The Best CBD +CBDA Tincture Tanasi Offers: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on February 27th, 2023

Our CBD +CBDa tinctures are great to use because they offer a simple, traditional dosing method. And they all are infused with our patent-pending, 1:1 ratio of cannabidiol and cannabidiolic acid, delivering 2x the effects of a product that only contains CBD. However, you’ll want to find the flavor and dose size that works for you. Read on to find out what is the best Tanasi tincture for your needs, and why you should feel confident in your purchase when you order from our company!

What Is The Best CBD Tincture Tanasi Sells

All of our Tanasi CBD + CBDa tinctures are high-quality products. Choosing the best one for your needs simply comes down to your flavor and dosing preferences.

From our premium line, we have a 3600mg Tanasi GOLD tincture, as well as GOLD tinctures that come in 2400 and 1200mg doses.  What makes our GOLD line of tinctures so special? Our customer David D. shares, “The 3600mg GOLD is super concentrated and a solid value. I can take a quarter of a dropper when I just need to maintain, or up to a full dropper when I need an extra strength dose. A bottle will last me well over a month. This is the most potent full spectrum CBD+CBDA on the market, no question.”

Love the idea of a concentrated dose, but not loving the natural, earthy taste of CBD + CBDA? Then the best Tanasi tincture for you may be our Blueberry GOLD. Flavored by all-natural terpenes, the product has slightly tart citrus tones that are overlaid with vanilla and a floral base. Tanasi customer Paul F. describes it as “Blueberry-Riffic! By far the best CBD oil I have tried! The taste is fantastic and I love the terpenes from the Blueberry. Keep up the good work Tanasi!”

Looking for a lower-dose tincture that comes with a lower price point? Then you’ll want to try our traditional line of Tanasi full-spectrum tinctures, available in  2400mg, 1200mg. The 2400mg bottle will have you taking 80mgs/ML, while the 1200mg bottle will have you taking 40mgs/ML. As for which of those is the best tincture for you, this depends on your personal preference and whether or not you have previous experience with using our CBD + CBDa products, since we always recommend beginning your journey with a low dose and building from there, if necessary.

How To Choose The Best CBD Tincture From Tanasi

Choosing the right CBD + CBDa tincture from Tanasi is easy. All you have to do is decide which dose size you want to try. If you have never used a CBD + CBDa tincture, or any CBD product before, then you may wish to start off with the 1200mg bottle to see how that 40mg dose makes you feel and how well your body can tolerate it.

However, if you have plenty of experience using hemp extracts, then consider buying one of our GOLD products, or the 2400mg bottle. When it comes to using CBD + CBDa tinctures, or any of our other broad or full-spectrum hemp extract products, it’s a good idea to experiment a bit with the dosage amounts and the different strengths. Eventually you’ll learn what dosage and strength is the best for you.

Why Order The Best CBD + CBDa Tincture From Tanasi

Tanasi sells the best CBD + CBDA tinctures on the market, because they contain our research-backed, 2x more effective blend of CBD+CBDa. But there are many other reasons why you should order your tinctures from Tanasi. And they include:

. Potency-

One of the best things about tinctures from Tanasi is they have been third-party lab tested for potency. The truth is you can find and buy very cheaply made CBD tinctures, but the chances are you won’t feel their effects, or those effects won’t be as strong as you had hoped.  Furthermore, we share the results of those lab tests with a unique COA (certificate of analysis) for every single tincture we sell. You can easily access those test results on our website, or by scanning the QR code that’s printed on every product label.

. Locally Sourced-

The hemp used in all products sold by Tanasi has been locally sourced from farms across the state of Tennessee, which is where the company is based. Tennessee farms have a reputation of growing high-quality hemp. Once the hemp is sourced, it undergoes special processing before the final product is created.

. University Developed-

Another reason to buy CBD + CBDA tinctures from Tanasi is that our products have been developed based on university-backed research that helped fuel the creation of our proprietary, patent-pending combination of CBD + CBDA.

. Satisfaction Guarantee-

Perhaps the main reason you should buy CBD + CBDa tinctures from Tanasi is that we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your tincture for any reason, then you can send it back, with no questions asked. We are so confident in our tinctures that we are happy to offer this solid guarantee.

Those are the top reasons to order your CBD + CBDA tincture from Tanasi. When you shop with Tanasi, you can rest assured that you will be getting a safe and effective product. But there’s more to our brand than just our range of tinctures, and we invite you to dive deeper into our offerings.

Other CBD + CBDa Products from Tanasi

After all, Tanasi offers a great selection of CBD + CBDa products for your use. In addition to tinctures, we also carry CBD + CBDA gummies, softgels and water-soluble drink concentrates, if you want to ingest your hemp-extracts. Prefer a topical CBD product? We’ve got you covered with our lotion, salve, muscle relief rub and sun-recovery lotion. Recently, we’ve even entered the CBD beauty space, adding two face serums to our product line-up: an anti-aging beauty product for day and for night, both fueled by revolutionary nano-technology and infused with both CBD+CBDa as well as skin rejuvenating retinol.

Ready to find your favorite Tanasi CBD+CBDa tincture, or to explore a different delivery method? All you have to do is compare a few products before deciding which you want to try. The good news is, we only sell high-quality, lab-tested CBD + CBDA products, so you can’t go wrong while you explore your faves.

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