificate of Analysis

    The Certificate of Analysis (COA) – 1500mg
    The Certificate of Analysis (COA) – 750mg
    The Certificate of Analysis (COA) – 300mg


How It's Made

When you choose a Tanasi CBD softgel, you’re ingesting a blend of MCT and Sunflower Oil, infused with our university-developed CBD+CBDA formula.  Our one-of-a-kind formula is encased in an easy to swallow softgel made of gelatin, water, and glycerin.

How To Use

CALM: Try one dose after breakfast and see how you feel. CBD+CBDa has calming effects that are beneficial to some users throughout the day. They use it to take the edge off, ease mental tension, and calm the mind to help concentration.

RELIEF: Softgels are a very popular option for a daily dose due to th