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Posted on October 29th, 2020

Tanasi GOLD was created by Tanasi with a keen focus on the extracted plant material. Tanasi focused on quality extraction methods for Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and extraction refinement for Cannabidiol (CBD). There are two (2) different full spectrum hemp extractions pulled together as one for Tanasi GOLD.

Just so you know, Tanasi’s pending patent is called, “Cannabinoid compositions and methods of using.” Our full spectrum hemp extract CBD products contain CBDA and CBD in a one-to-one formula. We have historically formulated Tanasi products using one extraction method because CBDA becomes CBD with decarboxylation and processing. Now Tanasi GOLD is formulating products using two different hemp plants and two different extraction methods for one final product!

tanasi goldWhat Makes Tanasi GOLD Different?

The concentration of CBDA and CBD in a full spectrum extract has been well received by our customers. Now, we thought we would create Tanasi GOLD that focuses on the extraction methods and processing in greater detail. We are not just placing cannabinoids in a bottle, we are placing a natural plant extract in a bottle.

We have been working to create the best version of our patent-pending full spectrum hemp extract, and we focused on extraction methods that would create and become Tanasi GOLD in tincture form.

Extraction Methods

There are many different extraction methods to remove valuable molecules from plant materials. In the world of cannabis extraction there are methods that can process truckloads of plant material, and then there are methods that process small batches. To analogize, the wine industry can extract grape juice from many grapes by the truckload, and then there are wine makers that focus on the grapes grown from specific regions, and in one field.

The Tanasi GOLD CBDa/CBD tincture used two different extraction methods for the one final product. The Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) is extracted using light hydrocarbon extraction. The CBDA output is clean and there is no post processing required. This light hydrocarbon method preserves the natural plant material in the full-spectrum CBDA extract. The Cannabidiol (CBD) was a cryo-ethanol extraction that was refined into a distillate. These two full-spectrum extracts were then mixed into medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil at an eight percent (8%) solution tanasi gold(2400mg, 30mL and 560mg 7mL), and a four percent (4%) solution (1200mg, 30mL and 280mg, 7mL).

Whether you’ve tried one of our other full-spectrum CBD products or not, we can assure you will notice the unmatched quality, purity, and effect of our latest and greatest formula. Try it for yourself to experience the new gold standard of what CBD is capable of. We are proud to deliver to you, Tanasi GOLD.

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