Give the Gift of CBD+CBDA Lotion for Massage this Holiday Season

Posted on November 21st, 2022

For our Tanasi team, we don’t just make CBD+CBDA products: we include them in our daily routines, and incorporate them into our lifestyles. That’s why, when it comes to self-care routines, Tanasi CBD+CBDA is often involved.

Want to help pamper your loved ones for the holidays—or give yourself a break from the stress and hassles of the seasons? Consider combining Tanasi CBD+CBDA Lotion or Salve and massage therapy, either by sharing a massage gift certificate or by gifting the CBD+CBDA Lotion or Salve yourself.

Cannabinoid Glossary – A Glance at The Basics CBD Massage Benefits - woman getting acbd massage to relax

Before we dive into the world of Cannabinoids and massage therapy, let’s review the basic terminology you’ll come across in the industry.

-> CBD (cannabidiol): One of many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It is the second most prevalent and is not psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.

-> CBDA (cannabidiolic acid): an acidic compound that converts to CBD when heated. Thanks to years of research, we’ve learned that CBDA+CBD deliver results that are 2X more effective when compared to CBD alone, which is why all our Tanasi products are infused with our patent-pending formula that combines both compounds.

-> THC (tetrahydrocannabinol): The main cannabinoid in marijuana and also the psychoactive component. Unlike CBD, THC doesn’t easily get into the bloodstream via the skin. So, even if a massage oil contains trace THC amounts, it shouldn’t be intoxicating.

-> Hempseed oil: Also called hemp oil, it’s an extract from cannabis seeds rich in Omega-3s. Usually contains little to no THC or CBD.

-> Full-spectrum CBD: A CBD extract that contains multiple plant compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, and small amounts of THC of about 0.3% or less.

-> Broad-spectrum CBD: A CBD extract that features a wide array of plant compounds, except THC.

-> CBD Isolate: A pure form of CBD that contains no other cannabis plant compounds.

Now you know the terms, let’s talk about why people turn to massage. Then we’ll explain how to include your favorite CBD+CBDA supplements in your massage experience?

Massage Benefits

Why do people even get massages? Obviously, they feel great. But massages can offer a few other important benefits. These include

1. Reducing Tension

Many people get massage therapy to relax, and relieve tension in the mind and body.

2. Enhancing Stress Management

A good massage helps to get rid of stress and anxiety by creating a calming environment that encourages mindfulness.

3. Skin Moisturization

Massages that include an oil or lotion offer a fantastic way to moisturize your skin.

4. Boosting mood

A nice massage improves your mood and leaves you feeling great. It really does help you loosen up, while momentarily letting you forget about your worries.

5. Enhancing Stimulation of Senses

During a massage, it’s easier to connect your mind and body as your masseuse stimulates your brain,  skin, and muscles with a variety of sensory experiences.

How to Get a CBD Oil MassageCBD Massage - sports massage enhanceed with CBD

If you’ve ever had a massage, you know that your masseuse uses massage oil. That’s why massage therapy and CBD oil are such a great combination. You can simply ask your masseuse to add CBD oil to your massage oil. Then, with that infusion, you can begin your massage! Or, you can purchase and take your Tanasi CBD+CBDA Lotion and Tanasi CBD+CBDA Salve to your masseuse or massage therapist and request they use the products for your benefit.

Should I Get a CBD Oil Massage?

Now that we’ve talked about massage benefits, we need to share an important reminder. Not everyone should get a massage. Especially if you have an injury or underlying health condition. Or, if you’re pregnant, you should only receive a pre-natal massage from a trained expert. Truly, if there’s any chance a massage may create health complications, don’t get one scheduled until you’ve spoken to your licensed healthcare provider.

Got the medical all-clear for a massage? Great: get out there and book a spa procedure or gift a spa certificate. Or, for a more affordable option, buy your own Tanasi CBD+CBDA Lotion or Salve to get a soothing in-home experience or to bring to your next massage appointment. Just be careful when shopping, to make sure you get a safe, high-quality product!

Tips for Buying CBD Massage Oils

Before you buy just any CBD massage oil, you need to know if the product you are purchasing is of good quality. The best way to do that is to answer these questions before making a purchase;

1. Is the CBD massage oil third-party tested?

A good CBD massage oil underwent testing. Manufacturers of high-quality CBD products send their products to 3rd party labs. These labs, in turn, return a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which reveals:

  • Concentrations of each included cannabinoid.
  • Confirmation that no harmful substances like toxins and heavy metals are present.

Usually, a CBD manufacturer posts these results on their website and provides access to results on every product label.

All Tanasi products have the COA readily available from the QR Code on the product box, and the product label. Plus, the COA for all Tanasi products is also available online in the product page. You will notice the cannabinoid potency of both CBD and CBDA listed.

2. How much CBD is in the massage oil?

Another thing you’ll want to check is the oil’s total CBD concentration. Since CBD is trendy, many brands will try to make a quick buck by slapping a “CBD” label on their products, even when they contain minimal or no cannabidiol. Always check the label for the total concentration of CBD, usually expressed in milligrams.

All Tanasi products are consistent with the version you are purchasing. Through experimentation, many customers know they like to have 20mg of CBD+CBDA per application. Others prefer to have 50mg per application. Our lotion dispenses 10mg per pump, and our Tanasi Salve is about 5mg per dime-sized application.

3. What extraction method was used?

The quality, safety, and purity of the final product depends on how the manufacturer extracted the CBD. For the best CBD massage oils, look for CBD obtained through ethanol or CO2 extraction. These two methods use either ethanol or carbon dioxide to get the CBD from the plant in the purest way possible. Residual sovents can remain in the extract and its good practice to look for the COA and if any residual solvents were found in testing.

Stay clear of synthetic CBD massage oils. Most come from using unsafe hydrocarbons like petroleum, propane, or butane.

Tanasi has a Relief Rub stick that has water-soluble cannabinoids. These cannabinoids of CBD and CBDA were extracted with a proprietary process using water. Some prefer the Tanasi Relief Rub stick because they don’t have to apply to their hands, and then to their desired area of application.

Check the brand manufacturer’s website because extraction information like this may not be on the product label. If the manufacturer fails to disclose their method of extraction, that’s OK, just look to the COA for “PASS” or “FAIL” levels of residual solvents.

Making Your Own CBD Massage Oil CBD Massage - cbd oils

Don’t want to try a trendy new infused product? No problem: you can make your own our simple CBD Massage Oil Recipe.

First, pour your existing massage oil into a jar with a sealable lid. Next, add two-to-three full droppers of our Tanasi CBD+CBDA tincture into the massage oil, depending on your desired product concentration. As an example, our Tanasi Gold Tincture 3600mg bottle has 120mg per dropper. If you add the tincture to your massage oil per application, you in theiry could apply as much or little as you desire. Finally, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, or hemp flowers, to customize your massage oil. (Of course, Tanasi CBD+CBDA contains terpenes, which are plant compounds that create a distinct aroma. As such, adding additional essential oils is entirely optional.)

Test it on yourself, or slap a bow and a card on your jar and get ready to give the gift of a CBD+CBDA Oil Massage!

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