What Does CBD Stand For And What Are The Benefits?

What does CBD stand for

Posted on August 18th, 2021

What does CBD stand for? This cannabinoid, an acronym for cannabidiol, is marketed everywhere in many different products. Wondering what all the hype is about? This article will go over what CBD stands for, its effects, and what you should know about it.

What Is CBD? What Does CBD Stand For?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a hemp or marijuana derived compound [1]. It’s one of many compounds that are found in these plants. It also happens to be one of the most prominent next to (THC), the well-known compound that provides marijuana its psychoactive effects.

Unlike THC, CBD isn’t a compound that has psychoactive properties. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence of abuse nor dependence potential with it either [2]. This is contrary to THC which is well-known to produce a “high” sensation when smoked or consumed.

Is it Legal?

Hemp-derived CBD is legal on a federal level. That rule came into effect after The Farm Bill of 2018 [3].

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

1. Pain Relief

One of the most prominent potential CBD benefits relates to pain relief. Many people suffer from chronic pain. And CBD can be helpful,  because it can relieve pain in unique ways. How does that happen?

Well, it works by interacting with your natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is the system in the body that’s responsible for pain management. In doing so, CBD alters the way your ECS delivers message, reducing your pain  sensation. Plus, CBD doesn’t have an associated risk of dependency. (Unlike many pain relief medications.) Therefore, it may be a safer, more effective way to manage your chronic pain. And, since it’s completely natural,  you don’t have to worry about putting chemicals or other harmful ingredients in your body.

2. Reduce Anxiety

What does CBD stand for in mental health? Well, CBD may minimize your anxiety in a natural way. Unfortunately, many available anxiety medications are addictive or come with unwanted side effects. Because of this, your run a high risk of dependency when taking anxiety medications.

But with CBD, you don’t have that same risk factor. This alone makes CBD a worthwhile option to consider when seeking alternative ways to manage anxiety. While we still need more information, CBD seems to works by interacting with your brain’s receptors. It alters them in ways that may decrease your feelings of anxiety.

3. Reduce Inflammation

Another benefit linked to CBD is its ability to reduce inflammation and improve heart health. As you may know, heart disease is prevalent in today’s society. In fact, it’s the number one killer globally [4].

Given that fact, anything that can help reduce heart disease is worth exploring. CBD shows promise in fighting heart disease because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies demonstrate its potential to ward off high blood pressure. Now, there are many reasons why CBD likely has this impact on your body. For one, if you reduce your stress and anxiety, you’ll likely enjoy lower blood pressure. (At least compared to someone who is both anxious and stressed.) Additionally, CBD may effectively decrease inflammation, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Is It Safe?

One of the main things that anyone would be worried about when it comes to taking a new product would be whether or not it’s safe. This is one of the most important things to figure out before even considering taking it. Luckily, CBD is both generally well tolerated and considered safe for most people. While there are mild side effects that could become noticeable, nothing too serious has been linked to CBD consumption [5]. These side effects can include feeling tired, experiencing weight changes, and experiencing diarrhea. Along with this, you need to ask your doctor before taking it as it can interfere or interact with certain medications. Do this so you can avoid experiencing one of these.

What Does CBD Stand For? Breakdown Of Things To Know will cbd get you high

1. It’s Not Going To Make You High

Contrary to what being associated with the marijuana plant might lead you to believe, CBD isn’t going to get you high. While it’s closely related to (THC), the compound that will get you high, it’s not the same. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it negatively impacting your performance, coordination, or anything that THC might do. Instead, you will experience more of a ‘body high.’ This means that it’s a practical option for those to take might not want to experience the high sensation that marijuana and THC consumption can give you.

2. It’s Getting More Research

While there is still a lot of research needed to be done on the efficacy of CBD and more, there is a lot of promising research out there. Therefore, you can consider it a well-researched ingredient that is safe to add to your daily routine. There has been sufficient research indicating that CBD is well tolerated and safe to use for the majority of people. There is no risk of dependency on CBD consumption. Nor is there a risk of any harsh side effects.

3. Various Products

CBD is a product that is generating a lot more interest by the day. As more and more people become familiar with all of the potential benefits of CBD, more products are being released. If you are interested in adding CBD to your daily routine, you’re going to have a lot of different types of products to choose from. You’ll find gummies, oils, lotions, and tinctures. All of these methods offer their unique benefits. The key is finding a product and delivery mechanism that you like.

Should You Take CBD?

As you can see from the above information, CBD is a safe ingredient. It’s a primary ingredient found in the hemp and marijuana plant. It’s a compound that has a lot of potential health benefits and not a lot of side effects or downsides. It has proven to be a good and viable alternative to a lot of the harsh and addictive medications out there. If you are someone that is dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety, CBD has proven to be a viable and safe alternative to minimizing it. If you are looking for something that can help with chronic pain or that can offer general pain relief, CBD is effective at doing just that. It’s a good option to consider for various reasons. If you are going to be adding CBD to the mix, you’ll want to discuss taking it with your registered health practitioner. That way, you can add it safely to your mix without interfering or interacting negatively with any medication you’re already taking. Tanasi has all types of CBD products that are locally sourced and is committed to creating the highest-quality CBD products in the marketplace.


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[5] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5569602/

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