What Does CBD Dominant Mean?

What Does CBD Dominant Mean?

Posted on November 12th, 2020

It’s common knowledge that THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most common cannabinoid in the marijuana plant. The cannabinoid that comes second to it in abundance within the cannabis plant CBD (cannabidiol). Unlike THC, which gives you a euphoric feeling, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, i.e., won’t’ give you a high. Instead, CBD offers cool, relaxing, non-euphoric effects. For this reason, CBD has become very popular in the medical world. CBD lacks the intoxicative effects typical of strains that are THC-high. For this very reason, it may be an excellent choice for patients who are living with anxiety, muscle spasms, pain, nausea, headaches, stress, epilepsy, and more. The main draw? They get to feel the benefits of regular cannabis but without taking a risk with the psychoactive effects.

In the past, people used to measure a strain’s quality and potency based on the THC’s content. But as years went by, this view changed because the therapeutic potential of other cannabinoids, particularly CBD, became known. Because CBD doesn’t offer psychoactive effects, it’s not much sought after by recreational cannabis users. Thus, THC remains the most sought-after cannabis compound within that demographic. That means that breeders have an incentive to up the THC levels in their strains.

Nevertheless, CBD is gaining traction fast in the cannabis world for its wide variety of advantages. For this reason, cannabis seed breeders are rushing to produce CBD-rich and CBD dominant strains. Yet, many of those interested in CBD are probably asking themselves: What does CBD dominant mean, exactly?

So, What Does CBD Dominant Mean? Is it the Same as CBD-Rich?

When assessing a strain’s cannabinoid content, a common finding is that Its THC content ranges from 12-25 percent. Strains whose THC content is at 20 percent or more classify as being very strong. When it comes to CBD, it’s a very different case. Strains whose CBD content is at 4 percent or higher fall within the category ‘CBD-rich.’  However, recently, strains that contain 20+ percent CBD have been popping up.

The words’ CBD dominant’ are interchangeable with ‘CBD-rich.’ But they don’t exactly mean the same thing. CBD-rich refers to marijuana strain or product that has equal levels of CBD and THC or higher levels of CBD than THC. Typically, a strain or product whose CBD content is at least 4 % by dry weight gets named ‘CBD-rich.’ On the other hand, CBD dominant refers to strains or products that are CBD-rich but contain minimal amounts of THC.

What Does CBD Dominant Mean? - dried cannabis strain

Cannabis Strains and Where They Get Their Names

In the cannabis industry, strains refer to the particular variety of a marijuana plant’s flower. It may be Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, or Northern Lights, to name a few. Cannabis connoisseurs have even more specific answers. They would probably mention factors like its chemical profile, appearance, botanical lineage, and accompanying effects.

There are thousands of different marijuana strains. Every strain of cannabis has its own chemical profile. Thus, a different combination of ketones, esters, alcohols, terpenes, and fatty acids. These differences give each strain their unique effects.

– Strain Names

The names of strains typically describe a major aromatic component, the lineage of a variety, or a possible effect. For this reason, the marketing of strains revolves around the features those names advertise. For instance, Afghani and Kush are marijuana strains which names refer to their places of origin. Those are Afghanistan and the Hindu Kush mountain range, respectively. An example of a strain that alludes its name to its aroma is GSC (Girl Scout Cookies). Lastly, Calm by Canndescent is an example of a strain that denotes its name from its possible effects.

A noteworthy fact is that the names of strains are more or less a marketing strategy. That is because the strain’s names aren’t reliable for speculating their actual medicinal benefits, flavors, and effects.

It’s also important to note that a strain’s characteristics can vary significantly from one grower to another. That is due to the difference in conditions when growing, harvesting, and processing, resulting in different terpenes and cannabinoids.

Do CBD Dominant Strains Still Trigger the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect is a phenomenon regular CBD connoisseurs often talk about. During it, all the natural compounds present in the cannabis plant work in harmony to give a stronger effect.

Think of an orchestra. IT requires a group of instrumentalists to play together for it to be a success. The entourage effect also relies on cannabinoids working together to create a harmonious result. You can’t compare the performance of a full orchestra to that of a single instrument.

CBD-rich/dominant products don’t necessarily mean they have zero percent THC. It merely means they have a higher CBD to THC ratio. Something easily achieved since the content of THC in certified CBD products is always 0.3% or less. Regardless, the Entourage effect will effectively still take place when choosing CBD products made from CBD-dominant strains.

Are CBD Isolate Products CBD-Dominant?

What Does CBD Dominant Mean? - cbd isolate white powdery crystaline form

Simply put, CBD isolate is CBD at its purest. The process of creating pure CBD or CBD isolate involves separating the cannabinoid from all the other compounds of cannabis. Hence, the name CBD isolate. A CBD isolate usually comes in crystalline powder form.

Only strains that are high in CBD and low in THC are the source of CBD isolate. CBD extraction removes all other active compounds in the marijuana or hemp plant. A refinement process follows the extraction of other compounds still remaining. Thus, finally leaving CBD in its purest form. That means that the resulting product will have very high CBD concentrations and very little or none of anything else. As a result, CBD isolates are not precisely CBD-dominant since there are no other compounds to ‘dominate’ against. Though, they indeed are CBD-rich.

Five Examples of CBD Dominant Strains

Now that you know the answer to the question: “what does CBD dominant mean” let’s shed light on CBD-dominant strains. This way, you can make an educated pick when shopping for CBD products.

1. ACDC (The Cannabis Strain That Will Not Leave You Feeling Thunderstruck)

This 50/50 hybrid strain boasts of having one of the highest CBD to THC ratios. In ACDC, CBD levels can go as high as 20%, while some strains may contain THC levels of up to 6%. But there’s also strains with 0.42% THC. ACDC generally makes the user feel happy and calm, thanks to the strong presence of THC. ACDC users become more friendly and focused on their work, making it suitable for daytime use.

ACDC is a popular choice for those looking to address bipolar disorder symptoms, inflammation, neuropathy, migraines, nausea, arthritis, and anxiety. Additionally, it’s a often a favorite for individuals with chronic pain, and it’s also a great choice for those looking to mitigate chemotherapy’s effects.

2. Charlotte’s Web (The Most Famous Marijuana Strain in The World)

This globally popular strain is 60% Indica dominant and was the focus of a bid to legalize high CBD strains. Its CBD levels can reach 20%. It’s available for sale nationwide since the oil produced from Charlotte’s Web has extremely low THC levels. People most usually purchase Charlotte’s Web in the form of CBD oil.

Charlotte’s Web is effective in treating pediatric seizure disorders like Dravet’s Syndrome. It may also address symptoms of arthritis, migraines, fatigue, muscle spasms, and fibromyalgia.

3. Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is slightly Sativa dominant (60%) and has a CBD:THC ratio of 20:1. Some strains of Ringo’s Gift have CBD levels of up to 20% and low THC levels as little as 1%. Harle-Tsu and ACDC, both known for their high CBD levels, are crossbred to develop this hybrid strain.

An earthy hash aroma and taste characterize Ringo’s Gift. Users report experiencing some cerebral activity while their body feels relaxed and soothed. You get a mild high due to the low THC content. It begins in the head and slowly but surely leads to a body buzz that keeps you relaxed but not impaired in any way.

Ringo’s Gift is a popular strain among people with chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorder, anxiety, muscle spasms, stress, PTSD, and arthritis. Ringo’s Gift keeps you alert yet relaxed and ensures you remain sociable. It is a good choice to take during the day.

4. Harle-Tsu (The Cannabis Strain for Pain)

Harle-Tsu is a 60% Indica dominant strain that is a crossbreed of the Sour Tsunami and Harlequin strains. Its CBD and THC levels are 22% and 1%, respectively. Though the Harle-Tsu is relatively rare, its popularity won’t allow the situation to remain so.

The Harle-Tsu gives a mellow effect and works well as a painkiller instead of making you high. At first, you may feel buzzed. Afterward, your body may feel relaxed and free. Harle-Tsu is excellent for daytime use since it often leaves people feeling energized and motivated. It’s great for treating ailments such as depression, inflammation, PMS, PTSD, migraines, and insomnia.

5. Harlequin (A Unique Hybrid Marijuana Strain)

Although this famous 75% Sativa dominant strain boasts of having THC levels between 7-15%, it also boasts a high CBD content of not less than 10%. That means that Harlequin is best suited for daytime use, keeping you energetic and alert. Harlequin can also keep you calm and relaxed while offering your body and mind a soothing effect.

This strain may be effective in fighting stress, depression, inflammation, chronic pain, migraines, and PTSD. Overall, Harlequin is an excellent pain reliever; hence some people choose it as an alternative to OTC and prescription pain killers.

What Does CBD Dominant Mean? – The Takeaway

You can search for CBD products made from strains high in Sativa, THC, or Indica. You can also search for CBD products made from CBD-dominant strains. Thus, knowing the answer to the question: “What does CBD dominant mean?” will help you shop with confidence.

If you’re interested in CBD products made from CBD-dominants strains, visit Tanasi. Browse through our catalog and find high-quality CBD oils created from CBD-dominant strains. Think there are more awesome CBD-dominant strains not mentioned here? Yes? Then mention them in the comment section.

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