How to Use Our Full-Spectrum Salve with CBD+CBDa

Posted on October 30th, 2022

Here at Tanasi, we’ve built our brand on three pillars: caring, trust and science. In a CBD-world with limited regulation, we demand data, validation, and accuracy, so we’ve devoted many years and countless dollars to funding a university-based study of hemp, ultimately leading to the discovery of the patent-pending formula of CBD + CBDa that infuses all our products. Because of our research, we know that this formula is over twice as effective as CBD alone. But we also know that trying a new delivery method, like a salve, can be a bit confusing. Want some help learning how to apply your new Tanasi 300mg CBDa+CBDa salve, or how to incorporate this topical into your daily routine? Read on for some helpful tips from your Tanasi team!

Unboxing Tanasi Full-Spectrum CBD + CBDa Salve

When you open up your order of 300mg CBD + CBDa, you’ll immediately notice that it comes in a handy glass jar with an easy twist- off lid. Inside, the jar contains 2 oz. of salve, infused with 300mg of active cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA).

What else comes with your salve? Like all our Tanasi products, the salve ships with an important informational leaflet that provides a link to its Certificate of Analysis, or COA. (You can also access batch-specific information from the QR code printed on the jar.)

If this is the first time you’re hearing about a COA, here’s why it’s important: The certificate of analysis displays the results of third-party lab testing. And those tests highlight the precise blend of hemp compounds contained in your full-spectrum product. You should only purchase CBD products from   brands that transparently display COAs for their products. Because a COA provides one of the few ways for customers to confirm that they’re buying an item containing THC concentrations that fall below the legal threshold of 0.3% THC by dry weight. A Certificate of Analysis also helps ensure that a cannabis product contains the stated blend of ingredients, so that you can safely avoid harmful additives or ingredients. And so that you can see for yourself that the product includes the promised concentrations of CBD.

We also share basic dosing instructions on your product leaflet, based off of customers’ weights and desired CBD experience level, whether that’s moderate, mild or strong. We recommend merely using these dosing ranges as guidelines to get started with your product—after clearing your supplementation with a licensed healthcare professional. Because, from that point, you’ll probably need to experiment a little until you land on your perfect dose. That’s been the case on our own CBD journeys: after starting with a low, baseline dose, we’ve learned to make mild adjustments until we get our desired results.

What is a Salve?

Unlike our other topicals, you may not know the exact definition of a salve. Basically, a salve is a therapeutic product applied to the skin. It can come in several different forms—from balms to ointments or creams—and its typically composed of a semi-solid base made of oil or wax and infused with an additional ingredient, such as our patent pending CBD+CBDa formula. Water is not included in a salve’s ingredient mix, so that the product enjoys a longer shelf life than a water-based lotion.

What Ingredients Go into Our Full-Spectrum Salve

Now that you have a basic understanding of salves, you may be wondering what we include in our salve’s specific ingredient mix? Our full-spectrum topical includes a wide range of hemp-plant compounds, including aromatic terpenes—a blend so impressive, WebMD voted Tanasi the best CBD for added terpenes.

Along with hemp extracts, our salve also includes almond oil and beeswax. And nothing else, which is why we can proudly say that our salve is crafted from all natural ingredients. So you can feel good about applying the product to your skin.

How to use CBD Salve

It’s important for everyone to find their own uses for CBD salves—our routine may not work for your needs or schedule. But, if you’re just getting started with full-spectrum salve, you may be unsure of when or how to use this product. So here’s how we like to use this product.

When applying a CBD salve, it’s best to use an applicator, not your bare fingers. Take a spoon or even a popsicle stick and scoop out a small amount of salve, then rub gently into your desired target area.

Now, everyone’s needs are different, but our Tanasi team finds that the salve works best when applied daily, after a workout or even a long day on our feet or stuck in a chair, when muscles feel achy or stiff.   The product carries a slight hemp extract aroma, and due to its semi-solid consistency, you may need to provide a bit of pressure to scoop out a dose, especially the first time you use this product. Despite the slick product surface in the jar, Tanasi customer Lindsay F. shares that, once applied, it has a “Nice light pleasant scent and no greasy feel!”

So, that’s what to expect when you are using our full-spectrum CBD+CBDa salve. But where can you apply this product? That’s a very personal decision, but our team likes to target sore spots like our knees, often enjoying a slight tingling feeling right afterward. Next, we’ll take another small scoop and apply product to our ankles, forearms or anywhere that we feel needs a little TLC.

After an application, especially at night, we often feel relaxed and ready for bed. But your experience may be entirely different, and could depend on how hard you’ve worked your body, when you choose to use the salve, or how many times a day you make an application. So, what’s the take home message here?  Use the product daily for best results, but have fun and stay flexible with when or how often you use it each day. Soon enough, you’ll be sure to find your own CBD groove!

Why Choose a CBD Salve

What makes a salve so accessible is that it’s not ingested, so taste is never an issue.  Still, if you’re not sure that salves are your best product choice, or if you want to try other delivery methods, we also offer a smaller, 150mg salve in our popular  Beginner’s bundle,  so you can also explore gummies and a tincture, too!

Ready to add our salve to your basket? We hope you do so without worry, reassured by Tanasi’s 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee, which we back without questions so that you can love our full-spectrum salve as much as we do!

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