CBDa and CBD Salve Uses

Posted on May 24th, 2023

When you’re looking for ways to enjoy a Tanasi CBD product with CBDa, there are so many forms from which to choose. With tinctures and capsules, you can enjoy your patent-pending, 1:1 CBDa to CBD formulation orally. And with lotions and salves, you can apply that 2X more effective combination topically. But what is a salve and how should it be used? The Tanasi CBDa/CBD 1:1 formula salve is one of our most popular products, and you should grab a free sample to see if you like it too. 

How Are CBDa + CBD Salves Made?

Salves are simple concoctions to make as they don’t require many ingredients or complicated processes. To make a CBD salve with CBDa, you just need some basic ingredients, including:

  • Natural wax, such as beeswax, for structure
  • Fatty oil, such as almond oil, as a base.
  • In this case, hemp extract from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant.

Of all the salve ingredients, the fatty oil base is crucial, because it’s what “carries” the CBD and CBDa in the salve onto your skin for absorption. Generally, the higher the content of fatty acids in the oil, the better it is to make a salve base. 

Why is that the case? Because fatty acids are what “carry” CBD, so the more there are, the more noticeable your results may be. (Plus, these acids provide their own potential benefits.) You have so many choices of carrier oils for salves, but almond oil and coconut oil are examples of commonly used oil bases in premium products. Coconut oil is an especially great choice for a carrier oil, because it is rich in MCTs, or Medium Chain Triglycerides. MCTs are popular supplements in their own right, featuring prominently in Keto diets. As such, when you combine MCT-rich carrier oils with our patent-pending, CBD to CBDa 1:1 formulation in one great topical supplement? Your purchase suddenly gets double points for value! 

How Do CBD Salves Work?

Before discussing CBD salve uses, it’s important to know how CBD salves work. CBD salves are applied topically to the skin, which is your body’s largest organ. Unlike CBD oils, salves don’t have to go through the digestive system for you to absorb their active ingredients. 

By applying a CBD salve topically, you are likely to notice targeted effects in your body. In contrast, many people who use oral forms of CBD and CBDa say that they feel the effects throughout their whole system. But what exactly are those effects? 

Well, each person experiences CBD and CBDa differently. That’s because factors like your weight, metabolism, experience and current health can impact how you feel after trying CBD. Plus, the dose you try and even the meal you eat before or after your CBD and CBDa can change the results you experience. So, what should you expect with our CBD/CBDa salve? Just ask our Tanasi customers for their reviews.

Tanasi CBD +CBDa Salves: What Customers Say

After using our 300mg defined spectrum CBD + CBDa salve, Tanasi customer Michael B shared, that it was “The only cbd salve that truly works!!!”  And Michelle N. adds that it’s, “Amazing!,” noting, “I have now bought this for two separate people…my husband who is a truck driver & best friend who is a hair stylist on her feet all day.  Highly recommend. All you need is a tiny dab massaged in. Also, there isn’t a smell. Love it. ” Finally, Patricia W. sums up her CBD + CBDa salve experience nicely when she says, “I am in love with this stuff. It is absolutely amazing. It really does help…within minutes. I recommended this product and will purchase more in the future!” 

What Are the Common Uses of CBD Salves?

As we’ve already discussed, people use CBD salves for different reasons. And they each have their own experiences. But whatever brings you to try a CBD + CBDa salve on your skin,  here’s a side benefit you may enjoy!  Our CBD + CBDa contains almond oil as a carrier oil, and that delicious, all natural ingredient can help heal dry skin when you apply your CBD salve to dry spots on your body. Try your elbow or knees, and see what happens to the texture and appearance of your skin! 

Using CBD Salve Effectively

Now that we better understand the common uses of CBD salves we can further explore how to properly apply CBD salve. Before using a CBD salve on your skin, it is important that you speak to a licensed healthcare, especially if you are taking any medications or supplements. Even if you don’t plan to ingest a hemp extract with CBD and CBDa, it’s important to discuss topical supplements with professionals in charge of your health and daily wellness routines. 

Scoop the Right Amount

When it comes to applying a salve of any kind, here’s some great news for your wallet. Sizeable amounts don’t always yield the best results – a little goes a long way when it comes to CBD salves. After all, applying too much product only makes your skin feel too oily, without making your effects more noticeable. (Luckily, with Tanasi, you’ve got that powerful 1:1, CBD to CBDa formulation to do that for you, since our research shows that the combo is 2X more effective than formulations containing just CBD, even in the presence of other cannabinoids.) Still, don’t get too stingy at the application time. After all, not applying enough may not yield the desired result. 

Who Should Use CBD Salve?

CBD salves may be good for most people. However, CBD salves may not be right for some people with underlying health conditions or people who take other supplements or any medications, so talk to your provider and consider testing the salve on a small area of your skin before diving into widespread use. 

Are There Side Effects of Using CBD Salves?

For most people, CBD salves are safe to apply on the skin. But, if you are concerned, talk with your doctor before beginning use of CBD salves. CBD’s efficacy and safety have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The CBD products available are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Consult your physician prior to use if you are on other medicines. You must be 21 or older to purchase Tanasi products.

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