Different MCT Oil Side Effects And Benefits

MCT oil side effects and benefits

Posted on April 13th, 2022

Are you curious about the different MCT oil side effects and benefits? MCT oil is a supplement that is getting a lot of attention lately. With the popularity of low-carb and high-fat diets, more and more people are getting familiar with MCT oil. MCT oil typically comes extracted from coconut oil [1]. There is a lot of evidence that points to it offering several benefits. Here are some of the benefits and some potential side effects to monitor if you decide to add it to your diet.

5 Benefits Of MCT Oil: MCT oil side effects and benefits

1. Weight Loss

One of the most significant benefits that have a lot of people flocking to the stores to get it is its potential positive impact on weight loss and weight management. While there is no definitive research showing its effectiveness for promoting weight loss, there have been studies that show it can help in various ways. For one, a study found that people that took MCT as a part of their breakfast ended up eating less than those that only took coconut oil [2]. Meaning MCT has more satiating properties than coconut oil. While this doesn’t definitively make it a weight loss supplement, it does mean you are likely to experience weight loss benefits if overeating is one of your problems. A lot of people suffer from unwanted weight gain because they consume more calories than they burn daily. If you’re someone that does, you will likely experience some weight-loss benefits from taking MCT oil. This isn’t even counting the research that shows how it can convert to ketones for those following the Keto diet.

2. Good For Energy

Another big reason a lot of people recommend taking MCT oil has to do with its effectiveness while adhering to a low-carbohydrate diet. If you are following a low-carb diet, you are likely going to be lacking in energy. Generating energy when you aren’t eating carbohydrates can be a struggle. This is especially true if you are just getting started with the diet. After all, your body is used to using glucose as an energy source. Therefore, if you aren’t actively putting glucose in your body or carbohydrates which can be converted into it, you will feel sluggish. By getting MCT oil in your diet, you can help your body produce more ketones which can be used as an energy source while following a low carbohydrate diet [3]. Without providing your body with this immediate energy source, you’ll find yourself going through what’s known as the “Keto Flu.”

3. Improved Heart Health

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death in the world. It’s a major problem that is difficult to solve. One of the major reasons a lot of people develop heart disease is because of an imbalance of anti-inflammatory foods in their diets. This is why it’s so important to get more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet if you want to improve your heart health. MCT oil is naturally antiinflammatory. What’s more, it’s also good for increasing the production of good cholesterol for your body. A lot of people assume that MCT oil would be bad for your cholesterol because it’s fat. Everyone assumes fats are bad for you. While certain fats are considered “bad” fats, there are also “good” fats that you want to incorporate more into your diet. These healthy fats include MCT oil and by consuming it, you can get more healthy fats into your diet.

4. Help Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

One of the major causes of inflammation and an inflammatory response is blood sugar spikes. This is generally what occurs when you have eaten a meal that’s full of either sugar or carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates generally provide the biggest spikes in your blood sugar levels. Keeping your blood sugar under control is key to not only improving your health but helping you maximize your weight loss efforts. MCT is effective at not only decreasing fat storage but also at managing your blood sugar levels to keep them in check [4].

5. Antibacterial

Another benefit that isn’t often discussed enough is how MCT oil is antibacterial. Not only is it antibacterial, but it’s also antimicrobial [5]. This means that you are going to get something that can help to get rid of yeast infections or candida which could be disrupting your digestive system. Having yeast overgrowth and other issues could lead to all kinds of problems including inflammatory skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.

MCT Oil Side Effects and Benefits: Uses In CBD Products

MCT oil is an excellent supplement to take on its own. As mentioned, you are bound to get a lot of benefits from it. However, if you are taking it along with a CBD product or if the CBD product includes it, you are going to be getting a specific benefit. CBD manufacturers like Tanasi add MCT oil to their CBD products to use as a carrier oil. Why is a carrier oil needed? A carrier oil is needed because it helps to increase the bioavailability of CBD. You want the CBD to reach the body. Having a carrier oil allows the CBD to be delivered in a more timely manner. This can help to improve the timing of the effects and also the quality of the CBD as a whole.

Adding MCT oil to CBD oil can also amplify the anti-inflammatory properties. A lot of research points to CBD’s effectiveness in reducing pain. Both of these oils can work synergistically to help reduce pain by minimizing inflammation and inflammatory response in the body. Reducing inflammation can have a positive impact on your health in more than one way.

Potential Side Effects MCT oil and CBD

When you add MCT oil to your diet, you don’t have to worry too much about it. After all, it’s a natural supplement that comes from extracted coconut oil. The biggest drawback comes with it being fat. While it’s good fat, it’s still fat. Because of this, it couldn’t cause a build-up of fat in your liver over time. However, this is more so if you are taking it in large doses.

Additionally, some people experience stomach discomfort when taking too much MCT oil. If you aren’t taking it in large doses and you are merely using it as a carrier oil for CBD, it’s not likely to come into play. You simply wouldn’t be taking enough of it for it to matter. However, you should always communicate what changes you are making with your doctor before adding or changing anything.

Overall, there is a lot to like about MCT oil. While it may not be the ultimate weight loss supplement a lot of people are hyping it to be, it’s certainly one that’s worth monitoring and using. There is enough research pointing to its effectiveness when used as a weight loss management supplement. However, there is also research pointing to how effective it is when used as a carrier oil for something like CBD. The next time you go shopping for CBD oil, you’ll want to ensure you are buying it from a brand like Tanasi that creates highly effective CBD products that contain the carrier oil needed for fast and maximum absorption. Tanasi has poured a lot of money and energy into researching the industry and you can count on their products to deliver excellent value for your money.


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