The Benefits Of MCT Oil And CBD

Posted on March 22nd, 2022

Both CBD and MCT oil have become increasingly popular over the years. CBD has become a go-to supplement for many due to its various use-cases. MCT oil, similarly, has a lot of benefits making it more sought-after. As more and more people become familiar with it, you may begin to see MCT oil included in a lot of other supplements. This is primarily because it’s an optimal carrier oil. As a carrier oil, it optimizes the delivery of various vitamins and other oils. What MCT oil comes from is either palm kernel oil or coconut oil. The molecules that makeup MCT oil are medium-chain triglycerides. Because of this, they can be easier to digest than some of the other fats you may consume. This makes MCT oil a good source of fuel that can be burned for energy. MCT oil itself has a lot of benefits even when taken as its supplement.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil features “CBD” which is one of the primary compounds found in the cannabis plant. If you’ve heard CBD being thrown around lately, it’s for good reason. There is a lot of evidence pointing to CBD being a very effective supplement for many of its therapeutic use-cases. Best of all, it doesn’t come attached with the same “high” effects that THC does. Therefore, you get a lot of the benefits of THC without the side effects.

Why Do CBD Products Contain Carrier Oils? MCT oil and CBD

Carrier oils are essential for something like CBD because they increase the absorption rate of the included cannabinoid molecules in the oil. Without a carrier oil, the body won’t digest and absorb the oil as effectively. This can reduce the effectiveness of CBD oil as a whole. It’s similar to why you want to incorporate vitamin K2 and even eat something fatty when you take vitamin D. To improve the absorption rate of CBD oil, you’ll want to take it along with an effective carrier oil like MCT.

Why MCT For a Carrier Oil: MCT Oil and CBD?

MCT oil makes for the optimal carrier oil for a CBD product for various reasons. Not only does it improve the bioavailability of CBD, but it’s also good for you. MCT oil is effective because CBD is fat-soluble. This means that the oil dissolves in fat rather than water. You’ll want to take any vitamin or supplement that is fat-soluble with fat. That’s exactly what MCT oil is. A fat-soluble substance like CBD will be sent to fatty tissue where they will be distributed throughout your body. Without a carrier oil, this process is going to be much slower and it can decrease the effectiveness of the entire supplement. This is why you will find a lot of the best CBD products in the marketplace like Tanasi’s including MCT oil as a carrier oil for their CBD products.

Some Of The Benefits Of MCT Oil and CBD:

1. Weight Loss

One of the best uses of MCT oil is for weight loss. You will likely see a lot of people that are following the Keto diet consume MCT oil in the morning. This is since these people are eliminating carbohydrates from their diets. Because of this, they need to get a fuel source from fats. As mentioned, MCT oil is easily digested. As a result, it can be absorbed and used quickly as a primary source of energy. This alone makes it an effective option for those looking to lose weight because your body adjusts from looking for glucose for energy to fats. MCT also plays a natural role in helping your body produce ketones. Ketones are the energy source that your brain will use if you aren’t taking in any carbohydrates. This is why a lot of supplements that advertise nootropics and other brain-boosting benefits will oftentimes include MCT oil.

2. Appetite Control

When you are looking to improve your weight loss efforts, one of the main things you’re likely to be concerned with would be appetite control. A lot of people struggle with controlling their appetite and they find themselves overeating. If you’re someone that struggles with eating too much throughout the day, you will benefit from consuming more fats. The inherent effect of consuming more fat is to curb your hunger. You’ll notice that as soon as you consume MCT oil and other fatty foods, your hunger spikes will go down considerably. This makes it a great option for those that want to stop the onset of hunger in between meals and at other times throughout the day or night.

3. Better Muscle Recovery

One of the more researched benefits of MCT oil has to do with the effect it can have on your recovery efforts. Throughout the exercise, you will notice that you have lactic acid buildup. This is generally what gets you to stop working out and need to rest. Studies have shown that taking fats like MCT oil can help those that engage in moderate to high-intensity exercises [2]. The main reason is its effect on lactate acid buildup. MCT oil can help your body use more fat rather than carbohydrates for energy, but it can also make it much easier to sustain long workouts. This can make it a good option for those that otherwise struggle with recovering from long and hard workouts. If you find your recovery takes days, you may benefit from using MCT oil either before or after your workouts.

4. Reduce Inflammation

A lot of people are under the impression that fat intake is bad for your heart. While there are certain types of fats that you do not want to overdo, there are also good and healthy fats that you need to get into your diet. MCT oil is one of the good fats that can benefit your heart health. One of the main reasons is the fact that it can help you lose weight. The less fat you have in your belly, the less your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Also, taking MCT oil has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol in people [3]. While there is plenty more research needed to be done to show the efficacy of it, there is enough that points to it being good for producing good cholesterol and eliminating bad cholesterol. Also, it is good when used as an anti-inflammatory supplement.

5. Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Another major benefit has to do with the effect it can have on your blood sugar levels. A lot of people that suffer from diabetes or sharp blood sugar spikes can benefit from taking MCT oil because of this. It’s been shown to improve insulin resistance. Likewise, it naturally helps by reducing fat stores and increasing the rate at which the body burns fat.

Should You Take MCT Oil and CBD?

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to taking MCT oil by itself. However, it shines when the supplement is MCT oil and CBD. If you are going to be taking CBD, you’ll want to ensure it comes with an optimal carrier oil like MCT oil. That way, you know that you are getting the best results from your CBD product. Without a carrier oil, the CBD won’t be absorbed by the body nearly as quickly. This can reduce the overall effectiveness and lessen the benefits you get from the supplement. MCT oil can be a good addition not only for its carrier oil benefits but also because it has beneficial properties that can enhance the benefits you get from supplementing with CBD.





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