CBDa vs CBD: Tanasi Knows the Combo is Better Than Either Alone

Posted on February 14th, 2023

In the debate of CBDa vs CBD, the combination is better than either alone. That’s why we include a patent-pending combination of both compounds in our line of plant-based supplements. But what is CBDa, and why does it work better with CBD? Here’s the crucial information you need.

Now, you may already know that CBD is a compound we find in the Cannabis Sativa plants. And you may know that people may prefer using CBD because it doesn’t have side effects like THC. (That’s the compound in Cannabis Sativa plants that makes you feel high.)

While CBD is at peak popularity, here at Tanasi, we’ve been researching another cannabinoid with similar characteristics. And, through that research, we’ve learned that  CBDa and CBD actually work better together than alone. In fact, they deliver results that are 2x better than CBD on it’s own! Let’s take a closer look.

CBD and its benefits

The Cannabis Sativa plant contains hundreds of different compounds. But a big advantage of CBD is that it doesn’t intoxicate you. Even if you buy a full-spectrum product, US manufacturers make sure the CBD contains no more than 0.3% THC. This makes the psychoactive element almost negligible, thereby eliminating the risks of intoxication.

(By the way, many of our Tanasi products do contain the full spectrum of hemp compounds, including trace amount of THC. But we love you all so much, and want to offer something for everyone. So we also carry broad spectrum products with every hemp compound except THC. Check out the full range of products we offer here!)

What is CBDa?

CBDa is an acidic precursor of CBD. For that reason, it’s most abundant in the early stages of plant development. Because that’s when hemp first starts producing flowers. But it’s difficult to extract a lot of CBDa. Because, with heat, it turns into CBD. So when you start processing raw plant matter, you’ll lose a lot of cannabidiolic acid.

Initially, scientists didn’t expect CBDa to have any effect on the body. But it does seem to be a bioactive compound. Still, CBDa has one big drawback: it remains unstable in its original state. For that reason, when it comes to CBDa vs CBD: the combination is better than either alone. Because, according to research, combining both cannabinoids allows each to support and amplify the other. To learn more about exactly how that works, you can gain a better understanding by reviewing the patent application for our proprietary, 1:1 ratio of CBD to CBDA, right here.

CBDa vs CBD: the combination is better than either alone

Both CBD and CBDa are bioactive. And, left alone, CBDa eventually turns into CBD. (Though it  still contains some dormant compounds, even after activating.) Also, CBDa contains more terpenes than CBD. As a result, when you combine the two, your body can absorb all the activated compounds, as well as terpenes, CBDa, and CBD.

Currently, our research reveals that CBDa and CBD work better when consumed together. That’s why all of our Tanasi CBD products contain a patent-pending ratio of each cannabinoid. Backed by years of scientific research, we’ve learned that in the debate of CBDa vs CBD: the combination is better than either alone. So we’ve made it possible for you to get the best of both worlds, all in one of our full-spectrum hemp extracts. Now let’s take a look at what else goes into some of our most popular products.

CBD + CBDA: the Combination is Better Than Either Alone in Capsules

Like all the products we create, we manufacture our capsules with a minimal number of natural ingredients. Our Tanasi hemp-extract capsules contain MCT oil, sunflower oil, our Tanasi Full Spectrum cannabinoid formula, and terpenes (all ingredients we’ve previously discussed). The only other ingredients we include in our Tanasi hemp extract capsules are the vegan HPMC capsule.  This is from vegetable cellulose. It is 100% natural and contains NO preservatives, NO irritants, NO gelatin, NO wheat, NO dairy, NO animal by-products, and NO soy or starch.

Tanasi Hemp-Extract Salve

In our Tanasi salve, we only add almond oil and beeswax to our proprietary blend of hemp-extracted cannabinoids and terpenes. The almond oil acts as a carrier and natural way to hold the beneficial cannabinoid elements to your skin. Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer for both the skin and hair. And the beeswax mixes with the oil to create a moisture barrier on your skin, so you don’t lose your natural hydration as well as structure to the salve. It also helps improve your ability to absorb the contents of the salve, as well as provide structure to the salve.

Tanasi Hemp-Extract Lotion

When it comes to our Tanasi hemp-extract lotion, we have quite a few more ingredients to explore.  This product delivers cannabinoid and cosmetic effects. We start off with a purified water-based lotion that also contains:

Polysorbate 20: this emulsifier helps keep our blend of ingredients together, while also providing the lotion with a delicate fragrance.

Cetearyl Alcohol: this fatty alcohol is in animals and plants products like coconut oil. It acts as a natural thickening agent for our lotion.

Glyceryl Stearate: this substance forms a natural reaction between glycerin and stearic acid, which is a natural source like palm oil. It helps form a protective moisture barrier to keep your skin hydrated.

Phenoxyethanol:  While commercially produced for beauty products like lotions, phenoxyethanol is a substance that also occurs naturally in sources like green tea. It is to keep bacteria out of water-based products like our lotion.

Carbomer: created from acrylic acids, this polymer is to keep insoluble ingredients from separating out of water-based solutions.

Potassium Sorbate: this tasteless and odorless salt, which can be found in certain berries, is another bacteria-fighting addition to our water-based lotion.

Sodium Hydroxide: also known as lye, this substance helps maintain the lotion’s pH levels.

To create our Tanasi hemp-extract lotion, we simply mix this water-based lotion with our patent-pending University developed hemp extract of Full Spectrum profile of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and terpene blend.  And your Tanasi Lotion product is ready for purchase. The pump we use ensures 10mg per pump!

So, now you know everything that goes into the topical products and capsules we produce at Tanasi, and what makes Tanasi University developed patent-pending Hemp-Extract formula so unique. We feel good about choosing scientifically-backed, natural ingredients for our products.  We hope this in-depth understanding of our products will help you — our customers — feel equally comfortable.


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