What Are CBD Pills?

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Posted on June 26th, 2020

Recently, there’s been explosive growth in the market for CBD (or cannabidiol, one of the naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in cannabis plants). CBD has transformed from a controlled substance to a trending, potent, and widely-used supplement. However, despite its popularity, many people are still unfamiliar with the nature of CBD. Today we are diving deeper to answer the question: “What are CBD pills?” 

If you’re hoping to try CBD products for the first time, you’ll have a variety of choices when it comes to the form of CBD (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate) or the concentration. We understand that these choices can be incredibly overwhelming because it’s hard for uninitiated CBD users to understand the difference between these options. 

Sound familiar? Don’t worry! We’ve created this guide to help you shop for CBD pills and capsules with confidence. But first:

Man holding Tanasi CBD pill bottle What Is CBD, and What Are CBD Pills?

Cannabis plants come in many strains. The two we talk about the most are hemp and marijuana plants, distinguished mainly by their CBD and THC concentrations. Now, all forms of cannabis plants contain hundreds of organic compounds referred to as cannabinoids; CBD and THC are the two primary cannabinoids, and their concentrations help us classify cannabis plant varieties. THC is the cannabinoid that gets its users ‘high’; marijuana plants have high THC concentrations and lower concentrations of other cannabinoids. In contrast, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that won’t make you ‘high’; industrial hemp plants are bred for high CBD concentrations and low concentrations of THC. Because hemp-derived CBD products contain virtually no THC, cannabidiol is now legal in the United States and in many countries around the world. 

So, what are CBD pills? These are a form of CBD made with hemp-extracted cannabidiol, which means that they have low THC levels, below the legal threshold of 0.3%. With many forms of CBD products, manufacturers infuse CBD extract into a carrier oil to create CBD oil. However, when it comes to pills, the CBD extract is added directly into a tablet or capsule.

CBD pills/capsules work like any other CBD product but simplify dosing. When you take a CBD capsule, you know your exact dose concentration. Plus, they are easy to use and quite easy to digest, which makes them an optimal form of CBD for many first-time users. And many people stick with CBD pills for years, because they don’t have a strong flavor and offer the same benefits as other supplements.

Other Types of CBD Products

Thanks to the legalization and popularity of CBD in many states, you can now find many forms of CBD products from capsules to tinctures to topicals like lotions and salves. Each product is just a little bit different, varying in the rate of absorption, ease of use, and price. Below are three examples of other types of CBD products:

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD water solubles

The Pros and Cons of CBD Pills

If you’re a fan of CBD edibles or oil, or if you’re new to the cannabidiol world, you could be wondering why you should opt for pills instead of other options. Well, below is a look at some of the pros and cons of using CBD pills:


  • They provide a familiar format for supplementation
  • Tablets are easy to use
  • They are convenient and have a pre-measured CBD dosage indicated on the label
  • Most provide the optimum daily dose of CBD
  • Some include additional ingredients that help target specific conditions or ailments
  • Pills are easy to carry around


  • They take longer to produce effects when compared to other forms of CBD
  • Sometimes, CBD pills are more expensive than CBD oil and other tinctures

How to Find the Best CBD Pills Online

There are many things to keep in mind when shopping online for CBD pills. Most notably, you must make sure that you’re purchasing high-quality CBD products that are safe and legal. Here’s a window into seven key criteria to consider when choosing CBD pills:

Type of CBD Pill

CBD pills are available in three forms: regular tablets, soft-gels, and capsules. If you’re ready to try out CBD pills, you’ll have to choose between three types: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. Let’s explore the meaning of those terms. 

CBD Isolate Pills

CBD isolate is a powder with a greater than 99% concentration of pure cannabidiol. All other hemp plant compounds have been discarded. Note: CBD isolate pills lack many beneficial cannabinoids, so they won’t deliver the entourage effect which maximizes your CBD experience.

Full-Spectrum CBD Pills

Full-spectrum CBD pills contain all hemp plant cannabinoids and all other naturally-occurring compounds. That means it contains trace amounts of THC, additional cannabinoids and flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and other beneficial organic compounds.  

Broad-Spectrum CBD Pills

Broad-spectrum CBD pills contain a range of hemp compounds and cannabinoids, but no THC.

Only Broad-spectrum and Full-spectrum CBD pills deliver the entourage effect, because the plant compounds work together in synergy, making these forms of CBD pill more effective than CBD isolate. 

Clear CBD Content Label

Ingredients, percentages, and dosages can be confusing when you buy a product without clear labeling. The question you must ask is: does the CBD pill you want to specify the total percentage of each ingredient? People have different needs. Knowing the exact percentage of ingredients ensures you can monitor your use to figure out what dose is best for you.

Method of Extraction

The quality of the product also depends on the manufacturer’s extraction method. When you remove CBD from a hemp plant, there are two main extraction methods: one uses ethanol, and the other employs CO2. Both these extraction methods preserve the safety and quality of your CBD product. But other hemp extraction methods, especially ones which use compounds such as butane, compromise the integrity of the CBD and introduce potentially harmful chemical residue to your product.

THC Percentage

Always check to make sure that the CBD pills you purchase have a clear label indicating the percentage of THC concentration. Ensure that the pill’s certificate of analysis proves that the percentage of THC in the capsules is within the legally allowable percentage (below 0.3%). This is essential since it ensures you are purchasing a safe and legal product.

Organic Hemp

Does the manufacturer claim to produce organic products, or are the pills in fact certified as natural and organic? Since CBD is an extract of hemp, the quality of the hemp plant is crucial. That’s why you’ll want CBD pills made from organically grown hemp plants. Choose brands that can prove their organic claims using third-party testing (more on that below).

Tried & Tested

Never allow yourself to be deceived by inferior products using empty marketing claims. Consider choosing another source if a retailer or brand cannot prove the source and the exact ingredients of their products via independent third-party labs. Trustworthy CBD brands and retailers will always have their products tried and tested by third-party labs. They will also have no problem sharing those test results with their customers. After all, these tests and lab reports are the only way you can confirm that you’re buying high-quality CBD products.

Manufacturing Standards and Customer Satisfaction

Are the CBD pills manufactured according to industry standards in terms of quality and consistency? Is the manufacturer certified by local and international bodies? What are customers saying about those CBD pills? Manufacturing standards and customer reviews are other essential factors that separate a typical CBD brand from a great one. That’s why you’ll want to check customer reviews of CBD pills to find reliable brands.

Tanasi CBD pills and box on white backgroundThe Advantages of Buying CBD Pills Online

CBD pills carry many benefits. But perhaps their biggest advantage is their convenience and ease of use. So, where should you buy CBD pills? Many of the best local-based companies are online, and for good reason. Choosing, ordering, and shipping CBD online is quite straightforward and extremely convenient. Besides, when you buy CBD pills online, product descriptions are trackable, and you can confirm the retailer’s third-party lab reports.

CBD Pills vs. CBD Oil

Whether you’re new to the CBD world or a long-time fan of CBD pills, you may be curious about CBD oil and how it differs from CBD pills. Well, the main difference between these forms of CBD is their method of consumption. You can swallow CBD pills with water, which means that the pills will have to go through your digestive system and liver for absorption. On the other hand, you can use CBD oil directly under the tongue, where it will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. You can also mix CBD oil into other substances.

As a result, CBD oil is more versatile than pills. However, CBD pills offer more convenience since they take seconds to swallow; they are tasteless, and they can be used anywhere. Besides, many people already use other types of supplements, so it’s easy to include CBD pills in your daily regimen.

CBD Pills: Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an incredibly easy way to enjoy CBD, CBD pills may be the perfect alternative.  And, if you’re looking for the best CBD pills online, we’re sure you’ll bump into something you like in our online CBD store. Plus, while you’re browsing, you can explore some of our other CBD products. And if you still have questions, feel free to check out our FAQ, or even better, give us a call!

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