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Posted on November 23rd, 2022

Want to get through the holiday rush without forgetting your daily dose of Tanasi 1:1 formula of cannabidiol (CBD) + cannabidiolic acid (CBDa)? Well, you can enjoy holiday treats and get your hemp-extract, too. The key? Mix a few drops of one of our tinctures or water-soluble drink concentrates in your favorite dishes. Suddenly, your meal will transform!

Now, before we share a holiday recipe that includes CBD+CBDa, let’s stop for just a second. Because, we get that you want to know what’s going into the food your granny may be sampling. So, for that reason, we’ll share the complete list of ingredients that go into our Tanasi Tincture and drink concentrate!

Using a CBD + CBDa Tincture or Drink Concentrate: What Else is Inside?

In working with biologists and chemists, we carefully research every ingredient that goes into our tinctures and drink concentrates. We know the reason why we include every single item. And we carefully test our ingredient mix in order to deliver optimal results to our consumers.

Unlike our topical forms of CBD+CBDA for direct application to the skin, our community consumes tinctures and drink concentrates too. That’s why it’s important for you to be informed about what’s going into your body. And it’s also why we list ingredients on every single one of our products. We also list the exact number and percentage of each of the hemp extracted cannabinoids in our Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab tests found in the QR Codes on all Tanasi labels and packaging of the product you are using.

Still, some of these ingredients aren’t ones that you’ll come across everyday in the grocery store. That may cause some confusion when you read your product labels. To that end, we want to clear up your confusion and give you greater clarity. And that’s why this blog post is designed to giving you a better understanding of each of the natural ingredients we include in our Tanasi line of product offerings.

Our Tincture and Concentrates: Short and Impactful Ingredients Lists

Any dietitian will tell you to look for edible products with short lists of easy-to-pronounce ingredients. We believe the same should be true of anything you ingest. And that’s why our tinctures and drink concentrates contain a mix of simple ingredients: MCT oil, Sunflower Oil, Terpenes, and hemp extracted cannabinoids with a full spectrum of hemp plant compounds, including our patent-pending formula combining CBD and CBDA in a proprietary ratio that’s 2X more effective than CBD alone! Our drink concentrate primary ingredient is a US Food and Drug Administration approved material. The ingredient in the drink concentrate only is propylene glycol, or PG. PG is a viscous, colorless liquid, which is nearly odorless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. PG is approved for topical, oral, and even some intravenous pharmaceutical preparations in the U.S. and in Europe.

Now that you’ve got the full list of ingredients, let’s take a closer look at each one.

MCT Oil:

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is a supplement that contains medium-length chains of triglyceride fats.  That chain length is very important: because they are shorter than the chains in other fats, it’s easy to digest MCTs. As a result, research suggests that MCT oil has many independent health benefits.

Chief among those benefits is an association with increased weight loss: studies suggest that ingesting MCT oil can help your body feel full. As a result, you may eat less and are more likely to lose weight. For this reason, MCT oil is often an important part of the Keto diet.  Finally, in our products, MCT oil can help you digest the other included compounds.

MCT oil is traditional made from coconut oil. The MCT oil is a carrier of the cannabinoid molecules. All molecules are suspended in the MCT as an equal mixture. Therefore, each dropper contains a specific amount of cannabinoids per dropper pipette.

Sunflower Oil:

Sunflower oil is a natural ingredient; it is simply oil that you press from the seeds of a sunflower. And it has been associated with reducing high cholesterol and helping prevent heart disease. And when we add sunflower oil to our hemp extract, we’re giving you another natural ingredient that helps boost the extract’s fluidity before we mix it into MCT oil.

The amount of sunflower oil used is small. The purpose of which is to create a more viscous hemp extract to be placed into MCT oil. The hemp extracted cannabinoids are sticky and can look like tar. This sticky substance is more manageable when it is more fluid, or viscous. This is the reason why we use sunflower oil.


Not all of our products contain terpenes. In some of our hemp-extract products, our unique blend of terpenes delivers fragrance and flavor naturally found in the hemp used for extraction. While our tinctures and drink concentrates may contain many different terpenes, some of the varieties in our proprietary blend include:

αPinene: αPinene is the most common, naturally occurring, terpenoid. It delivers the odor most commonly associated with cannabis products.

Camphene: This monoterpine can be derived from many different trees and plants. And it is a common, natural molecule that is also in a wide variety of essential oils.

Sabinene: This monoterpene is also extracted from certain oak and spruce trees.  Also present in tea tree oil, it has a pleasant odor that is similar to pine plants’.

Cannabidiol (CBD):

CBD is the second most prevalent active cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. All the CBD in Tanasi tinctures and drink concentrates is derived from low THC Cannabis Sativa L hemp plants, and will not give you a “high.”

In all our Tanasi products, we include CBD with equal measures of CBDA (more on that below).  That’s because, as we mention below, our research shows that a 1:1 ratio of both compounds helps your body receive more noticeable effects than you would with CBD alone. This is because there are two different receptors in the body that are processing each cannabinoid, CBD or CBDA.

Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA):

CBDA is simply the unprocessed form of CBD. In order to produce CBD, we must take CBDA through a heating process known as decarboxylation. While this process unleashes the acid chain, we have found that CBDA in its raw, natural state that includes the acid chain has its own inherent benefits. That is why we include both forms of this compound in our products. The data proved to our scientific discovery team and inventors that CBD+CBDA 1:1 formula was more effective than CBD alone in the liposomal assay performed.

We hope this blog has helped you understand what’s in our  tinctures and water soluble drink concentrate we create for you at Tanasi. And now that you have a clear picture of what’s inside these products, you should be ready to use them in our tasty holiday recipe!

Sweeten Up Holiday Desserts with CBD + CBDA

Ready to take Tanasi into your kitchen? We’ve put together this homemade whipping cream recipe for you, including the perfect amount of our water-soluble drink concentrate. Great for topping off pumpkin pies and steaming cups of cocoa, we hope you enjoy making it as much as we loved tasting it out!  And if you try it and love it? Spam us with your photos and recipe reviews!

Whipped Cream with CBD+CBDA


2 cups heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1mL Tanasi CBD+CBDa Drink Concentrate


  1. Add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl.
  2. Using a whisk attachment at medium-high speed, mix until stiff peaks form (You’ll know you’ve got the right texture when the whipped cream keeps its shape, even when turning your whisk upside down.)
  3. Once this texture is achieved, stop mixing right away, or your texture will turn grainy.
  4. Add your desired amount to your desert of choice and enjoy!

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