How Long Does CBD + CBDa Last? Important Information

Posted on March 20th, 2023

What is cannabidiol and how long do the effects of our CBD + CBDa last? Well, CBD is short for cannabidiol, and CBDa is short for cannabidiolic acid, the compound’s acidic precursor.  Wondering why we combine these compounds in our products, and how long their effects may be present after dosing? Continue reading this article to learn more about our patent-pending blend of CBD + CBDa, and how long you can expect to experience their effects after trying one of our products.

Why CBD + CBDa?

Both CBD and CBDa are bioactive compounds. (That means they can produce effects in your body.) In nature, CBDa eventually turns into CBD, with exposure to heat and light from the sun. (Even after this conversion, CBDa still contains some dormant compounds.) So, we know they are similar to each other, yet CBDa contains more terpenes than CBD. As a result, when you combine these compounds in one supplement, your body can get a lot more out of the product–specifically, 2x the results of a compound containing CBD alone, according to our research.

Now, once you’ve looked at that research, we hope you’ll understand why all of our Tanasi CBD products contain a patent-pending ratio of both CBD + CBDa. In a minute, we’ll take a look at how long our Tanasi experience might last in your body. But first, let’s look a little closer at what that experience might involve.

How Do CBD and CBDa Affect Your Body?

1. It Doesn’t Make You High

If you’ve heard that cannabis products are intoxicating, that’s because of the THC. That’s the compound that makes you high. Now, THC is a chemical compound that’s similar in structure to CBD. However, it interacts with your body differently than CBD and CBDa. As a result, while they may deliver certain effects in your body, our CBD + CBDa products definitely won’t get you high.

How Fast Does CBD + CBDa Get Delivered?

This is an important consideration when you are trying to figure out what delivery method to use for our line of CBD + CBDa supplements. Different delivery methods will have different expectations. The delivery method is important because it dictates how bioavailable the active compounds will be, and how fast you will notice the effects.

1. Oral Methods – Edible

This is easily the most common delivery method for CBD + CBDa. Typically, an oral delivery method will be one of the slower options available. That’s because it will have to travel through your digestive system before providing any benefits. When you swallow a soft gel or gummies, your body needs to digest it. It needs to do this before it ever hits your bloodstream for absorption. This is generally why you shouldn’t expect effects until 2 hours after you consume CBD. This is typically a better option for those who are using CBD consistently day in and day out and who aren’t looking for immediate effects.

How Long Does CBD Last?

The effects of edible CBD + CBDa are typically the longest lasting . You will have the effects for much longer when you use an edible over other methods. Because of this, it’s generally better for those who are looking for longer-term results, but who don’t need the fastest delivery.

2. Sublingual – Tincture

This is another option available when you are looking to take our CBD + CBDa. This is typically one of the most sought-after delivery methods for those who are aiming for one of the quickest deliveries. If you want to experience effects quickly, using a tincture with sublingual administration is the way to go. Why is it so effective and so quick? That’s because you are delivering the CBD directly to your bloodstream. You don’t have to worry about it passing through your digestive system, which can take hours. If you don’t want to wait to experience effects from our CBD + CBDa products, this is easily your best option. The downside to using this method is the fact that it can be more difficult to dose properly. Additionally, some people dislike the naturally earthy taste of a tincture. But if that’s your concern, we also have a Blueberry Flavored gold tincture, with natural flavoring from terpenes that our customers describe as “Berry-rific!”

How Long Does CBD Last?

The duration in which sublingual administration lasts will ultimately be determined by your dosing.

3. Topical

Topical delivery methods for our CBD + CBDa products is another popular option. That’s why we carry a wide variety of topicals, from salves and lotions to muscle relief rubs, sun recovery lotion and even our CBD + CBDa infused anti-aging facial serum. Keep in mind, though, that our topical products are more for targeted effects than for results you’ll notice throughout your entire system.

How Long Does CBD Last?

You will find topical CBD applications typically deliver a localized effect. Because of this, you will find it working overtime and it’s more so for those who want to use it daily.

How Should You Take CBD and CBDa?

When it comes to choosing your perfect CBD and CBDa delivery method, this is a matter of personal preference. CBD can have different effects on your body, depending on many different varieties. There are plenty of ways to take it. It comes down to what you are taking it for and how long you want the effects to last. You need to ensure you are taking the CBD + CBDa in the best way possible for your specific situation.

For those who want longer-lasting results but who don’t care about how quickly they experience the effects of our CBD + CBDa products, taking some edibles is a good option. For those who want a good middle ground, using a tincture and delivering through sublingual administration is likely your best bet. And for those who simply want targeted effects, trying a topical is a great option! Before starting anything, it’s best to discuss your options with your licensed health care provider to determine if CBD + CBDa is safe and right for you. While the side effects are mild, and typically associated with high doses, you always want to ensure it’s not going to negatively interact with any medications you are taking.


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