How a Low THC High CBD Combination Could Help You

low THC high CBD combination

Posted on March 6th, 2022

After the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp products, CBD exploded in popularity. Many see CBD as a way to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana without having to deal with its psychoactive properties.

With that said, you may actually have a better experience with CBD if you try a low THC high CBD combination. Here’s how combining low doses of THC with your CBD can give you better results overall.

Small Doses of THC Can Make CBD More Effective low THC high CBD combination

Cannabis plants are incredibly complex, with more than 60 known cannabinoid compounds. While many products focus on a single compound, like CBD, research shows that a combination of compounds can provide more powerful therapeutic effects.

Not only can the compounds found in cannabis interact with your body, but they can also interact with each other. This is known as “the entourage effect.” When compounds like CBD and THC come together, the benefits they provide may be enhanced.

While experts still have a lot to learn about the entourage effect, studies looking at the results of a low THC high CBD combination are very promising. One double-blind, placebo-controlled study, showed that it was easier for cancer patients to tolerate medications that combined CBD and THC. (1)

In another study looking at cannabis as a nausea treatment, researchers found that products containing both CBD and THC provided faster relief. (2) Studies also show that combining THC with CBD provides more potent results. (3)

When used on its own, CBD can already help manage many ailments, including chronic pain (4) and anxiety (5). CBD products that contain small doses of THC have the potential to be even more successful.

CBD Can Counteract the Negative Effects of THC

While CBD and THC have many shared properties, research suggests that they act through different mechanisms. THC binds to receptors in the brain that control your mood, which is why it has psychoactive properties. CBD can inhibit THC from binding with CB1 receptors, which helps to prevent these effects. (6)

Studies have also found that CBD can help to counteract other negative symptoms that have been linked to THC, such as feelings of paranoia and memory issues. (7) When you use THC and CBD together, you can enjoy more of the benefits linked to these compounds while avoiding adverse side effects.

Why Should You Try a Low THC High CBD Combination

The majority of states require CBD products to contain less than 0.3% THC. This makes it easy to find products with low THC levels. Many states ban products that contain high doses of THC, but low-dose products are legal and easy to find.

Using a CBD product that includes a low dose of THC can benefit you in a number of ways. Full-spectrum CBD products, which contain trace amounts of THC, also contain many other potentially beneficial compounds, including minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

CBD products that include low doses of THC as well as other compounds from the cannabis plant are typically more potent and can provide more powerful health benefits. (7) Many users want to use the most effective CBD products available, which makes products that contain THC an excellent option.

The Potential Health Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD

Not only do full-spectrum CBD products contain small doses of THC, but they contain many other beneficial compounds as well. This includes over 150 terpenes and flavonoids. Many of these compounds have been linked to specific health benefits, such as neuroprotective properties. (8)

Broad-spectrum CBD contains some of these compounds, but it doesn’t contain any THC, which means that users will miss out on any of the benefits of combining THC and CBD. CBD isolate doesn’t contain anything but CBD, and because of that, users won’t experience the entourage effect.

Even though CBD can still be highly beneficial on its own, its therapeutic effects are more powerful when they are enhanced by other cannabis compounds. Even if you choose a high-potency product, you won’t be ingesting enough THC to experience any sort of high. Instead, you’ll be able to experience the full potential of CBD products.

The list of health benefits that have been linked to full-spectrum CBD products is a long one. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it can relieve muscle spasms, and it may even be a way to treat psychotic disorders. (9) Unless you’re sensitive to THC and specifically want to avoid products that contain it, it’s likely that full-spectrum CBD products are your best option.

How to Find the Right CBD to THC Ratio THC CBD

When you’re choosing products, you won’t just want to seek out products that contain both THC and CBD. It’s important to look at the CBD to THC ratio. This compares the amount of CBD in a product to the amount of THC that it contains.

To avoid the psychoactive properties of THC, you’ll have to limit yourself to products that are low THC and high CBD. Common rations include 20:1, 18:1, and 15:1. Any product you use should contain significantly more CBD than THC.

As is the case with any CBD product, it’s always best to start out with a low dose. Keep track of how the product effects you and adjust your dosage as necessary. Some studies show that a low dose of CBD can be more effective at treating certain conditions. (10)

Finding the Best Products

The easiest way to ensure that a product contains very low doses of THC is to limit yourself to products that are made from hemp. Hemp is specifically bred to have stable, low THC levels. Even when you buy full-spectrum CBD products, you won’t have to worry about the product containing too much THC.

In addition, you should take the time to evaluate the quality of the product in question. Stick to products that have undergone third-party testing so that you can be confident that the information on the product label is accurate. Check to see where the hemp is sourced from. Hemp grown in the United States is the safest option.

In some cases, the best products will come down to personal preference. For example, you’ll have to decide on the delivery method that you prefer. Personal preferences aside, you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of information about the products you’re purchasing and buy the products from a reliable supplier.

Full-spectrum CBD products are popular and widely available, which means you should have an impressive selection of products available to you. Seek out a third-party tested, well-reviewed product that’s a good match for what you’re looking for.

Many people are wary of CBD products that contain THC, and it’s easy to understand why. People often have concerns about the legality of THC. Since THC has psychoactive properties, many people that are open to CBD would prefer to avoid it.

However, a low THC high CBD combination will allow you to enjoy more powerful health benefits without having to concern yourself with any issues linked to THC. CBD is able to counteract THC’s psychoactive effects, especially products have high CBD low THC ratios. In addition, products that contain less than 0.3% THC are perfectly legal in most states.

Cannabis plants have a long history of being used to treat health conditions. Even though CBD has gotten a lot of attention in recent years, other compounds found in cannabis can be beneficial as well. Full-spectrum CBD products that include compounds like THC can help users to treat ailments efficiently and effectively.



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