Where to Find High Heel Pain Relief

Posted on April 17th, 2023

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s leading actors strut in serious high heels. And it’s also pretty clear that wearing sky-high heels for hours on end can cause some serious foot pain. So, how do the stars keep on smiling while wearing those stylish torture devices? Well, each individual is different. But some of those celebs have a secret weapon they like to call CBD–something we’re quite familiar with, here at Tanasi. Want to find high heel pain relief, Hollywood style? Keep reading to learn more!

CBD + CBDa: A High Heel Lover’s Secret Weapon?

Over the past few years, celebrities such as Michelle Williams and Mandy Moore have spoken up about how much they love CBD. Now, CBD is an extract that comes from every variety of cannabis plant, but here at Tanasi we source all our CBD from hemp plants. That means it contains less than 0.3% THC concentrations, keeping it legal and non-psychoactive. But we don’t stop there.

You see, every one of our hemp extracts contains a patent-pending, 1:1 formulation of CBD:CBDa. CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD, and it also forms naturally in cannabis plants. In combination, our research reveals that these two compounds are 2X more effective than they are in isolation. As such, we think that stars who love CBD will go CRAZY for CBD + CBDa, together in one premium product! Plus, we offer two forms of CBD + CBDa products, designed for user preference. Some of our Tanasi line contain full-spectrum CBD + CBDa, which includes all cannabis compounds. That means you’ll get some THC in the mix. (This is the cannabinoid that gets you high.) But, as we reviewed a minute ago, it won’t be enough to get you high. Or to get you in legal trouble.)

Worried about even trace amounts of THC concentrations? You may prefer to use one of our broad-spectrum products. These contain all the synergistic cannabis compounds, aside from THC, which we remove completely from your product.

Remember, we also offer a variety of different CBD + CBDa delivery methods. That means you can take your daily dose with a tincture, a soft gel, or a topical product. But if you want to find high heel pain relief like the Hollywood stars? Well then, you’ll most likely be interested in some of our topical products. And here’s why.

CBDa, CBD and the Feet

To be clear, science hasn’t caught up to the CBD market yet. So we don’t know exactly how or why applying CBD + CBDa to the balls of your feet became a star-approved high-heel pain relief hack. And yet…it has! Back in 2018, when she was prepping for the Golden Globes, Mandy Moore revealed to Coveteur magazine, “This year I’m trying some CBD oil on my feet, which my stylist recommended. I asked her if there was some kind of numbing cream, and she was like…‘CBD Oil.’ So it could be a really exciting evening! I could be floating this year.”

And Ms. Moore was not alone. In fact, according to The Cut, “E! style expert Zanna Roberts Rassi told Page Six that a lot of celebrities in LA use CBD oil cream on their feet while wearing uncomfortable heels because it numbs the pain.”  Now, is there science behind this trend? Not yet, at least not officially. But is it one of the safer Hollywood trends to try emulating? Absolutely, since our CBD + CBDa extracts are plant-based, non-toxic supplements. And since they can not trigger serious side effects or medical overdoses, although they can interact with medications and other supplements, which is why you should always clear supplementation with a licensed health care provider.

Can CBDa + CBD help high heel pain?

The federal government only legalized cannabidiol supplements in 2018. So our research is all pretty new, and often unproven. And that’s why we can’t say that hemp extracts can treat any condition, even the temporary foot pain triggered by wearing high heels for too long. So, before you try the CBDa + CBD high heel trend at home, know that even if it keeps your feet from hurting in high heels for a while, this is not a lasting solution to any medical concerns!

At best, applying our CBDa + CBD products to your heels or to the balls of your feet would offer a temporary form of high heel pain relief. Of course, it won’t resolve any serious foot problems. And it can’t stop unsupportive foot wear from damaging your feet in the long term.

As such, it’s probably not the best ideas to spend hours or days on end strutting in high heels on a regular basis. Yet, if it’s necessary for one special evening? Feel free to try applying a little CBD + CBDa lotion or salve to sensitive areas of your feet. Let it dry before putting on those high heels, to avoid discomfort, then see where the evening takes you. Another solution? Leave your feet alone before heading out for an evening on the town. Then, when the stilettos come off at the end of the night, give those feet some much-needed TLC with our special Tanasi muscle relief rub!

High Heel Pain Relief : So Many Options

Looking for other pathways to relief after a night in high heels? Here’s some good news: you have so many options. First, we ship our CBD + CBDa products all over the US, so it’s easier than ever to get our products delivered to your door. But we also encourage you to make other smart decisions: choose shoes with high heels below the three inch level, to minimize pressure on the balls of your foot. Platforms and wedge heels are gentler on your feet than other shoe styles, since they evenly distribute weight across the entire base of your foot. And, minimizing the time you spend in any pair of these stylish shoes is the best way to avoid needing high heel pain relief. Otherwise, you may need to try our CBDa + CBD high heel hack. Or seek out the care of a licensed podiatrist, to properly address all your foot health concerns.


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