Here’s Why You Should Buy Full Spectrum CBD

buy full spectrum CBD

Posted on November 14th, 2021

Why buy full spectrum CBD? Well, the cannabis plant contains hundreds of naturally occurring compounds. Some of them are quite well known, like CBD and THC. But other, lesser-known compounds such as CBG, CBD, and CBN may also offer benefits.

THC is known for its psychoactive properties that get you high. (Remember, this cannabinoid ais responsible for marijuana bans). Yet CBD is not psychoactive, though it does react with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body. And it’s this system that gives us reason to buy full spectrum CBD.

What is the ECS?

buy full spectrum CBD
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The ECS is a regulatory system in your body; CBD can influence its processes, yielding many potential health advantages. We find ECS receptors in your peripheral and central nervous systems, which is why CBD may impact many different processes in your body, including sleep and your pain response.

On its own, your ECS produces endocannabinoids. But sometimes your natural production is insufficient. And that’s when you may introduce cannabinoids to your system. These bind with or stimulate ECS receptors. Then, together with various enzymes, the cannabinoids get to work in your body, evoking one or more systemic responses.

Every cannabinoid creates its own distinctive response in the ECS. But when you buy full spectrum CBD, you don’t have to choose between cannabinoids. Instead, you’ll benefit from every part of the hemp plant.

Important Cannabis Components

When you buy full spectrum CBD, you also get access to many other cannabinoids. This includes CBG (Cannabigerol) which is very similar to CBD. It’s actually the originator of all cannabinoids, since they all start as CBGa, which then breaks down to CBDa, THCa, CBCa, and others. When we expose these compounds to heat or ultraviolet light they’re activated, turning into CBD, THC, CBG and the other cannabinoids that we know. CBD is the most abundant hemp cannabinoid: it’s concentrations can be as high as 20 percent, while CBG concentrations in mature plants rarely exceed one percent. This also makes CBG products more expensive than ones with CBD.

What Does Full Spectrum Mean?

What is this spectrum that we are talking about? It refers to the range of cannabis compounds, some of which we’ve already discussed. In fact, they contain over a hundred minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds. But what do each of these compounds do?

Terpenes give hemp extracts their fragrance, while flavonoids give them color. Together, these compounds give a hemp product its unique character, appealing to your senses and influencing your decision when you buy full-spectrum CBD. This spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids work together to give what is called the entourage effect.

But what does that mean? This combination makes CBD more effective than when it’s taken alone. Remember, full-spectrum CBD contains a small percentage of THC. But, when limited to 0.3 percent, you’re legally allowed to use these products.

Worried about even trace THC content? You can find CBD products with THC completely removed. If the extract  retains all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, it’s called broad-spectrum CBD. (And it will still deliver the entourage effect.)

Why Buy Full Spectrum CBD? Differences Between Isolate and Broad Spectrum

Using CBD as an isolate, broad-spectrum or full-spectrum product is a matter of personal preferences. Remember, using full-spectrum CBD could lead to a false positive on a THC drug test. But if you’re OK with a small amount of THC, you may prefer to buy full-spectrum CBD thanks to its potential added benefits.

Even within this form of CBD, you’ll have options. You can find full-spectrum CBD capsules, tinctures, gummies, and topicals.

Understanding the Extraction Process cbd extraction methods

Most full-spectrum CBD comes from hemp flowers. They’re dried and cured, so they contain large proportions of CBDA. We effect a conversion to CBD by heating the flowers in a process called decarboxylation. And it only requires an oven with a properly fitted thermometer.

Many extractors process the aerial parts of the hemp plant, flowers, roots, and stalks. (The parts that touch the air.)This is less laborious  than using only hemp flowers because, in whole plant extraction, you often mechanically eliminate the need to manually extract flowers. CBD oil extraction from dried flowers uses CO2 or solvents.

CO2 vs Ethanol Extraction

The CO2 method requires heavy machinery to create enough pressure to convert a solid into a liquid. Instead, some producers use ethanol as a solvent. This produces a very clean extract, where you introduce ethanol to plant matter, heating it in a water bath that evaporates the ethanol.

With both methods, you’re left with a distilled extract that you can blend with a carrier oil. MCT oil is a popular choice, because its smaller molecules help your body process the blended oil more easily. It also helps increase CBD oil shelf life. We make MCT oils from palm or coconut oil.

Forms of CBD to Explore

You can buy your full spectrum CBD in many forms like, oil, capsules, gummies and other. CBD oil tinctures can be mixed in food and drinks, making it easy to consume. The same tincture of CBD can be enclosed in soft-gel casing to give you your full spectrum CBD in the form of capsules that are easy to swallow. This form of use of CBD is useful for people who are travelling or not too carried away by the taste of tinctures. You can also get full spectrum CBD in the form of edibles and gummies and chocolates. Use is also made of CBD in cosmetics in the form of lotions or creams that can be used mainly for the skin.

When you are looking for full-spectrum CBD products in any form for your use you need to consider quality, safety, and the transparency that your manufacturer brings to the product being considered. Your product should preferably have an ISO 17025 complaint tab, which means that it has been tested by an accredited third party. It must have been made from American hemp, and carry a certificate of analysis or COA that it contains less than the legally allowed limit of 0.3 percent of THC. It should also pass tests for mold, heavy metals and pesticides. Take care to look at the overall ingredients in your product and its potency.


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