Does CBDA Turn Into CBD? Yes, But How and Why?

does cbda turn into cbd

Posted on December 16th, 2020

Does CBDA turn into CBD? If you are searching for the answer to this question, you have come to the right place. Most weed lovers are familiar with CBD or cannabidiol. CBD is one of the hundreds of chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant – whether the marijuana or hemp variety – contains hundreds of chemical compounds that have potential medicinal benefits. CBD is one such compound that provides many potential health benefits without causing the “high” associated with THC, another popular chemical compound in cannabis. CBDA is the acidic form and the precursor chemical to Cannabidiol (CBD) that isn’t as popular as the latter. This article provides information on some of the many potential therapeutic benefits of CBDA and answers the question, “does CBDA turn into CBD.”

What Is CBDA?

CBDA or cannabidiolic acid is a natural chemical compound produced by the cannabis plant. It occurs in varieties, such as marijuana and industrial hemp. Scientists discovered CBDA only in the mid-1990s. Unprocessed cannabis plants contain CBDA. It is the acidic form of CBD and the precursor chemical to cannabidiol. It’s a natural compound found in the raw cannabis plant and breaks down into new chemicals when you cure, dry, or heat the plant. Processing the raw cannabis plant through various methods helps produce a sizable amount of CBD from CBDA. The raw industrial hemp plant is quite rich in CBDA, which converts to CBD during the curing process. 

Current Research On CBDA

Scientists have been studying this compound for the last few years. The researchers looked at the potential anti-inflammatory benefits of CBDA. They compared the molecular structure of CBDA to that of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Researchers found that both of these compounds had similar molecular structures that inhibit COX-2 receptors. The study concluded CBDA has the potential to act as an anti-inflammatory agent without the side effects associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs.

In early research, CBDA appears to be a powerful anti-convulsive with a hundred times the affinity for the 5-HT receptors compared to CBD. Since the former has greater bioavailability than the latter, the human body can metabolize the compound with less effort and time. In fact, 5-HT receptor affinity means CBDA could be effective in helping depression and anxiety. Scientists found out that CBDA works on 5-HT receptors the same way that SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) do.

How Does CBDA Turn Into CBD? 

CBD and CBDA exist in the cannabis plant and the human body. The endocrine system uses these chemical compounds to regulate many bodily functions. Deficiencies in these cannabinoids can cause a wide range of health conditions. That’s why phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant are effective dietary supplements to treat a wide variety of health conditions.

The difference between CBD and CBDA is the latter is an acid that acts as the precursor chemical to CBD. CBDA molecules have a chemical chain called carboxyl attached to them. This chain breaks down during the curing of the cannabis plant. The CBDA molecule and other acidic molecules in the cannabis plant lose their acidity when this happens.


CBDA turns into CBD once the carboxyl chain breaks down. CBD is more active and potent than CBDA. This process is known as decarboxylation that could be accelerated by other processes such as heating, curing, and drying. This is the reason you can’t get CBDA by smoking it. The process of combustion changes any remaining CBDA into CBD.

CBD is available in small quantities in a live or growing cannabis plant. But producers can convert the abundantly available CBDA into CBD by drying, heating, or curing the plant. There is one thing common between CBD and CBDA and that is both compounds are not intoxicating. They don’t produce a “high” inherent to the marijuana plant. You can use both these compounds for their medicinal benefits without worrying about getting “high.”

CBDA affects your body by interacting with the serotonin system. It plays an important role in activating neurotransmitters to help regulate your brain functions. The compound helps treat mental conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. These cannabinoids also help regulate many other bodily functions to improve your overall health and well-being in the long run. Scientists are still investigating the actual mechanism of action of CBDA. CBDA likely exerts its effects on the human body via many other pathways other than the serotonin system. 

Why Does CBDA Turn Into CBD?

Does CBDA need to become CBD in order to unlock its health benefits? Or does it have benefits of its own? Since CBDA is inactive, the compound won’t interact with the endocannabinoid system like CBD and the other cannabinoids do. But the latest research shows CBDA uses alternative mechanisms to trigger potential health benefits in the human body. CBDA has many potential health benefits for the human body. Here are some of the most important possible health benefits of CBDA:


Since CBDA has a molecular structure similar to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs, it’s potent with potential anti-inflammatory benefits. The compound exhibits COX-2 inhibitor behavior similar to NSAIDs. This gives CBDA anti-inflammatory benefits to deal with a wide variety of health conditions.


The latest research reveals that CBDA may have stronger antidepressant effects than CBD. This is due to CBDA’s greater affinity to the serotonin system in the body. It may be an effective antidepressant supplement without the side effects that SSRIs can cause. 


CBDA is considered a strong potential anti-nausea agent. It has 100 times more affinity for serotonin receptors that are linked to reducing nausea. CBDA is highly effective as an anti-nausea supplement when you combine them with anti-nausea drugs. They are effectively administered to patients undergoing chemotherapy due to cancer. 


Scientists tested CBDA and found it to have significant anti-anxiety benefits. Scientists have created a stable version of CBDA for patients with anxiety to try. They tested the drug through an animal model and found it to be highly effective.


5-HT serotonin receptors play an important role in controlling seizures. CBDA has a greater affinity for the 5-HT serotonin receptors. The compound has effective anti-convulsive benefits due to this reason. The FDA has only approved one pharmaceutical product that uses cannabinoids. The product is called Epidiolex and effectively reduces the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures.

woman in green shirt holding cbd capsulesHow To Consume CBDA

CBDA and CBD work pretty much the same way. The simplest form of CBDA is oil. You can consume raw CBDA oil orally. It’s also available as sublingual drops and tinctures. Capsules are ideal for people who cannot bear the flavor of CBDA oils or syrups. You can even blend the compound with fruit juice or add it to a salad dressing. But most cannabis products contain trace amounts of CBDA. You should check the active ingredients of the product before you buy your favorite cannabis product. If not, you will end up with a product that has a ton of CBD and very little CBDA. 

Does CBDA turn into CBD because CBD is better? It is quite difficult to make a comprehensive comparison between these two cannabinoids. Each compound offers unique therapeutic benefits based on how the compound interacts with different systems of the body. CBDA’s greater bioavailability means even a small dose of the compound would go a long way to treat numerous health conditions. On the other hand, all cannabinoids are typically more effective when you combine them with others. That’s why you need to include CBDA in your favorite cannabis products list.

Is CBDA Legal?

Yes, CBDA is legal in all states in the country for medicinal use. Cannabis is legal for recreational use in some states. In these states, all cannabis products are legal and are available over the counter. But some states have legalized cannabis only for medicinal use. If you live in such a state, you can buy cannabis containing THC only by prescription. In case cannabis products are completely illegal in your state, you can still buy non-psychoactive cannabis products such as CBDA. Depending on where you live in the country, you should be able to buy CBDA products without any problem.

Where To Buy CBDA

With a host of CBDA brands out there, choosing the most effective brand isn’t easy. Your extensive research is important when choosing a high-quality CBDA product on the market. Don’t forget to check the reputation, experience, credentials, and customer feedback of the potential CBDA shop before investing your hard-earned money in a quality CBDA product. The right CBDA brand should certify the purity of the product. The product should pass the COA standard for quality and consistency. They should create the product with the highest quality premium hemp sourced from local farmers. These are important things to look for when choosing the best product on the market.

Conclusion: Does CBDa Turn into CBD?

CBDA is one of the hundreds of chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. It’s the chemical precursor to CBD. When the plant is heated to 110 degrees celsius, CBDA does in fact become CBD. It is difficult to process pure cannabidiolic acid from the plant without it transforming. So if you’re looking for a quality source of cannabinoids, look for something with CBDA. It means the producer knows what they are doing and is likely selling a good product. When you combine these two compounds, along with the other natural hemp compounds, they all work better. Tanasi has solved all of these problems by creating their full spectrum hemp extract formula.


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