5 Natural Ways to Relax and Unwind with Tanasi

Posted on November 22nd, 2022

In this ever-more-crazy world, we all need a way to unwind. Some of us here at Tanasi make our CBD+CBDA supplements part of our daily routines — being relaxed is an added benefit. But, since there are so many ways to relax and combat stress, we want to share some all-natural relaxation methods you can turn to in trying times.

1.      Keep a Journal Woman meditating and relaxing

If you want to keep calm and chill out, science suggests you might give journaling a try if you want to lower your cortisol levels. (You may not know it, but science is one of the pillars on which we’ve built our brand. It’s how we formed the patent-pending 1:1 ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) to cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) that infuses all of our products. And it’s why we love studying the science of relaxation!)

Why is journaling such an effective tool for relaxation? Well, whether you do it in the morning or before bed, writing down your thoughts in a journal helps you release emotions and say goodbye to tension. In turn, this may calm your body and may help you enjoy a better night’s sleep, or simply make it through your day with a clearer head.

2.      Soak it Out with a Bath ‍

Have you ever noticed that your neck or back tightens up when you’re feeling stressed? Well, a great way to relax and wash away the physical signs of tension is to soak in a warm bath. You see, the warm water can ease tension in your muscles, helping you experience greater calm. Take a soak before bed and see how much easier it is to fall asleep afterward!

Some prefer to soak in bath salts or add essential oils to a bath. The way you make your bath is your choice, and as you experiment with your bath you may experiment with CBD products too. Knowing that Tanasi CBD+CBDA is a favorite of many, and relaxing is one major benefit many of our customers appreciate. You will be giving yourself the best version of hemp extracted cannabinoids with Tanasi 1:1 CBD+CBDA formula.

3.      Play On

At any time of day or night, research shows that playing soothing music can help you relax right away. Putting on your favorite tunes can quiet that “monkey brain,” the racing thoughts you struggle to shut out otherwise.  Plus, swaying to the music can help you let go of bottled-up emotions, helping prevent stress from building up unchecked.

The routine you follow, or music you choose to listen to will potentially create a sense of calm if that is your intention when taking a moment for yourself. Some people also choose silence to calm the mind. Others choose music that creates a sense of relaxation and calm. Whatever you choose to listen to and relax, be mindful and be consistent. See how you feel after seven (7) days, after 20 days, etc.

4.      Raise a Glass

Taking a glass or two of wine after a stressful day has, for a very long time, been the norm for people all over the world. To many, drinking wine is the ‘go-to’ solution when you want to calm down and relax. In fact, wine has been a part of human life for thousands of years. And, according to modern research, drinking an occasional glass of red wine may be beneficial.

Among the reported benefits of red wine? It appears to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fat-regulating effects. That’s because red wine is rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the skin of grapes. Keep in mind that the difference between red wine and white wine is that red wine is fermented with the skins while white wine isn’t. As a result, red wine may have more health benefits compared to white wine due to higher levels of the antioxidant resveratrol. Research is ongoing, and the negative effects of alcohol need to be considered and why there is a suggestion for moderation with having just two glasses of wine.

Now, while red wine could be beneficial, most health professionals recommend getting your antioxidants from foods such as whole grapes and berries, instead. Do not rely solely on drinking wine; the potential health risks of alcohol are not worth it. Additionally, you may need to drink a lot of wine to get enough resveratrol to make a difference; thus, the risks likely outweigh the benefits.

Keep in mind, the most important liquid you should be consuming regularly is water. Water with minerals are always good, as with Spring Water. It is a good idea to remain hydrated and Team Tanasi is always drinking water to remain properly hydrated.

Side Effects of Drinking Wine

Despite many of its potentially positive health effects, consuming more than two 5-ounce glasses of wine per day is unhealthy. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one in every ten deaths among people aged 20-64 years old relates to excessive drinking. This statistic reflects that alcoholism is a big problem in the U.S. And that’s why abstaining from alcohol entirely is an option that many people choose to take. (Dry January, anyone?)

Here are some of the adverse side effects associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

  • Liver damage.
  • Heart conditions.
  • Certain kinds of cancer.
  • Mental health conditions.
  • Pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas.
  • Neurological conditions.
  • Congenital disabilities and severe harm to the unborn infant.
  • Shorter life expectancy.

Now, the occasional glass of wine might feel deserved. But the potential long-term effects of abusing it regularly are clearly something you would want to avoid. So let’s explore some other, less harmful, ways to relax naturally!

5.      Eat Smarter  CBD Bath Bombs - three bath bombs

For a truly effective, natural way to relax, you have to look at your diet. Why is food such an important vehicle for destressing? Well, if your blood sugar drops, or you experience dehydration, your mood may be impacted. Similarly, cramming in highly-processed foods or super sugary sweets can impact your mood immediately.

If your stress levels have been rising recently, pay attention to how you feel after your next meal or snack. Notice the mood swings seem to go harder after eating? Try focusing on hydration. Cut out highly processed or sugar-laden foods. And focus on bringing balance to your diet, adding in complex carbohydrates, low-sugar fruits and leafy-green veggies and a blend of lean or plant-based proteins. (Fun fact: hemp seeds are high in protein and provide over two-thirds of your daily requirements in every 100-gram serving. They are also rich in B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and dietary fiber. You can even infuse hemp into iced tea, ferment it for wine, brew hemp beer or distill it into other alcoholic drinks. Please note, we are speaking to raw hemp seeds not hemp extracts.)

The hemp extracted cannabinoids in Tanasi 1:1 CBD+CBDA patent-pending University developed formula does come in different forms. We have topical products, like lotion. We also have tinctures and softgels. We also have a water-soluble Drink Concentrate so you can add CBD+CBDA to any beneverage, even water. Why not add a few drops of Tanasi’s water-soluble drink concentrate to your morning coffee or your stir-fry dinner! Or take Tanasi customer Linda W.’s suggestion and “mix it with Chamomile Mango tea!”

Now, we find ourselves feeling a bit more chill when we stick to a daily supplement routine. And we hope our customers do to, especially because we try to take the worry out of any purchases from our online Tanasi.com store with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. (No questions asked!)

What are your favorite ways to relax? Share in the comments below!

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