What is Hemp Used for in Fishing: A Detailed Guide

Posted on August 17th, 2021

What is hemp used for in fishing? Well, hemp is the tastiest dish a fish can get. You put hemp seed in your fishing hook and lower it in the water. It will attract fish so quickly that you may have a hard time controlling them. But you can’t use dry hemp or hemp seeds. You need to prepare it properly before using it as bait. Hemp seeds are easy to prepare as bait, and fish love them.

Anglers call hemp seeds particle bait because of their size. They are small and have approximately 2 to 3 mm diameters. Hemp is not just an exceptional hook bait. According to anglers, it is also an excellent attractant when adding it to ground bait or holding fish in a swim.

Preparing hemp for fishing

What is hemp used for in fishing
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Preparing the hemp for fishing is a work of art. Many anglers even go the distance to make a secret sauce that attracts more fish towards their hooks. You can obtain the secret sauce for your bait in three ways:

• Hemp seeds give away a watery substance during their extraction. You can use that juice once you finish preparing the hemp.

• You will notice an oily substance at the bottom if you are using hemp seeds from a container. This is a mixture of oil and rich sugar from hemp seeds. They come out while preparing the hemp for fishing. Don’t throw that juice away. This juice can work wonders if you want to add the seeds as ground bait. It sends stronger food signals to fishes once you lower the bait in the water.

• Alternatively, you can use hemp oil to mix the hemp. The advantage of using hemp oil is it works both in warm and cold water. This means you can use hemp as your bait in any season you want. Apart from mixing the oil with hemp, you can use it as ground bait or stick mixes to your hooked bait. It not only tempts fishes to come to your hook but also increases the bait’s visibility under water.

Anglers recommend two ways to prepare hemp for fishing: soaking and cooking. Most anglers prefer cooking as it’s the fastest method. Soaking takes more time. You have to put the hemp in a container and let it soak in water until the seeds split.

1. Cooking hemp

This is the most common technique to prepare hemp for fishing. Some anglers prefer cooking hemp when it’s dry. On the other hand, a few anglers cover the hemp seeds in water and allow them to soak for at least 24 hours. The seeds split eventually, leaving the kernel behind.

• Take a handful of seeds in a saucepan. Cover the seeds with water. Remember, take the number of seeds you think you may need in your next fishing endeavor. Don’t cook too many. They may lose their ability to attract fishes if you leave them for days.
• Keep a low flame while cooking. Let the water come to a boil, and then simmer it gently.
• At this point, add a pinch of bicarbonate or soda to the water. This will darken the seeds. Make sure you open the doors and windows after adding the soda. The hemp seeds, water, and bicarbonate will smell like unwashed socks.
• Keep an eye on the saucepan’s lid. You will be able to see the white kernel inside as soon as the seeds start splitting. It means the seeds are ready. Drain the water and allow the seeds to cool down.
• Store the seeds in an airtight container once the seeds come to room temperature.
• Some anglers freeze the seeds so that they can use them later.

2. Soaking hemp

Soaking hemp is also an easy technique, provided you can spend 24 hours or more in preparing it. You will need a thermos flask, water, and hemp seeds for this one.

• Half fill the thermos flask with water. Boil it properly.
• Fill the other half of the thermos flask with hemp. Add a pinch of soda or bicarbonate.
• Pour the boiling water. Make sure there is a little room left at the top of the flask. This should give room for the seeds to expand.
• Cover the flask and leave it overnight.
• The hemp should be ready for fishing the next day.

Making the secret sauce Hemp Seed Powder

Once you finish preparing the hemp, it’s time to make the secret sauce. This is what changes the game under water. This secret sauce attracts more fish than you can imagine. Here are a few techniques to make that sauce:

1. Chili method

• You should add the chili while preparing the hemp. Add a teaspoon of chili flakes to one kilo of hemp. Let the seeds soak for at least 12 to 24 hours.
• Boil the water, along with the seeds, until they split.
• Drain the water. You should use the seeds as soon as possible. There’s no option to freeze them.
• You should prepare the seeds at least a day before you go fishing.

2. Black pepper method

• Boil the hemp seeds in water until you see them splitting. It usually takes 40 to 45 minutes for the seeds to split.
• Drain the water and separate the seeds. Put them in a big bucket. Add 12 drops of N-Butyric acid and 24 drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil.
• Seal the bucket properly and shake it. This should allow the attractors to mix with the seeds thoroughly.
• Allow the seeds to cool down. You can use them instantly or store them in your refrigerator.

3. Hemp oil method

• Take the hemp seeds and soak them in water for 24 hours.
• Put the seeds and water in a pan. Add more water until it is four times the volume of the seeds.
• Let the water boil. Keep stirring the seeds occasionally.
• Boil the water on high flame for at least 10 minutes. That should make the seeds split.
• Turn the gas down and let the water and seeds simmer for a while. This should allow all the seeds to split.
• Drain the water and separate the seeds. Rinse these seeds properly in cold water. That should stop the cooking process inside the white kernels.
• Take unrefined hemp oil and mix it with the seeds. The amount of hemp oil depends on the quantity of the seeds you boil. A couple of cups of unrefined hemp oil is enough for a kilo of seeds.

Attaching the hemp on your hook

Now that you know how to cook hemp for fishing and make the secret sauce that attracts fishes, let’s take a quick look at how you should attach the bait to your hook.

• You should use a 0.08 mm hook link and 0.10 mm mainline for this bait. First of all, attach the seed to the hook like you attach a maggot. Start by punching a hole at the back of the seed. This makes it easier to attach it to the hook. Veteran anglers use this method to catch multiple fishes with the same bait.
• Once you perforate the seed with the hook, turn the seed around. This will lock it inside the hook. The seed will pull through when you strike, meaning it won’t easily get off the hook even if you catch a fish. A seed with a small split is best for this method.

Imagine the tastiest food you had in your life. Fish feel the same way when you give them hemp, which is why bait answers the question: what is hemp used for in fishing. If you want to explore other hemp or CBD products online, go through the product section of Tanasi. It has a wide range of full-spectrum CBD and hemp products that you can use daily.

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