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Posted on June 28th, 2023

When you’re heading out for a day hike, it’s very important to make a plan for staying hydrated. You see, if you don’t drink water in sufficient amounts, or eat properly, you could face the hiker’s biggest fear: the ‘bonk.’ It’s what happens if glycogen stores get depleted from your muscles and liver. And it’s something you really want to avoid. Clearly, you need to be prepared with hiking drinks as you hit the trail. But, as it turns out, you also need to pre-game for your hikes—at least when it comes to your hydration. Read on to learn some of the best drinks for your hikes!

The Best Drinks For Your Hikes: What to Drink Before and During a Hike water soluble cbd

You want to make sure you’re hydrated at the start of your hike. So, to be safe, you need to drink water—and a lot of it—before your day hike. But when it comes to drinks for your hikes, what’s the magic number? Of course, this depends on your size and current hydration level, but about 32 ounces (or four glasses) of water should do the trick…Just don’t drink them all at once, or you’ll lose most of your efforts (and a lot of your hiking time) searching for relief spots along the trail. 

While you’re hiking, your drinking needs to keep up with you. As a general rule of thumb, you should drink 16 ounces for every mile you hike. But here, again, you don’t want to chug it all in one go. Instead, sip slowly as you walk. And don’t wait until you feel thirsty—that’s a sign that you’ve already started dehydrating! 

Now, depending on the length of your hike, that can be a lot of water to carry on your back. In fact, it may be impossible. So, if you’re preparing for a longer day hike, or a multi-day excursion, you’ll probably need to source and purify water in the wild. Clearly, staying hydrated while you hike doesn’t have to be difficult—but it does require planning. 

And, it requires something else: the knowledge that your hydration game doesn’t end when your hike does. In reality, what you drink after you get home matters just as much, or even more. Just keep reading for the drinks that will end your day hike with a bang. 

Post-Hike Bonus Boost: Ginger Shots and CBD

After you leave the trail, you’ll certainly want to keep drinking water. But, may we suggest adding a signature Tanasi (drink concentrate) to a ginger shot to your post-hike routine? More than just a trendy drink idea, we’ve got science on our side with this recommendation. 

You see, ginger isn’t just a flavorful spice. In fact, it has a powerful history in both Chinese and Indian medicine, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Now, these two properties are always great, but they’re especially important after a tough hike.

While you’re on the trail, you’re pushing your muscles; the soreness you experience afterward is actually a sign of tiny tears in your muscle fibers.  When those tears heal, your muscles emerge stronger and larger. But, if they don’t heal properly, you could get hurt. 

Left to their own devices, those tears will heal, but the process can be slow. You can, however, speed up that recovery—your body just needs the proper fuel. And, given ginger’s strength as a known natural anti-inflammatory, we think a ginger shot is an exact fuel you’ve been searching for. 

What is a ginger shot, you may ask? It’s pretty simple: it’s just the juice of the ginger root. We drink the juice in shot-sized portions for one simple reason: ginger juice is sharp, and a shot is about all most people can handle. Our Tanasi drink concentrate comes in 2mg per drop, or 4mg per drop versions. You can turn your ginger shot into a 10mg ginger CBD shot in seconds by just adding the Tanasi water-soluble drink concentrate. 

You can buy pre-made ginger shots—there are plenty available on the market—or, you can make your own as we do. Which will leave you plenty of room for adding our secret ingredient: Tanasi’s water-soluble CBD + CBDa, the perfect complement to a post-workout recovery drink. Infused with our patent-pending, 1:1 CBD to CBDa formulation, it’s 2X more effective than drink concentrates with CBD alone! 

Tanasi’s CBD Ginger Shot Recipe

Making our cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) ginger shot couldn’t be easier. All you need is ginger root, water or lemon juice, our water-soluble CBD, a blender and a strainer. Ready to get started? Let’s go! 

  1. Peel and roughly chop your ginger root. 
  2. To your blender, add chopped ginger, plus a few tablespoons of water or lemon juice. 
  3. Blend until the ginger fibers are broken down, stopping a few times along the way to scrape the sides of your blender. 
  4. Once blended, grab your strainer and place it over your shot glass. Pour juice through the strainer to remove any remaining fibers. Add a bit more lemon juice, plus your desired dose of our water-soluble CBD + CBDa, and you’re ready to toss back your shot! 

Now, it’s time to sit, relax and reflect on what you’ve just done for your body. In fact, to help you get in the zone, allow us to explain why water-soluble CBD is a great choice for a post-workout dose of cannabidiol (CBD). 

Water-solubility and CBD: A Powerful Combination

When it comes to CBD products, science has discovered the benefits of water-solubility. Why? As adults, 60% of our bodies are composed of water, so, staying close to our natural state is an ideal CBD delivery method. Of course, it’s a bit tricky to dissolve cannabidiol (CBD) in water. 

That’s because many cannabidiol (CBD) products are extracted with ethanol or CO2, and are combined with sunflower and MCT oils to help deliver molecules to your body. Sunflower and MCT oils also provide potential additional benefits, such as increased energy, improved memory or even speedier weight loss – as many other scientists in the world have discovered. But oil-based products aren’t for everyone—many customers want an easy, on-the-go delivery method, like a beverage or shot, for their CBD.

Of course, you could simply squeeze a few drops of oil-based tincture into your drink—but it will mostly separate and float on top of liquids. That’s because, as we learned in elementary school science class—oil and water don’t mix. Until, that is, our water-soluble manufacturing partner isolates the CBD molecules at the point of extraction using water from the plant material, using a patent-pending process. 

Once this step is complete, we add tiny clusters of cannabinoids to propylene glycol (PG) and they become water soluble, meaning you can easily mix them into the beverage of your choice.  With the Tanasi water-soluble drink concentrate, you’ve got an easy way to deliver your daily doses of hemp extract. And, studies suggest that ingesting water-soluble cannabinoids may increase their bioavailability—that means your body absorbs and metabolizes more of the cannabidiol (CBD) in each dose, and at a faster rate. This also means that you could achieve your desired effect with fewer or smaller doses!

Which of Our Products is Right for You?

Any time you supplement your diet, you’re going to have personal preferences. Some runners choose energy gel packets over Gatorade; still, others would rather munch on a protein bar. All of these options can help fuel training—the choice of how to do so is simply a matter of personal preference.

The same is true when it comes to hemp-extracted cannabinoids, which is why the Tanasi team is proud to offer a range of products from which you can choose. And you can be confident that we’ve studied all our products scientifically. So, whether your choice is a lotion, salve, tincture or putting our water-soluble drink concentrate in the drinks for your hikes, we know you will appreciate the quality of care we put into each and every item we offer to you today. Now, all you have to do is decide how you want to take your Tanasi hemp extract cannabinoids!

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