All You Need to Know About CBDa and CBD Bioavailability

Posted on April 20th, 2023

Have you tried CBD products before and felt like they haven’t worked for you? Having doubts about whether they work at all? Many CBD products and solutions out there are neither quickly nor effectively absorbed by the body. Plus, they are less effective than Tanasi products, since our patent-pending research reveals that combining CBD and CBDa using our 1:1 formulation results in products that are 2X more effective. 

Because of this, users like you may decide that CBD isn’t worth bothering with, but don’t be fooled! It’s not that CBD extracts can’t be effective. It’s more likely that formulations that don’t work with Tanasi’s patent-pending CBDa to CBD formula are less effective, not to mention less bioavailable.   

Okay, wait – what’s “bioavailability” you now want to know? Well, bioavailability is a term that pharmacists use. Put simply, it describes the rate at which your body absorbs a substance or compound. In short, bioavailability is the amount of time it takes for something to “kick in” once you administer or ingest it. So when we’re talking about the bioavailability of CBD and CBDa, we’re referring to its ability to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain as well as other parts of the body. 

Forms of CBDa and CBD Bioavailability

There are several forms of CBD + CBDa products, and each can have different bioavailability. Common delivery methods include:

  • Oral products such as pills/capsules, water-soluble concentrates and edibles
  • Sublingual – Placed under the tongue & directly absorbed into the bloodstream, as with a tincture
  • Topical applications – As with our lotions, salves, muscle relief rubs, anti-aging serum and sun recovery cream. You apply these to your skin. 

The bioavailability action of CBD itself has been a concern among researchers for years, especially with regard to the effectiveness of oral administration of CBD + CBDa. Recently, researchers have also explored the sublingual bioavailability of CBD oil.

As we stated earlier, CBDa and CBD are not easily metabolized in the body. That means you’ll have to take these supplements in a very specific way in order to have the desired results. As such, there are several ways to increase the bioavailability of CBD + CBDa, such as with the use of various delivery methods like oils or capsules. But, keep in mind that each of these products has its own formula, and that can decrease or increase the bioavailability of CBD and CBDa.

Combining CBDa and CBD With Oils

One of the best ways to increase the CBDa and CBD absorption rate is by adding carrier oils such as MCT or sunflower oil, as we do at Tanasi. And when we use MCTS, they may even offer their own positive effects on the body, as you can learn about here in depth, or briefly below. 

Basically, MCT oils (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are linked to the Keto diet. They may promote fullness; increase fat loss, energy and ketone production; and add necessary fatty acids to your diet. Along with sunflower oil, MCT oils are what many of Tanasi’s full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBDa + CBD products utilize.

CBD in Capsule Form 

Now, what about softgels? How do they affect the bioavailability of CBD and CBDa? Well, when you take a CBD + CBDa soft gel, it’s easy to swallow. Plus, it’s tasteless and odorless, and often contains a helpful carrier oil. Still, your bioavailability may be lower since you have to let the pill pass through your digestive tract before it gets to work. 

Man in blue shirt holding Tanasi CBD capsulesWays of Getting CBD Into Your Body

When discussing the bioavailability of CBD, it’s also important to consider the route of administration. (That’s how you take your CBD + CBDa.) For now, it seems like taking CBD + CBDa sublingually results in the highest bioavailability because you absorb the active ingredients directly into the bloodstream. When you take our CBD + CBDa tincture under the tongue, you may notice almost immediate action. Sublingual administration also presents a more rapid absorption rate than that of oral CBD, such as that presented in capsule form.

It is important to note that CBD does not pass through the digestive tract unchanged. In addition to being absorbed into the body, your liver can break it down for metabolization. And that’s why hemp-extracts can change the way medications work in your body. So be sure to discuss supplementation with a licensed healthcare provider. 

Making CBDa and CBD With the Highest Bioavailability 

While there are still many unanswered questions concerning the bioavailability of CBD, there is plenty of market research and user anecdotes for us to work with. Basically, these can help us assess certain factors that affect the bioavailability of CBD, such as the amount of time the CBD is exposed to the body. Additionally, they can help us understand how long different forms of CBD take to make a difference to users. 

One reason why you’ll find Tanasi’s CBD products to have much more of an effect versus other CBD products is because Tanasi’s patent-pending, 1:1 CBD to CBDa formula is designed with bioavailability in mind. Tanasi combines CBD and CBDa to maximize effectiveness and absorption. CBDa is the raw, untreated, or unactivated form of CBD. CBDa is much more bioavailable than CBD, so you can actually use a lower amount to achieve the desired effects. What’s more, Tanasi also uses MCT oils in conjunction with this formula, as we mentioned earlier in this article. MCT oils can actually further increase the bioavailability of CBD and CBDa by increasing solubilization in liquid products and within the gut. It also increases the rate at which CBD is metabolized. Another practical advantage of solubilizing CBD and CBDa with MCTs is the very long shelf life of MCTs.

Studies are still ongoing to find out the exact effects of CBD and CBDa in your body. However, these studies’ results on the bioavailability of CBD are promising. If this new information can be used to help determine the effectiveness of CBD, it will further help us tell you which of our products will give to the faster results. But for now? We encourage you to try different types of CBD products until you find the one that works best in your lifestyle! 

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