Can You Overdose on CBD with CBDa?

Posted on April 26th, 2023

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most prominent chemical found in the Cannabis plant, while the most prominent is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). And CBDA, or cannabidiolic acid, is CBD’s naturally occuring chemical precursor. At Tanasi. we combine CBD + CBDa in all our hemp extracts, using a 1:1, patent-pending formulation that’s 2X more effective than formulas that only contain CBD. 

Although there are over 100 different chemicals in Cannabis plants, CBD and THC get the most attention. Until recently, both CBD and THC were controlled substances. But when the 2018 Farm Bill passed, growing and selling hemp-based products became legal. Because of this, we saw a spike in CBD-related products flooding the marketplace. Still, since THC is still illegal, and the two substances are closely related, some people are still apprehensive about taking CBD as well as CBDa. So, throughout this article, we will review how CBD works differently from THC while presenting some potential side effects, and explaining whether or not you can overdose on CBD.

How Does CBDa and CBD Work?

Before we can understand whether or not you can overdose on CBD and CBDa, we need to understand the various ways these compounds work. Basically, they are bioactive compounds. And that means they produce effects in your body when you ingest them or dose them topically. For that reason, our Tanasi line of CBD + CBDa products includes a range of ingestibles and topicals. Fan favorites include our 3600mg Tanasi GOLD tincture; our not-too-sweet, small-batch, artisinally-flavored gummies; and our brand-new, anti-aging serums containing CBD, CBDa and retinol

But how do these products make you feel? Well, everyone has a different experience when it comes to hemp-extracted supplements. So we can’t give you an exact answer. Instead, we’ll let our loyal Tanasi customers give you a glimpse into their CBD + CBDa experience. For, as our customer Kacie recently shared about our anti-aging face serums, “With continued use, I was able to maintain the “glow” provided by this product. I also have noticed that my face appears smoother and less porous, as a whole. I am a big proponent of using natural resources and products and I appreciate the immense work and research that was poured into creating products like this one.”

Potential Side Effects of CBD:

Now, as you can see from reviews like Kacie’s, CBDa and CBD are generally well tolerated. But the compounds may trigger some side effects, though they are generally mild in nature. Now, CBD has a relatively favorable safety profile in humans. In fact, CBD has a much safer profile than many common prescription drugs. But everyone reacts differently, so you may experience some of the below effects, especially with high doses. 

Most Commonly Reported Side Effects:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite and weight

Watch Out for Drug Interactions:

As we mentioned, CBD has a safe profile. However, it can trigger negative interactions with certain drugs and medications. Most notably, CBD can increase the concentration of blood thinners like coumadin in your body. In this way, CBD is similar to grapefruit juice, and shouldn’t be taken with prescription blood-thinning medication. 

Watch Out for Poor Quality or Inaccurate Labels:

Because CBD isn’t FDA regulated, you must purchase your CBD products from reputable CBD retailers. But, without regulations, how can you identify a reputable retailer? The answer is: look for transparency and third-party, scientific confirmation of potency and included ingredients. Here at Tanasi, we list every included product on our labels, and we provide third-party tested certificates of analysis. 

And that’s not all: to develop our CBD product formula, our team worked directly with a university-backed lab to fund research studies that help us more fully understand hemp’s interaction with living cells. From that comprehensive research, we developed our patent-pending, Full Spectrum hemp extract formula, and we use it to fuel our entire of CBD products.

So, Can You Overdose on CBD?

Some research shows that humans may safely tolerate high CBD doses of 1,500 mg per day. Chronic CBD oil use has also shown to be well tolerated. As a result, you don’t have to worry about harsh side effects from either high dosing or continued use. And, because CBD is a natural, non-toxic substance, it is highly unlikely to likely to trigger an overdose. Plus, it’s not a fat-soluble supplement that you have to worry will hang around in your body. In fact, one study shows that chronic CBD administration did not lead to elevated mean blood concentrations. And, on the even better news front, that study showed a single dose of 600 mg produced reduced symptoms of stress.

This is the reason why we recommend starting with a lower dose of CBD and gradually working your way up until you achieve the desired effects. After all, sometimes just a little CBD goes a long way. 

How Much Should You Use?

Most reputable CBD brands will provide the manufacturer’s dosing guidelines when you purchase CBD. Consider these a great jumping-off point, as they will guide your dosing based on the exact potency of the product you’ve purchased. 

Potential Drug Interactions

Always be aware of potential negative interactions with any prescription medication that you are taking, and discuss CBD and all your medications and supplements with a trusted healthcare provider. You should also avoid CBD use while pregnant or breastfeeding unless otherwise instructed by your OBGYN. 

Is CBD Addictive?

Another question you may have if you are worried if you can overdose on CBD would be a potential dependency on CBD. After all, it’s a chemical found in the marijuana plant…right? Well, here’s the good news: there is absolutely zero research indicating that CBD is addictive.  

Due to its safe, non-addictive profile, CBD is a popular supplement. Plus, since we’ve developed our 2X more effective formulation with CBDa, that compound is also getting some well-deserved love. And, as new research emerges, we expect this hemp extract to gain traction in the health and wellness space. At Tanasi, we are committed to developing the highest quality CBD products in the marketplace. With university research backing our patent-pending formula, you can expect the highest-quality CBD oil products with the greatest potential for desired effects. If you want to experience what CBD can offer, we invite you to sample the range of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD products that we carry in our online CBD store. 

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