8 MCT Oil Effects: Why Tanasi Chooses This Carrier Oil

Posted on April 7th, 2023

Here at Tanasi, we formulate all our hemp extracts with a 1:1, patent-pending ratio of CBD and CBDa. We’ve learned that it delivers 2x the effects of a product containing CBD alone. You see, our company is all about research. (You can explore our findings on CBD + CBDa here.) That’s why we’ve partnered with a team of university-based scientists to help us learn more about hemp extracts, so we can deliver the maximum results to you, our customers. And it’s also why we choose to use MCT oil as a carrier oil in many of our products.

But what are the MCT oil effects and benefits you need to understand? Before sampling the small amounts of MCT oil contained in our Tanasi products, you’ll want to know more about its effects and potential benefits. With that said, read on to learn more about this popular addition to our supplements.

MCT Oil Effects: How Does It Work Within The Body

MCT oil supplements are made from medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fat. MCT molecules are smaller than long-chain triglycerides (LCT for short), which means your body can absorb them into the bloodstream at a faster rate.

MCT Oil Benefits

When it comes to MCT oil effects and benefits, you may experience:

1. Weight Loss

One of the key benefits of taking MCT oil is it may help with weight loss. Dieting and exercising can help you lose weight, but sometimes people find it difficult to lose the amount they want or they don’t drop pounds as fast as they’d like. Adding MCT oil to your diet might help you shed pounds and keep them off, especially as part of a ketogenic diet. Just be sure to consult with a licensed healthcare physician before beginning any new weight loss program.

Bonus: some people feel fuller when consuming MCTs, so they won’t eat as much as they normally would. Here’s a tip: eat a sensible diet and be active, whether or not you plan on adding MCT oil to your diet.

2. Boost Energy Levels

Another benefit of MCT oil is it may boost your energy levels. That’s because MCTs are absorbed quickly by the body. They will travel fast to get from the gut to the liver. Furthermore, they don’t need bile in order to break down, which isn’t the case with LTCs.

Once MCT is in the liver, the fats are used as energy. One of the best things about MCT is it can enter the cells very easily. In turn, the body is able to use MCT as a source of energy right away.

3. Gut Health

MCT oil, taken in the right amounts, may aid with digestion, and some people believe that MCTs act like a probiotic in the gut. This means that MCT oil supplements may play a role in helping you maintain overall good gut health.

By taking MCT oil regularly, your gut health might improve. However, be warned that taking too much MCT oil might have negative impacts on your gut. Some people develop stomach aches or diarrhea after consuming large amounts of this supplement, so watch your intake carefully and listen to your body. But don’t worry about stomachaches from the MCT oil in our Tanasi CBD + CBDa supplements; we don’t include enough of this fatty compound to give you these reported side effects. Still, taking high doses of CBD + CBDa may cause stomach pain or even dizziness. So, as with all supplements, practice moderation to stay in the happy tummy zone!

4. Reduce Risk Factors For Heart Disease

Finally, MCT oil might help reduce your risk for heart disease. There are several factors that can put you at risk for heart disease, and these includes inflammation, being overweight, having high blood pressure and having high cholesterol levels. One of the reasons why MCT oil might help you reduce your risk of heart disease is that it can help you lose body fat and weight. If you follow a healthy diet and take a quality MCT supplement, then you might in turn reduce your risk of heart disease.

Those are a handful of the potential MCT oil effects and benefits. The best way to find out whether or not MCT oil is worth using is to buy it for yourself. Try it for a few weeks and then you can decide if it’s worth continuing to use.

winter skin care routine with Tanasi face serumMCT Oil with CBD and CBDa: A Happy Family

So many of us turn to supplements since it’s difficult to get all the nutrients and effects we want to experience as part of our diet. But today, more than ever, our routines are hectic and our days feel endless. Remembering to take even one supplement on a routine basis can be challenging. Thinking about taking several? Many of us will forget, and miss out on the chance to supplement our healthy lifestyles.

What’s the solution? Here at Tanasi, we try to combine as much good stuff as we can in every single product we create. That’s why we’re all about combinations: all of our products contain that patent-pending, 2X more effective blend of CBD and CBDa. Many also contain MCT oil, allowing you to sample two popular supplements in one daily dose. Even better? We also have soft gels that contain all these good ingredients AND fish oil, an Omega 3 rich ingredient that may also support a healthy lifestyle. Heck, we even have a CBD + CBDa based skin serum, that combines retinol and the power of nano-technology to create a popular anti-aging beauty product! Talk about combo power for the win!

Final Verdict: MCT Oil Effects and Benefits in Tanasi products

Those are the key MCT oil effects and benefits to expect from our Tanasi CBD + CBDa supplements, but it is important that they are only likely to have positive effects because we use high-quality MCT oil. There are many MCT oil supplements on the market, but they’re not all created equal. If you prefer a solo MCT oil supplement, take the time to compare a few products, and take a look at what other ingredients are included before you decide which supplement to take. Remember, the higher the quality of the oil, the more likely you’ll reap all of the potential benefits of MCT oil.

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