Let’s Make 2023 Your Most Effective Year Yet

Posted on June 21st, 2023

Hooray! It’s June, the mid-way point of the year. Just before the official start of summer is a good time to give yourself a fresh start—sit down and focus on what matters most to you, take stock of where you are right now, and make plans for where you hope to be at the same time next year. Let’s make the rest of 2023 matter so that you can call it your most effective year yet come December! 

Part of that process, of course, is setting new goals, or checking in on the progress you’ve made towards older ones. If you want your goals to be effective—(i.e. ones that you can actually meet and achieve) you’ll need to do more than just hoping for the best. Keep reading for the action steps you’ll need to reach your 2020 goals.

10 Steps to Reaching Your Goals Before the Year is Over

As it turns out, setting and meeting goals is a multi-step process. This is what you need to do:

1. Have a little faith (in you!)

In order to achieve any goal, you must first believe in yourself. Have confidence in your strength and determination, and know that you have it in you to accomplish new things! Without this conviction, self-doubt will derail you as soon as things get hard—and trust us, that time will come.

2. Put it in your calendar

Until you write down your goal—and your deadlines for achievement—it’s nothing more than a nice thought in your head. For example, if you want to work on your self-care through out the rest of the year, but you don’t block out ‘you time’ on the calendar, you will probably enjoy one nice night in a bubble bath and then forget to do it again. If, however, you give your goal the importance of a daily, weekly or monthly calendar date, you are far more likely to stick with the plan. Another idea? Set yourself up for success with visual cues as well. For example, if you want to get better about your wellness supplementing, leave your daily dose of CBD + CBDa products right by your coffee maker, or another place you visit every morning. This will help you stick to that routine moving forward. 

3. Include the details

This step is all about specificity. Let’s take another look at your goal of improved self-care. If you just block out “me time” on your calendar, half of the scheduled dates may be wasted scrounging around for ideas of what to do. Instead, write down detailed actions. You could take a page from Tanasi’s David Dahle, who has a special daily routine. “Every night, I take Tanasi’s water-soluble drink concentrate,” he says. “In about 30 minutes I’m [enjoying] me a more peaceful end of the day.” (We like to think that this is because all of our Tanasi hemp extracts contain our patent-pending, 1:1 formulation of CBDa and CBDa. Our research proved that this is a combination 2X more effective than formulations with CBD alone.) Whatever you hope to do—whether it’s calming down or getting back into a workout routine—get specific about what your goal will look like. Otherwise, it won’t get done.

4. Make sure you can measure success

In order to know that you’re really meeting your goals, you have to have a way of measuring progress. Some goals are easy to measure—like those that involve weight loss—but every goal has something measurable. Even if your goal is self-care, you can quantify your progress in terms of how many times per day, week, or month you disconnect and focus on yourself. Set targets for the numbers you hope to see, and you’re far more likely to succeed.

5. Don’t Overreach

One key step to achieving your goals is being realistic about what you’re working towards. Don’t set your mind on losing 100 pounds in three weeks—that’s simply not realistic. If you set goals that are impossible to achieve, you are simply setting yourself up to fail. Instead, make smaller goals, like taking your CBD + CBDa supplement every day for a full week. While that may translate into a routine you’ll keep up forever, focusing on one week at a time is less overwhelming, and far more manageable. 

6. Include time limits

Give yourself specific dates by which you hope to have reached certain targets. But, once again, be kind to yourself. Allow enough time for you to make progress, but not so much time that you completely forget about what you’re working towards.

7. Find your cheerleaders (or task masters)

Accountability is a huge part of reaching any goal, even a truly personal one. Tell your friends, family even your co-workers, when appropriate, what you’re working for. Then ask them to check in with you to make sure you’re staying on track.

8. Get some help

Trying something new can be challenging — especially if hard work is involved. So seeking help is crucial. Whether it comes in the form of classes, a friend you can lean on, or a supplement that helps you keep your focus to support your progress, ask for and take what you need to keep moving forward.

9. Keep Checking In

Time changes everything. As you get closer to your goal, you may find that your end-game has shifted. And that’s ok, as long as your changes don’t involve giving up. Try making self-reflection part of your initial action plan. This will give you the flexibility to reach for and grab bigger and greater things.

10. Celebrate you

Regardless of your goal, achieving something new will involve changes. And change can be difficult. So make sure that you find mini-milestones you can celebrate even before you reach your ultimate goal. Remember that simply doing the work is an achievement in itself!

Is a daily wellness boost on your to-do list for the rest of this year? Find the best Tanasi hemp extracted cannabidiol (CBD) with cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) that meets your lifestyle.

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