What Is Disposable Live Resin?

disposable live resin

Posted on November 20th, 2021

Are you wondering about disposable live resin? And if this is the right product for you? Well, live resin is a cannabis concentrate that comes from fresh flowers instead of cured and dried buds. The method retains terpenes that are usually lost or destroyed during the curing and drying processes. Since the flavorsome terpene stays intact, these products are regarded as connoisseur-level and premium quality products.

What Is Live Resin disposable live resin

Unlike many other cannabis products, we produce disposable live resin from uncured, undried plant material. That includes the sugar leaves and the fresh buds and flowers (but excludes the stems and large fan leaves). The process includes flash-freezing to preserve many desirable compounds while retaining all the plant’s flavors and natural aromas.

Capturing the aroma and essence of “living cannabis” is the main goal when it comes to disposable live resin. The production process–flash-freezing sugar leaves, buds, and flowers before extracting compounds–yields flavorful, high-quality concentrates.

At the same time, bypassing the traditional curing and drying stage promotes a higher volume of important essential oils. Technically known as terpenes, these essential oils provide distinctive cannabis aromas and flavors, doing the same for the final extracted product.

Do All Live Resin Products Look The Same?

Disposal live resing concentrates differ in viscosity and appearance. This usually depends on the plant’s terpene-cannabinoid composition as well as the chosen extraction process. While we usually extract these products after flash-freezing the plant material with vacuum-oven purging and BHO, we can also produce a live resin concentrate using an alcohol-based solvent or subcritical CO2 extraction.

The combination of extraction processes and the composition of the plant material often creates an array of different concentrates that range in viscosity from runnier types, including badder, sugar, and sap, to the thicker concentrates that include sauce and budder.

What Does Live Resin Feel And Look Like?

You can source disposable live resin in various forms and colors. You can affect many of its physical and chemical characteristics by changing the base strain or cultivar. Live resins contain more terpenes than other concentrates. And, thanks to these essential oils, it also has a looser consistency. (Plus it’s generally more malleable, and runner.) Usually, you’ll find live resins formed as sauce, badder/budder, sugar, and sap.

Shatter is another popular type of cannabis concentrate. But a shatter form live resin is uncommon and hard to find. Shatter concentrates have a brittle consistency, which is hard to maintain during live resin processing since terpenes stop concentrates from becoming rigid and hard.

What Is The Best Way To Store Live Resin?

To preserve the quality and potency of the product, it is best to keep live resin away from moisture, open-air, light, and heat. Lightproof and airtight containers are the best option to maintain consistency and texture and to stop the terpenes from evaporating. These containers also help to slow down the degradation of the cannabinoids. The storage container should be made of glass or silicone. Silicone containers also offer the benefit of making it easier to extract or scrape out the sticky concentrates.

Temperature and light can also cause the resin to break down faster. For this reason, live resins should preferably be stored in a refrigerator or cool environment. After every use, the container should be closed securely, since leaving it open can result in a loss of potency or change the taste, texture, and color of the product.

Tips On How To Consume Disposable Live Resin CBD Vape Juice Drug Test - vaping pen and some cannabis by its side

Dabbing is the best way to consume live resins. This technique involves a water pipe better known as a dab rig or a nail which is a type of flat bowl. Nails are manufactured from materials that withstand a much higher temperature when compared to glass bowls that are commonly used to smoke flowers.

Live resin can either be wrapped around a blunt or joint or sprinkled over a bowl of packed flowers in a glass pipe. Combining live resin extracts and cured flower provides a heightened flavor and experience.

Is It Possible To Vape Live Resin

It is possible to vape live resin by either dabbing, as mentioned above, using nectar collectors, or using a disposable live resin vape pen, as mentioned below. With each of these techniques, the user is simply inhaling and vaporizing the terpene-rich vapors and the cannabinoids.

Dabbing happens to be the most complicated of these 3 vaping options since it requires a lot more effort, a certain level of skill and equipment. For those that are interested in easier ways to consume and enjoy live resins, some people recommend a nectar collector. These are portable and simpler versions of dab rigs.

However, the easiest and simplest method to enjoy live resins is to use vape pens that contain live resin cartridges. This involves buying a live resin cartridge and attaching it to the battery and the product is ready for use.

What Are Disposable Live Resin Cartridges?

When it comes to the world of cannabis, cartridges or carts are vape cartridges that are pre-filled that attach directly to the vape battery. A live resin cartridge is a type of vape oil cartridge that contains live resin rather than the more traditional cannabis concentrates. Similar to any other cartridge, all that is required is to screw the cart to the battery. The next step involves activating a heating mechanism and then inhaling the product through a mouthpiece.

What Can You Expect To Pay For Live Resin

In most cases, the price for live resins is more when compared to other concentrate types. The differences in market fluctuations and specific locations can make it hard to provide exact prices. The high-end, premium live resins can run up to $100 per gram or more, while the nationwide average hovers between $35 and $80 per gram.

Characteristics Of Live Resin

The physical and chemical characteristics of a live resin will depend on the actual strain and cultivar of cannabis. As mentioned before, live resin is available in various degrees and forms of viscosity. The main types include:

– Wax

– Butter

– Jelly

– Sap

– Shatter

Terpenes and Disposable Live Resin

The terpene profiles of live resins will also accurately resemble the “living plant”. These essential oils (terpenes) are cannabis compounds, that are the most important component of a live resin. Cannabis strains boast over 100 unique types of terpenes. Some of the most common and more well known types include:

– Beta-Pinene

– Alpha-Pinene

– Alpha Bisabolol

– Limonene

– Myrcene

Each of these terpenes provides unique therapeutic and medicinal benefits, such as the alleviation of eating disorders, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Live resin also contains a rich source of CBD, which is a cannabinoid that offers phenomenal therapeutic potential. The THC content present in live resins range from 65% and 95% depending on the live plant’s cannabinoid profile

Final Thoughts

Live resins are concentrates that are similar to rosin (mechanically separated), wax/shatter, or distillate. The category of live resin often has different consistencies or finishes. Just like the world of beer, where IPAs, browns, ales, and stouts have many different consistencies, flavors, smells, and colors, extracts of live resin do too.


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