Why to try CBDA + CBD Microdosing with Tanasi

Posted on January 27th, 2023

Whether you’re a CBD veteran or new to the supplement, you may have questions and when, where and how much of this supplement you want to take each day. But do you want to know one of the best things about this all-natural, hemp-extracted compound? There is no one way to work it into your routine.

First, there are so many dosing and delivery options! You can rub on a CBD +CBDa topical—at Tanasi, these come in the form of salves, lotions, muscle relief rubs and our brand-new anti-aging filler! You can also take your extra under the tongue with a tincture, available in different strengths and even with blueberry flavoring delivered with the power of terpenes! You can even can chew your supplement anywhere your day takes you with our not-too-sweet CBD+CBDa gummies.

Now, when you use a Tanasi supplement, you’re getting more than just a variety of delivery method options. In fact, many people are turning to our line of products because they include a patent-pending ratio of CBD +CBDa (cannabidiolic acid, a precursor to CBD) that’s 2X more effective than CBD alone.

Because of its strength, we explain to our customers that the Tanasi™ CBD+CBDa 1:1 formula offers so much more than just CBD! If you’ve tried CBD products in the past, we invite you to explore the value of Tanasi for yourself by trying our CBD+CBDA 1:1 formula. And this is a risk-free invitation, because if you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a full guarantee within 30 days of purchase.


CBD+CBDA Dosing: What’s in a Dose? Microdosing THC - CBD oil and dropper

Now that you’ve got a better picture of your dosing options (also referred to as the CBD delivery method), let’s define what a CBD dose means. Basically, this is the amount of active cannabidiol + cannabidiolic acid that you ingest each day.

Let’s say you want to take 200 mg of CBD+CBDa on any given day. There’s many different ways to hit that target, right? Of course, you could get your 200mg in one or two doses, perhaps taking the first upon waking and the second just before bed. Recently, though, people have been talking more and more about micro-dosing their hemp-extracts. This term gets lots of buzz, and can apply for uses with many different supplements. As such, it’s worth exploring through the lens of our CBD+CBDA powered product line.

What is Microdosing?

It’s just what it seems: when you micro-dose, you take a tiny amount of a supplement or substance. Some people experiment with micro-doses of controlled substances, including psilocybin and Ritalin.

While you may just be hearing about this idea now, micro-dosing actually got trendy about a decade ago, when the tech gods of Silicon Valley declared that micro-dosing helped them focus, get creative, fight depression, enjoy energy surges and made it easier to get over their social anxieties.

Now, the trouble with micro-dosing a controlled substance is that illegal drugs are still banned substances, even if you sample them in micro-doses. Of course, even a tiny dose of an illegal drug is still illegal. But CBD and CBDA, on the other hand, are federally legal compounds. So if you want to jump on the micro-dosing bandwagon, give this method a try using our range of Tanasi products. Many of our extracts contain trace amounts of THC, delivering a full-spectrum experience that won’t get you high. But we also have broad-spectrum CBD+CBDa products, allowing you to enjoy all the hemp plant compounds except for THC.

What is CBD Microdosing?

Taking a micro-dose of CBD means trying a tiny bit of the product at each sitting. Over the course of a day or week, those little doses build up in your system, meaning micro-doses are a great way to jump into the CBD world, as we always tell new customers to start their journey with a low dose to see how their bodies respond. Then, after several days at that dose level, they can gradually increase the dose, if necessary, until achieving their desired effects.

But micro-dosing isn’t just for CBD newbies. It’s also a great way for veterans to mix up their daily CBD routines. And it can offer a window into how your body responds to different size doses, or to doses taken at different hours of the day than your normal routine.

How Can I Microdose Cannabidiol?

Taking a CBD gummy makes it really easy to micro-dose your cannabidiol. Some of that has to do with how great they taste—people love that they’re slightly sweet, without blowing out your tastebuds with a walloping amount of sugar. But it’s also because our gummies come in pre-measured doses. You can get an easy dose of 15mg in each of the gummies in our 450mg package. That makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your daily CBD+CBDa intake. And it offers an effortless way to experiment with micro-dosing! Want to give it a try for yourself? Here’s a sample schedule that could help you plan your daily micro-dosing routine.

7 a.m.: Take one 15mg CBD+CBDA gummy. Have breakfast and power through the rest of the morning routine.

8 a.m.: Gummy time again. Now it’s time to start working, or sneak in a quick morning jog. (You can learn more about CBD and running here.)

9 a.m.:  Grab that next 15mg CBD+CBDa gummy now. It’s a great option for a post-run wind down.

10 a.m.: Take another gummy, and think about skipping that second cup of joe.

12 p.m.:  Lunch and CBD+CBD gummy time? Yes please!

At this point, you’ll have 75mg of CBD+CBDA in your system. And that may be enough for your needs, so this is a great time to think about how you’re feeling. It could be that you won’t need any more gummies today. Or, you may want to pop one more gummy at your mid-afternoon slump, or just before bed. You could even switch things up and choose a different form of CBD for your final micro-doses today.


You see, the true beauty of micro-dosing CBD+CBDa is the ease of customization. You’re in total control of the dosing size and schedule. You can decide to stick with 15mg micro-doses throughout the day. But you can just as easily pop two gummies at a time to hit that 30mg level each time. Plus, you can break up the doses any way you want to reach your personal daily total CBD+CBDa intake. The point is to give your body what it’s craving. And to reflect on your experience, perhaps even keeping a CBD journal to see how the timing or size of each dose makes you feel. Just remember that little doses add up pretty quickly, so track your daily intake to avoid going too high and experiencing unwanted side effects at the end of the day!

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