Can You Take CBD And Melatonin Together?

CBD and Melatonin

Posted on June 29th, 2022

Have you thought of combining CBD and melatonin? Many people do so with great success. Now, some people worry about this mix, especially when seeing gummies with pre-blended melatonin and CBD.

But don’t worry: using these compounds together should be safe. In fact, they may provide complimentary effects when it comes to sleep, especially if you deal with insomnia. Keep reading to find out more about these two products.

– What Is Melatonin?  CBD and Melatonin

Your brain’s pineal gland produces this hormone, responsible for regulating your circadian rhythms and natural sleep cycles. That’s why people frequently use melatonin to manage problems like insomnia.

In addition to improving sleep, melatonin may also help manage blood pressure, cortisol levels, and immune function. It also acts as an antioxidant, with certain studies suggesting melatonin can relieve acid reflux, reduce seasonal depression symptoms, and improve or enhance eye health. Widely available over-the-counter in some countries, you may need a prescription in Europe or other areas.

– What Role Does Melatonin Play In Your Body?

Rest starts in the brain, once darkness activated your pineal gland. Next, it produces “the sleep hormone,” encouraging your body to go to sleep. When you sense light increasing, melatonin production slowly decreases, causing you to wake up. This is how melatonin levels influence your sleep-wake cycle.

However, the SES (Insomnia Study Group of the Spanish Sleep Society launched a “Melatonin in sleep disorders” study, involving multiple Spanish hospitals. They learned that melatonin interferes with several bodily functions. In fact, it acts as an immuno-stimulant and antioxidant, supporting important defense processes.

– Understanding The Sleep Cycle

The circadian cycle controls your sleep quality and cycle length. In other words, this hormone is crucial for maintaining a proper wake/sleep cycle. When present, melatonin synchronizes every stage of sleep, ensuring that each function properly.

Since melatonin is related to and affected by light, young children have to avoid electronic devices and light before sleep, since it can impact their rest and circadian cycles.

– Why Do People Take These Supplements?

Since melatonin signals your body when to sleep and wake up, supplementing this hormone can help some common sleep issues. These include circadian rhythm disorders in blind people. But it can also help with jet lag, people who work night shifts and have to rest during the day, or those who have delayed sleep disorders. (That’s when a person falls asleep and wakes up later than a normal sleeping pattern.) Finally, this supplement may manage wake-sleep cycle issues for children with certain disabilities.

Melatonin is available in two forms: synthetic and natural (extracted from animal glands). Some experts recommend choosing synthetic versions over natural types since the latter may contain viruses. The label on your product will indicate how it was produced. But if you’re unsure, first speak to your doctor or a pharmacist.

The FDA regulates melatonin in the same as it does other dietary supplements, like vitamins. Remember that this is not a prescription medication. So there is no guarantee if they will work or whether the ingredients are matching what is stated on the labels.

– Tips On How To Take Melatonin

You won’t need to take a lot of melatonin in order to achieve the desired results. Taking a higher dose also won’t make the supplement work faster or better. We suggest starting with a low dose, and only increasing if you feel you need more.

When dosing, timing matters more than volume. But that time depends on the sleep problem you hope to solve.

⦁ If you face a common condition such as jet lag, use a melatonin supplement once you arrive at your destination and are ready to get into bed. Some studies suggest that taking the supplement up to 3 days before your trip can prevent or reduce jet lag symptoms.

⦁ When working night shifts, take the supplement as your shift ends. (But avoid taking it before driving home).

– How To Achieve The Best Results

Light is the switch that will control when the brain produces melatonin. When taking a melatonin supplement, be mindful about disrupting its effectiveness when it comes to artificial light. This means you should avoid tech devices like your phone that shine a bright light a few hours before you go to bed.

Then, turn off overhead lights before going to bed. Remember, bright light can signal your body that it is time to start waking up, so make sure your room is dark.

– Can You Take CBD And Melatonin Together?

To begin with, both melatonin and CBD have a positive impact on sleep-wake cycles, especially when it comes to insomnia. Secondly, the G-protein coupled receptors that include the MT1 and MT2 melatonin receptors along with the CB-1 and CB-2 CBD receptors both impact sleep.

Need further explanation? Remember, both supplements share similar structures, techniques, and processes that influence the sleep-wake cycle process. The link between melatonin and CBD means they provide complimentary sleep effects.

– How To Take CBD and Melatonin

Even though it is regarded as relatively safe to be taking melatonin and CBD at the same time, avoid taking either of these products in excess. This will often make you feel inactive and tired the next day.

The optimal dose should help you to achieve a good night’s rest so that you feel alert, productive, and active the next day.

Start with a low dose of both melatonin and CBD to determine your optimal dose. Slowly increase the dosage under the advice of a doctor until you find a desirable result.

– Is It Safe To Take CBD Oil And Melatonin Together? Does CBD Affect REM Sleep? - Woman sound asleep after taking CBD and Melatonin

It is safe to combine CBD oil and melatonin together, and many people enjoy those combined effects. Even better? Melatonin may support faster sleep by reversing hormonal disruptions triggered by external factors. At the same time, CBD may alleviate stress and anxiety symptoms to further support quality sleep.

As such, when combining melatonin and CBD oil, you may enjoy sustained, quality sleep, along with greatly reduced waking patterns.


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