When Is the Best Time to Take MCT Oil?

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Posted on July 29th, 2020

MCT or “Medium-Chain Triglycerides” can be found in coconut or palm kernel oil and has become very popular among health enthusiasts. As an increasing amount of evidence comes out that points to the health properties of these fats commonly found in coconut oil, a lot of people are flocking to using MCT supplements and looking for ways to get MCT in their daily diets. MCT oil can be found in various products including coconut oil which is the most easily obtained source of it. Throughout this article, we will be discussing more about what MCT oil is, some of its benefits, and some tips to get the best results out of it, including the best time to take MCT oil.

What Is MCT Oil?

Before we can discuss the best time to take MCT oil, it’s important to understand what exactly MCT oil is and some of its potential benefits. MCT has one of the highest bioavailability of any source of energy. Meaning, they are a specific type of fat that doesn’t require a lot of action in order to convert it directly into the fuel used by the body for energy production. This is generally why it is such a highly sought after supplement among those on the Ketogenic diet. Specifically because when you are on the Keto diet, it might prove to be an essential source of energy by promoting ketone production and helping to boost the body’s thermogenic properties

Benefits of MCT Oil

Potential to Help With Weight Loss

One of the main benefits that may be gained from taking or getting more MCT oil into your diet is its potential to aid in a boosted metabolism and possible improved weight loss efforts. There are various reasons why it may be considered an effective supplement to take for weight loss. For one, it’s been shown that taking MCT oil might reduce food intake by promoting fullness. This is one reason why some people report experiencing success while taking MCT oil. After all, many people end up getting in trouble with their diets due to mid-day cravings or nighttime snacking. By taking MCT oil, you may be able to reduce your appetite due to its potential impact on hunger hormones. In fact, there have been studies that showcase how MCT oil might increase satiety and reduce food intake even more than coconut oil. If you are looking for something to help decrease your cravings, MCT oil might just be beneficial for these hunger-reducing properties.

However, MCT oil has other properties that might aid in its ability to supplement weight loss. After all, various studies have showcased that MCT oil shows its potential to increase not only fat oxidation but also thermogenesis. Therefore, MCT oil might not only help you avoid overeating or snacking throughout the day, but it may also help boost metabolism allowing your body to effectively and efficiently burn fat to avoid weight gain and to boost your weight loss efforts. 

Woman in gray workout clothes stretchingIncrease Energy

Another major benefit that may be gained from taking MCT oil has to do with the ability to have much more usable energy. In fact, there have been studies that show MCTs have been used effectively to enhance exercise performance under high-temperature conditions. Also, studies have shown that medium-chain triglycerides can be absorbed and utilized by your body at a much faster rate than long-chain alternatives. This is primarily because MCT’s don’t take the same path as longer-chain fatty acids. Instead, they go directly to the gut rather than to the digestive system. Thus, they can prove to be a direct and immediate source of energy for anyone who takes it. This might make them a highly effective supplement not only for physical energy but also for energy that can be utilized by your brain.

May Help to Balance Out Blood Sugar Levels

Another way MCT oil can be effective at not only providing sustained energy levels but also to maximize weight loss is through the potential impact it may have on your blood sugar levels. This might be the most important and effective for those who suffer from diabetes. Studies have shown that those who have diabetes were able to maintain normal blood sugar levels with less sugar when taken in conjunction with MCTs. Because many people who suffer from wide fluctuations in blood sugar levels such as those with diabetes tend to be overweight, it can make the disease even more difficult to control. Because MCT oil has shown its potential to have weight management benefits, it might be an effective addition in a diet of someone with diabetes.

How and When Is the Best Time to Take MCT Oil? 

For Athletic Performance

One of the main ways you can take advantage of the fast-acting energy you may get out of MCT oil is for athletic performance enhancement. Because it may provide you energy with such high bioavailability, your body might be able to utilize it immediately. This may be especially true if you are adhering to the Keto diet in which MCT oils can boost ketone production for energy use.

For those who are looking to get endurance-boosting benefits and better energy levels from their MCT oil, the best time to take MCT oil may be anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes before the workout. That way, it might provide you with sustained usable energy throughout the entire duration of your workout.

To Help Minimize Hunger

If you are looking to take advantage of its potential weight management benefits, you may consider taking it mid-day. When mid-day hunger creeps in, you may find yourself looking for an unhealthy snack. You may want to consider taking MCT oil to curb any excess cravings in between your meals. 

For those looking to minimize hunger and avoid overeating, you may want to use MCT oil in between meals. One great option for a mid-day snack would be a protein shake or even a smoothie packed with healthy low carbohydrate ingredients like avocados, berries, and more. However, a smoothie isn’t likely to fill you up for long periods. Luckily, you can use MCT oil in your smoothie as it might be able to help keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

Improve Mental Stamina and Focus

MCT oil may be able to deliver the benefit of improved focus and experience sustained mental stamina throughout the day. 

In order to get the best results from MCT oil, you might want to combine it with caffeine for the best results. By adding high-quality MCT oil to your morning coffee, you may be able to experience the improved focus and mental stamina that comes with it.

Hand using CBD tincture dropper for morning coffeeCarrier Oil for CBD

By now, many know about the different benefits that can be gained from CBD oil. After all, CBD oil may help reduce stress, might improve heart health, and may even reduce inflammation. However, for CBD to be as effective as possible, it needs to have an optimized carrier oil that will effectively help boost the bio-availability of the CBD oil itself. What better carrier oil than MCT oil? After all, MCT oil is one of the most bio-available oils there is. When CBD is combined with a fatty oil like MCT, the CBD binds to the fat molecules which enhances the body’s ability to absorb the oil. Also, combining MCT oil with CBD oil might help make CBD oil easier and more accurate to dose. Lastly, it may help to improve the lifespan of CBD oil itself.

For a carrier oil to be effective, it needs to be taken at the same time you take your CBD. You may want to consider a high-quality product that combines the two ingredients for the best possible effects. That is exactly what you will be able to get with Tanasi’s CBD products. At Tanasi, we use both MCT oil and sunflower oil in conjunction with our propriety CBD for many of our products.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, MCT oil may offer numerous health benefits. MCT oil may be a very useful supplement whether you are looking to help curb your appetite, improve your metabolism, or even as a carrier oil to experience the full benefits of CBD oil. It’s also important to consider when is the best time to take MCT oil to optimize its benefits. As with any product, you want to ensure that the MCT oil you are purchasing is high-quality. That way, you know that you are getting all the benefits it has to offer.

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