Experience the GOLD Standard: Tanasi CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures

Posted on November 9th, 2023

Experience the GOLD Standard: Tanasi CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures

You may be asking, what is the GOLD standard of Tanasi CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures? If you’re someone who is interested in the benefits of CBD and CBDA, then you’ve come to the right place. Our University partner identified that both cannabinoids, CBD & CBDA when taken together work 2.7X better than CBD alone when measuring the effects to a cytokine storm (a measurement of inflammation). This discovery led them to file a patent application on this formula and our parent company, GreenWay Herbal Products, LLC followed up and filed the patent internationally and it has been awarded in the United Kingdom in 2023. 

In this article, we will dive into the science behind CBD+CBDA and how it works in the body. We will also compare our different CBD+CBDA tinctures to help you find the right one for your needs. Additionally, we will provide a dosage guide to help you find the perfect amount of CBD+CBDA for your individual needs. Lastly, we will share some tips for maximizing the effects of CBD+CBDA tinctures through consistent use. So, get ready to experience the GOLD standard of CBD+CBDA with us. Let’s begin!

Understanding the Benefits of CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures

CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures are a popular choice for individuals interested in our CBD+CBDA 1:1 formula products. The CBD industry is experiencing significant growth in recent years as more consumers try and/or consistently use hemp extract products. CBD is being added to a wide range of products, from cheeseburgers to toothpicks and breath sprays! The form of delivery is not as important as what is being delivered.

One of the main reasons people use CBD is for anxiety, with over 60% of CBD users reporting anxiety as their primary reason for consumption. This NYTimes article covers various benefits too, and we wrote another blog post about benefits here. CBD has gained popularity among celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Martha Stewart, further contributing to its mainstream acceptance. We believe if you are going to consume CBD you might want to use the best version of the cannabinoid with its acidic-precursor CBDA in equal parts.  

CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures stand out in the market due to their unique formulation. They are made with nutrient-rich MCT oil and a specific blend of the more expensive versions of extracted and processed CBD+CBDA. The GOLD product line undergoes extra refining to produce a pure golden tincture. Each bottle of CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures is tested at every step of the process to ensure accurate potency and purity.

The benefits of CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures are numerous. They are scientifically formulated to be 2.7X more effective than CBD alone. 

Tanasi also provides in our online store the CBD+CBDA Original Tinctures. At first, the Original line of tinctures were created by processing the cannabinoids — or changing the CBDA into CBD from the single extraction. This did not hold stable long term, and then we created Full Spectrum CBD and added CBDA isolate from the same plant which did prove to hold the one-to-one formula stable long term. 

Overall, CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures provide a sense of calm, relief, and rest which is in line with all of our products. With a variety of options available, individuals can choose the tincture that best suits their needs and preferences.

The Science Behind CBD+CBDA: How it Works in the Body

Now that we have covered the basics of these cannabinoids, it’s important to explore the lesser-known cannabinoid called CBDA and its effects on the body. CBDA is Cannabidiolic-acid and is the natural unprocessed cannabinoid. Our team of university-based scientists has been researching CBDA for several years and has found that it plays a significant role in the overall benefits of hemp-extracted supplements. CBDA is found in Full Spectrum extracts, and engages one of the two receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD engages the other receptor, and together they work synergistically. 

In our patent-pending formulation, we combine equal amounts of CBD and CBDA to create a powerful blend that maximizes the effects on the body. While CBD has gained popularity for its calming properties, CBDA adds an extra layer and level of complexity to the formula. Together, they work synergistically to provide a sense of calm, relief and rest. 

Consuming CBD and CBDA supplements can be done in various ways, including oral ingestion or topical application. We provide versions of both in our online store. Finding the right dosage is also essential, as it can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. If you are NEW to hemp extracts, we recommend starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing the dosage every 1-2 days allows for a personalized experience that will suit each person’s unique requirements. If you are taking medication, we also recommend that you consult your doctor before taking any herbal supplements to ensure there are no conflicts with your prescriptions. 

Our scientifically formulated CBD+CBDA tinctures contain concentrations of these cannabinoids. All of our tinctures are exceptionally complex, fragrant, and robust, providing the full spectrum of benefits that non-psychotropic hemp plants have to offer. 

Whether you’re seeking relief from joint and muscle pain or simply looking to achieve a sense of calm, CBD and CBDA supplements can be a valuable addition to your overall wellness routine. With their customizable usage and adjustable dosages, you can tailor your experience to meet your specific needs. We offer 30mL bottle sizes in concentrations of 1200mg, 2400mg and 3600mg. 

In the next section, we will dive deeper into the specific benefits and potential applications of CBD and CBDA, providing a comprehensive understanding of how they work in the body.

Comparing Different versions of our CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures: Which One is Right for You?

At Tanasi, we understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to CBD products. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options to suit your needs. One thing that sets our products apart is our patent-pending one-to-one ratio of CBD and CBDA, which our University partner scientifically validated and been shown to be 2.7X more effective than CBD alone.

When it comes to CBD+CBDA delivery, we have a range of options available. Our product lineup includes topicals, edibles, tinctures, and even beauty products. Whether you prefer to apply it topically, consume it orally, or incorporate it into your skincare routine, we have something for everyone.

When starting with Tanasi CBD+CBDA products, we recommend a starting dose of 40mg a night for 3-5 days. This can be adjusted based on your individual needs and the level of relief you’re seeking. Consistent daily use is key to achieving optimal results.

If you’re specifically looking to improve your sleep, we recommend taking it at bedtime. With a recommended starting dose of 40mg a night for 2-3 days. This formula does promote a sense of calm and help you achieve a restful night’s sleep. It’s not a sleeping aid as much as it provides that sense of calm to keep you asleep all night long. Increase your dosage to 60mg a night for another 2-3 days. Then, 80mg a night for another 2-3 days. Keep going until you find what works for you. We do not recommend more than 120mg per dose per four hour period. 

No matter which CBD+CBDA product you choose, you can trust that Tanasi’s offerings are of the highest quality. Our products are made from hemp and tested several times throughout the manufacturing process that starts with the farm to ensure it is hemp (THC below 0.3%), and final test to ensure the formula is 1:1 CBD+CBDA. We prioritize the inclusion of both CBD+CBDA cannabinoids because that is where we hold confidence in the scientific discovery.

Now that you have a closer look at the different types of CBD+CBDA products we carry at Tanasi, you can find your favorite form and start experiencing the benefits of CBD+CBDA for yourself.

Dosage Guide: Finding the Perfect Amount of CBD+CBDA for Your Needs

When it comes to using our Tanasi CBD+CBDA 1:1 products, it is important to find the perfect dosage for your needs. However, it is crucial to discuss CBD usage and dosage with your doctor first if you are prescribed any medication, or regularly take over the counter medications. Clinical studies for CBD and Hemp Extract are still in their infancy, and experts do not yet have enough data or understanding of the potential long-term effects of using CBD — even though it is a natural substance that has been around for 3,000 years or longer. 

Starting with a low dosage of CBD+CBDA is recommended. It is always better to start with a lower dosage and gradually increase if needed or desired. Consistency is key when taking CBD, as regular use provides better results. Committing to a daily regime is important, as off and on usage may still provide desired results but with a higher-than-normal dosage. 

For optimal absorption, placing the tincture under your tongue and holding it for 30-90 seconds helps with absorption into the bloodstream. We also have softgels if you prefer to not taste the tincture as well. 

While there are various CBD+CBDA products available in the market, it is important to choose a high-quality product from a trusted source. Look for products that are scientifically formulated, made from verified hemp, and have positive customer reviews. 

In summary, finding the perfect dosage of CBD+CBDA for your needs requires discussion with a medical professional if you are prescribed any medications or take over-the-counter drugs, and starting with a low dosage. Consistency in daily use is important for optimal results, and taking the tincture before bed can promote a good night’s rest. Choosing high-quality CBD+CBDA products from trusted sources will ensure their effectiveness and safety. All of our Certificate of Analysis (COA) tests are available by scanning the QR code found on the product label, and found on our product packaging. We also provide the COA on the product page found in our online store

Maximizing the Effects of CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures: Tips for Consistent Use

When it comes to maximizing the benefits of CBD, there are several simple tips that can enhance your wellness experience. One effective method is through sublingual application of CBD. By placing CBD oil under the tongue, you start the digestive system processes and allow the CBD to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream starting with the soft membranes in the mouth. Studies have shown that sublingual delivery of CBD offers superior bioavailability compared to other oral dosage forms that start in the stomach.

To make the most of your sublingual CBD application, it’s important to be strategic in your technique. Ensure that you hold the CBD oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. This allows for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

It’s worth noting that tolerance to CBD+CBDA may vary from person to person. Some individuals may experience a decrease in effectiveness over time, while others may consistently achieve the same results with the same dosage. It’s important to find the optimal dosage and delivery method that works best for you. Take a break, and start the routine again. By finding a routine that works for you there is an opportunity to experience the benefits long term. So many of our customers tell us that they know when they didn’t take their Tanasi product, vs. when they did. 

By following these tips and utilizing CBD+CBDA GOLD Tinctures, you can enhance the benefits of CBD+CBDA and experience a sense of calm, relief, and rest. These tinctures are scientifically formulated and are exceptionally complex, fragrant, and robust. Our patent data outlines that CBD+CBDA 1:1 ratio to be 2.7X more effective than CBD alone, and we have a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee if you are not pleased or satisfied with our products.  

In Conclusion

As we conclude our exploration of discussing our Tanasi CBD+CBDA GOLD tinctures, it is clear that these products offer a gold standard in the world of CBD and CBDA. The science behind CBD+CBDA and its effects on the body are fascinating, and understanding this can help individuals make informed decisions when choosing a CBD+CBDA GOLD tincture brand. By comparing different brands and considering factors such as potency, quality, and extraction methods, individuals can find the right tincture for their specific needs. Additionally, finding the perfect dosage is crucial for experiencing the full benefits of CBD+CBDA, and our dosage guide provides valuable insights for achieving this. Lastly, consistent use is key to maximizing the effects of CBD+CBDA GOLD tinctures, and following our tips can help individuals establish a routine that works for them. So, whether you’re seeking relief, or reduced anxiety, or simply looking to enhance your overall well-being, CBD+CBDA GOLD tinctures are a fantastic option to consider. Experience the gold standard today and unlock the potential of our patent-pending University developed formula of CBD+CBDA 1:1 ratio for a better, healthier life.

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