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will I feel CBD

Posted on November 21st, 2021

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is one of the many compounds found in the hemp plant. More and more people are turning to CBD products for various reasons. You might be asking yourself “will I feel CBD”? Read this guide to find out the answer to this questions before you start using CBD.

What Does CBD Feel Like & Will I Feel CBD will I feel CBD

CBD does affect people who use it, but it won’t be a “high” effect. THC is the compound in hemp that causes people to feel buzzed or high. However, you may feel relaxed and calm shortly after using CBD, typically within an hour. This is not the same calm and relaxation feeling that THC induces.

CBD is often used to help with various symptoms of inflammation, stress, anxiety and pain to name a few. When you use it for those reasons, it can take a few weeks to start noticing results. It is important to be consistent with using CBD, otherwise it may take much longer to experience any results with it.

Changing Effects Depend on You

One of the best things about CBD is how adaptive it is within the body. For example, if you use CBD during the daytime, then you may feel more alert, focused and have a clearer head, as well as increased energy. However, if you use it in the evening time, then you might feel calm, relaxed and able to get better sleep.

Another example of how CBD can adapt in one’s body is its impact on a person’s eating habits. CBD is known for being used to decrease appetite, as well as increase appetite. There are many factors that come into play in regards how CBD will affect your eating habits.

The bottom line is CBD can either be stimulating or induce relaxation. It all depends on the needs of your body and how you use it. Regardless of how you use it and why you use it, the effects won’t feel similar to the effects caused by THC.

CBD In High Dosages: What Will You Feel Like

If you’re like a lot of people, then you’re probably wondering how does CBD make you feel if you take it in high dosages. It’s important to note that when you use CBD in high doses, eventually your body could buildup a tolerance to it. As a result, CBD’s effectiveness will lessened. This is why it’s crucial to take the recommended dosage amount of any CBD product you use.

You don’t want to use too much CBD, nor do you want to use too little. Getting the right dosage amount for your specific needs may take a bit of time to figure out. Eventually you will figure out the proper amount you should be taking.

If you do find yourself taking high doses of CBD, then there is a way you can rest your tolerance to it. Simply take a week off from using it. This should be enough time to reset your tolerance.

Does CBD Cause A High Or Buzz

As previously mentioned, CBD doesn’t cause users to feel high or buzzed. THC and CBN are the two components of hemp that can impair your mental state of mind and cause a high. Even in high doses, users shouldn’t feel high off of CBD.

CBD Effects: How Long Until You Feel Them Hemp Effects On Stomach - woman with stomach pain that could use some hemp, hemp seeds or hemp-based CBD

How long it will take to feel any effects offered by CBD depends on several factors. This includes your body/biology, the type of CBD product used, the quality of the product and how much you consume. Below are a few examples and a general guideline for how long it may take to feel the effects of CBD:

1. CBD Oil- Oils are absorbed quickly by the body. CBD oil can deliver results fast. Generally speaking, you might feel its effects within 30 minutes.

2. Edibles- CBD edibles are available an array of forms. How fast you’ll feel an edible’s effects does depend on the type of edible and the quality of it. In general, it can take around 45 minutes to feel the effects.

3. Topicals- Many people believe CBD topicals work extremely fast. Topicals include salves, lotions and massage oils to name a few. You might be able to feel their effects within 20 minutes of using them.

4. Vaping- Perhaps the quickest way to feel CBD’s effects is by vaping it. However, the effects are typically short-lived due to the way your body absorbs CBD via vaping. That being said, many users feels the effects within five minutes.

CBD Dosing Tips

To get the most from CBD, there are a handful of dosing tips you can keep in mind. Everyone is different, but these general tips are still a good idea to follow. They include:

. Start with a very low dosage amount. Increase the amount by 5mg every 5-7 days as needed. Once you feel satisfied with the product’s effects, then you can stick to that dosage amount.

. Do not take too much CBD. Once you reach a point where you feel its effects, then don’t exceed that amount. If you use too much CBD, then you’re only wasting it and you might put yourself at risk for unwanted side effects.

. Take down notes. Track how much CBD you’re using, when you’re using itt and symptoms you feel. Note down any potential benefits you’re experiencing, too.

. Finally, be patient. You might not experience any benefits right from the start. As time goes by, you might start to feel a difference. Remember, everyone is different when it comes to how soon they’ll feel the effects of CBD.

CBD Side Effects

It’s important to note that CBD may potentially cause side effects. However, side effects from CBD are uncommon, but nonetheless you should know what they are. That being said, some potential side effects include:

. Fatigue
. Dry mouth
. Decreased appetite
. Diarrhea
. Nausea
. Drowsiness

Those are a handful of the potential side effects of CBD. Not everyone will feel those effects. If you feel that CBD is negatively impacting you, then you should stop using it and/or ask your doctor for advice on what to do.

Who Should Use CBD

By now, you might be wondering who should use CBD. If you’re seeking the following, then you might want to consider using CBD. Studies suggest it may reduce your pain and stress. Some people find they have less anxiety after taking CBD. And some people who feel CBD also note their sleep improves after dosing daily. Finally, many people notice a healthy appetite increase, along with reduced inflammation, after taking cannabidiol.

Those are only a handful of the reasons people turn to CBD. Here’s a tip: make sure you buy high quality CBD because this will increase your chances of reaping its potential benefits. Also, buy from a reputable place such as Tanasi because they are known for their quality and selection of CBD products. Best of all, the products they sell are at an affordable price.

Will I Feel CBD: Final Verdict

Generally speaking, you may feel the effects of CBD, such as the ones previously mentioned. However, you should not experience a high while using CBD because it is not the compound that causes users to become high or feel a buzzed sensation. CBD is potent, but users should not feel any sort off high off of it.

Now you know the answer to “will I feel CBD”? All you have to do now is decide whether or not to start using CBD products. If you decide to, make sure you buy high quality CBD from a reputable place. This is how you can be sure you’ll reap the potential benefits that CBD offers.

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