What Is Hemp Activism and How Can You Get Involved?

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Posted on November 19th, 2021

Do you want to be the next John Entwhistle, Dennis Peron, Beth Moore, or Mary Rathbun? Wondering who they are? Well, they are some of the most famous cannabis activists who ensured that the world heard the voices of cannabis users. If you consume hemp and want others to enjoy its health benefits, you should become an activist also.

Selling hemp or CBD products was illegal before the recent farm bill. After years of activism from these famous leaders, the US government decided to consider hemp and CBD safe, provided the products don’t contain more than 0.3% THC.

What is hemp activism? what is hemp

Before becoming an activist, you may have questions regarding what is hemp activism and the contributions of previous activists. The fact that you are able to consume hemp products today is one of the biggest success stories of the activists that worked for years to make this happen. However, the US government still hasn’t given a green signal to as many as 20 states to produce and consume hemp and hemp products. Therefore, there is still some work to do to ensure that the entire country starts consuming these products and enjoying their potential health benefits.

How can you become a hemp activist?

Hemp is slowly becoming socially acceptable because many doctors consider it an alternative supplement that may benefit people with various diseases. From relieving pain to curbing anxiety symptoms, hemp has various potential health benefits. But imagine that the residents of 20 states are still deprived of this incredible product. You can be the voice of the residents of those states.

When you think of what is hemp activism, the first thing that should come to your mind is how to bring the change. Taking to the road one day with a group of hemp consumers and demanding that hemp should be legalized in all the states is not enough. You need to do more to bring your activism into the limelight. Here are a few things that you can do to make your voice heard to the right people:

1. Start your activism online

Before you hit the road, it’s better to start a trend online. Various social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter can provide the platform you need to spread the word. You can write a post about the various benefits of hemp, how you benefited after using it, and what people are missing out on. Additionally, you should also talk about how the residents of many states still can’t produce, purchase, or consume hemp. Use hashtags to highlight your post and ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues to share it.

Apart from friends and relatives, you can also share your post on various groups that support hemp consumption. You will get many like-minded people who can share your post or retweet to ensure that your word gets out. Make sure you keep posting new things about hemp and ask people to share your posts. That should start a trend and enable lawmakers to rethink their decision.

2. Activists assemble and take to the streets

Once your posts start trending, you can take to the streets to protest against the biased decision of the government to allow a few states to produce and consume hemp and not all the states. If the online protests create a stir among people, they would recognize you and your followers on the road. They may take pictures and make videos and share them on their social media profiles.

Although taking to the streets is one of the oldest forms of protest, it still works even in the 21st century. Make sure you plan everything way ahead before hitting the road. Otherwise, the police may force you to go away. Here’s a roadmap that you can keep in mind if you are planning to protest on the road:

• Don’t go marching to Washington right on the first day. Instead, you should get in touch with the local representative and talk to him about your group’s views about hemp and why it should be made legal. It’s better to have a peaceful conversation where both parties listen and put their views forward. If the local representative provides a positive response, you can move to the next step to talk to the state’s congressional representative.

• Set up a meeting with the state’s congressional representative and put your views forward about hemp consumption. Why do you think the other states should start consuming hemp and how they can improve economically and health-wise – these are some of the questions that you need to discuss with the congressional representative. Make sure you have concrete answers ready to convince him.

If you can’t set up a meeting with either the local representative or the congressional representative, you should find out where they meet. You can take your audience to that location and speak up about your demands. You can also speak publicly about the issue and tell people to spread the word as much as possible to bring the change.

3. Collect funds

What is hemp activism without funds? Your time and energy would go to waste if you can’t hold on to your followers for long. Therefore, it’s crucial that you collect funds from day one. You may ask why a peaceful protest requires funds. Here’s the thing – it’s not just you who is a part of the movement. There are others who want to support you. As their leader, it’s your responsibility to take care of them.

The funds that you collect will go towards providing food to your fellow protesters, arranging transportation, printing posters and placards, and printing t-shirts with your group’s slogan on it. You may also require money for paid advertisements if you want to make your movement viral among people. Therefore, request everyone to donate for the noble cause that can help thousands of people in the US if the government approves the production and consumption of hemp in all the states.

Educating people Where Is CBD Located on Hemp - hemp growing field in california

Before you start protesting online or on the road, you should know whether the people you are protesting for are on the same page as you or not. You should visit the states where hemp is still illegal and ask the farmers and others what they think about cannabis, CBD, THC, and hemp. There’s still a stigma among many people and they think that CBD, hemp, THC, and cannabis are the same thing. They would make them intoxicated. That’s where educating people is so important.

If people are not educated about hemp, the congressional representative or your local representative may disapprove of your request. You should make various infographic presentations, prepare charts about the health benefits of hemp, the scientific findings of this element, and why it is different from other cannabis products.

According to previous activists, eliminating stigma among people was the hardest challenge. It was as if their speeches were useless because people were too rigid to not discuss hemp in the first place as it came from the same plant as weed. That is another reason why it took so many years for the activists to bring a change. Therefore, if you want the government to change its decision, you first need to educate people about hemp and its benefits.

Now that you know what is hemp activism, you should make a plan and follow it step by step. Don’t expect the government to overturn its decision overnight. It’s a long battle, and you need to have the patience to keep fighting.

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