How Much CBD For Anxiety : Simple Guidelines for All

Posted on May 17th, 2022

CBD or “Cannabidiol” is one of the compounds that you can find in cannabis and hemp plants. Because it can be found in cannabis plants, many people assume it can get you high in the same way THC does. While CBD and THC come from the same plant family, they interact with the body differently. You don’t get the same ‘head high’ with CBD. However, you may experience many similar benefits. These could include helping ease anxiety symptoms. Because of this, you may consider taking CBD over THC to enjoy more calm. If you are thinking about taking CBD for your anxiety, there is a lot of good research backing it. Here is what you need to know about how much CBD for anxiety could make a difference.

What Is Anxiety? how much CBD for Anxiety?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, experiencing anxiety is completely normal. However, when it becomes chronic or debilitating, that’s when things start to get messy.

On the short term, anxiety helps tell your body that something is wrong. Then, your body can begin a “fight or flight” response. This response kicks into gear when things aren’t right. Whether you find yourself in danger or otherwise, it’s a normal feeling. However, if you start to experience this feeling at inappropriate times, that’s when problems develop. And you may even have an anxiety disorder.

Types Of Anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety you could have. These include:

– Social Anxiety Disorder
– Phobias
– Separation Anxiety
– General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

While not every type of anxiety will require professional treatment, they will if they are resulting in you not being able to live life.

How CBD Helps With Anxiety

1. Sleep

One of the best ways it can help with anxiety is by helping you sleep. Sleep is one of the most important ways you can keep your body healthy. Sleep offers the restorative properties you need to conduct various bodily processes. Unfortunately, a lot of people who suffer from anxiety end up with poor quality sleep.

It becomes a vicious cycle because the anxiety stops you from sleeping, but the lack of sleep causes more anxiety. This is why you need to address problems that contribute to your lack of sleep. This is where CBD may come into play. This compound may help with various anxiety disorders [1]. If you have anxiety that results in insomnia, you could benefit from taking CBD to reduce it. Research suggests that anxiety is a primary factor for developing sleep disorders [2]. Likewise, there is a lot of evidence that shows how important sleep is for getting control over anxiety. Thus, you may want something that could help reduce anxiety and improve your sleep.

2. Helps Your Mood

Another good thing that CBD could potentially do is improve your mood. Your mood can dictate a lot of things. It can dictate how you feel and even what you do daily. Have you ever been in a bad mood and wanted to do nothing but stay in bed? Have you ever stopped yourself from working out and getting healthy exercise because you didn’t want to leave the house? These are the things that can negatively impact your overall health and result in you experiencing even more anxiety than normal.

This is something that can contribute to a worsening of your condition without you even realizing it. Thus, anything that can directly help improve your mood could be looked at as a possible solution to your problem. This is where CBD can help. Evidence suggests that CBD can help regulate your serotonin levels [3]. This is a key chemical that regulates your mood. Anything that can be done to improve your mood could have a direct and positive impact on your anxiety levels and sleep.

3. Fight Depression Can CBD Help with Anxiety? - women in the midst of an anxiety attack

While there is still plenty of research needed to figure out how effective it is at treating depression, there is sufficient research that shows it can be beneficial in some cases. For some, CBD can be an effective way to combat depression [1]. A lot of times, anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand.

Many who experience depression also experience anxiety. Therefore, anything that can help anxiety can also help depression symptoms. Another noticeable thing is that people who suffer from sleep disorders tend to be at a much higher risk of developing depression. If you are someone that experiences a lot of depression-like symptoms, you could experience some benefits from taking CBD based on the research available.

Dosing Guide: How Much CBD for Anxiety?

When it comes to taking CBD for anxiety, you are going to want to ensure you speak with a professional. A doctor will be able to tell you whether or not you are someone who could benefit from adding CBD to the mix. You want to ensure you speak to a doctor because they can tell you whether or not it would interfere with any prescriptions you are taking. Once you get the green light, here are some dosing guidelines when taking CBD for anxiety.

1. Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions

The most important thing you want to do is follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer. This is important because they know the exact dosage. They know what’s in the product and how much of it is in it. Therefore, they are best suited to tell you how much to take. A brand like Tanasi has exact specifications for all of its products and each product gives you dosing guidelines based on weight and more.

2. Type Of CBD Product

Another thing that you need to consider is the type of CBD product you are taking. The dosing guidelines will be different if you are using a tincture versus if you are using gummies. You want to consider the product you are taking and the delivery method it offers.

3. Start Slow

You want to start slowly when it comes to using CBD for your anxiety. While overdosing doesn’t produce too many harsh side effects, it’s still best avoided. Studies have shown that continuous use of CBD even at high doses is well tolerated by humans [4]. However, it’s best to always start things off at low doses and only continue adding if you need it. You should be able to start with lower doses and then add if you feel like it’s not working as well as you would like.

Overall, there’s much to consider when it comes to using CBD for anxiety. Anxiety is a completely normal feeling, but you want to ensure it’s not taking over your life. CBD has shown to be an effective natural supplement to reduce symptoms of anxiety. There is a lot of good research backing it being an effective way to naturally treat anxiety problems. However, you want to ensure you are buying it from a brand that stands behind its products and one that puts accurate dosing guidelines on its products. The industry is largely unregulated. You only want to buy from a brand like Tanasi which has put a lot of time and money into creating its CBD products.






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