CBD and CBDa Tinctures: The Best Way to Take These Cannabinoids

Posted on March 30th, 2023

If you’ve been researching CBD, chances are you’ve come across the term CBDA. Especially if you’ve been looking at our Tanasi line of products, since they all contain a patent-pending formulation of CBD and CBDa that research reveals is 2X more effective than CBD alone. But what is CBDA, exactly? We’ll tell you! 

CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids in cannabis plants, and CBDa (Cannabidiolic-acid) is its acidic precursor.  Lately, a trend of whole plant extracts and full-spectrum CBD products that also contain CBDa has thrust this compound into the spotlight. So the interest in CBDa is certainly growing, and Tanasi has a reason for drawing attention to this compound as part of our 1:1 formulation. Want to get to know CBDa on a deeper level?  Let’s explore this minor cannabinoid in more detail … 

What Is CBDA?

CBDA (Cannabidiolic-acid) is the precursor cannabinoid to CBD. In fact, CBDA is found in abundance in the resin glands of cannabis and hemp plants. CBDA is also sometimes referred to as untreated, raw, or un-activated cannabidiol (CBD). Just like CBD, CBDa does not cause intoxication.

All primary cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis first manifest as Cannabigerolic-acid (CBGA) – “the mother of all cannabinoids” as all cannabinoids start out as CBGA. From there, plant enzymes unique to each cannabis strain act on CBGA and convert it into some varying percentages of the three major cannabinoid acids. These three are Cannabidiolic-acid (CBDA), Cannabichromenic-acid (CBCA), and Tetrahydrocannabinolic-acid (THCA). Once the Cannabidiolic-acid has been formed, it can be converted to CBD through thermal decarboxylation, or a heating process. In short, heating Cannabidiolic-acid converts it to CBD.   

Of course, there are always varying percentages of CBDA in cannabis and hemp plants, which is why you’re likely to see it listed as one of the ingredients in hemp products such as CBD oil and hemp seed oil. However, obtaining isolated or pure CBDA is a difficult and complex process. For this reason, CBDa isolate products are relatively rare. And costly. 


What’s the difference between CBD and CBDa? Well, both compounds are cannabinoids. But CBDa is the precursor of CBD. That means that there would be no CBD without CBDA. Plus, the two compounds have different chemical structures. 

Previously, it was thought that cannabinoids such as Cannabidiolic-acid were inactive. Today, we’ve learned that CBDa may also be bioactive. Even better? When it’s combined with CBD using our patent-pending formulation, it delivers greater effects than CBD can on its own. 

Tinctures and Oils

Today, CBD has found its way into beauty product serums, vitamins, muscle rubs, flavored seltzers, bath soaks, infused snacks, and more. For some people, it has even found its way into their daily routine like a morning snack or routine.

There’s almost an overwhelming variety of options available for CBD connoisseurs. But the question is, what about CBDa? Is it possible to get CBDa oils and tinctures? Yes, you can find CBDa-rich tinctures. Some companies choose to isolate CBDa. But here at Tanasi, we prefer to combine both so you get results that are 2X better! 

What is a CBD + CBDa Tincture

A CBD + CBDa tincture is a liquid extract. We produce it by dissolving hemp plants in high-proof grain alcohol or, in some cases, other liquids. An effective tincture should contain a variety of cannabinoids, as either a broad or full-spectrum product. At Tanasi, our CBD + CBDa tincture also contains a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to help your body accept the tincture’s active ingredients. 

How to Use CBD + CBDa Tinctures

One of the biggest advantages of tinctures is that they are easy to use. When exploring natural hemp extracts you may often hear, “start low and go slow.” The tincture allows you to start with a few drops, and work your way up to a level that works for you. Below you will find common steps to follow when using tinctures. But discuss any consumption of cannabinoids with your doctor. 

For the correct amount to use, consult your physician and discover what “low and slow” should look like for you. Try to space out your doses by at least five hours. Or stick to a once per day option. 

Where to Find CBDa, or CBDa/CBD products

CBDa-only tinctures are difficult to find. Instead, you can enjoy our CBDa/CBD 1:1 formulation. It’s the basis of all our tinctures, along with the rest of the forms of CBD we carry at Tanasi.

Tinctures Dosing: How Much to Take? 

We don’t really know the exact right amount of CBD + CBDa to try. Everyone is different. We suggest starting with the lowest recommended dose for your height, weight and desired experience level. Then, you can gradually increase your daily intake until you get the results you’re looking for. 

CBD + CBDa Tinctures: Conclusion

Most companies creating CBDa-rich tinctures choose to go with either full-spectrum CBD tinctures or whole plant hemp extract tinctures. Like full-spectrum CBD tinctures, whole plant hemp extract tinctures contain all the naturally available cannabinoids within the hemp plant. For example, a manufacturer would cold-press hemp, much like vegetable juice, and sell it as a whole-plant hemp extract.

In these cases, the amount of CBDa you can expect to ingest is very small. And, if you choose a tincture that only contains CBDa, you’ll pay a premium price. Worse, you’ll miss out on the 2X greater effects you could get by combining CBD + CBDa in our patent-pending, 1:1, research-backed formulation.

Ultimately, the best decision you can make regarding CBDa-rich tinctures is to inform yourself before buying. VOr, you could let our Tanasi team do the hard work for you. We provide all the information you need to know about CBD, CBDa, and all the other cannabinoids we include in our tinctures and the other delivery methods we carry. All of our products are third-party tested, and high-quality. Plus, they come with full-ingredient list transparency, and deliver 2X the effects of products containing only CBD. Best of all? Every product you purchase from Tanasi is backed by a 30-day, satisfaction guarantee. That way, if it fails to meet any of your expectations, you never have to worry about wasted purchases! 


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