Water Soluble CBD Products – What’s The Difference?

water soluble cbd

Posted on April 28th, 2022

Why should you try water soluble CBD? Well, you’ve probably heard lots about CBD products in recent years, especially in relation to their medicinal benefits. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was federally legalized, and many state laws are opening the doors for all types of CBD products to be sold over-the-counter. CBD oil and edibles lead the way, with people stocking up on tinctures and gummies.

Water soluble CBD products are catching on like wildfire, too. The water-soluble CBD products are different from traditional CBD products. These products mix easily with water, and your body is made of water. Why is that so important, and is the claim about certain CBD products being water soluble really true?

CBD Lipophilic In Nature Making Water Soluble CBD

By nature, CBD is not water soluble. Instead, it’s soluble in oil, and that’s why you see so many CBD oils. In fact, tinctures are some of the most popular delivery methods. Naturally, oil does not dissolve in water. So why should you seek out a CBD product that does?

Well, to create this product, manufacturers use nano-emulsions to isolate micelles, hiding oil droplets. The isolated oils are tightly bound, making them water soluble. It’s all about the science and modernizing how you consume CBD.

To that end, you can mix these water-soluble products in liquids, letting you do more with CBD. Basically, this helps your CBD compare other to water-soluble nutrients like vitamin B12. In contrast, oil-based CBD products compare to nutrients such as vitamin E oil.

Why does that matter? Your body has an easier time digesting and absorbing water-soluble nutrients. And that’s because your small intestine absorbs them, carrying them to your liver through the hepatic portal vein. Now, while many small fats travel through the same vein to your liver, CBD oil is considered a large fat. So it must take a different route. And, while both CBD forms make it to the liver eventually, they’ll enjoy different absorption rates.

Bioavailability Of Water Soluble CBD

The bioavailability of oil-based CBD products varies, and it has much to do with what else you consume. Let’s say you take a CBD product on an empty stomach. You can only count on bioavailability of oral CBD products to be about six percent. That’s not all that great.

However, if you were to eat a fatty meal and take an oil-based CBD product, the absorption rate will improve. That is the same notion that is applied to fat-soluble nutrients like vitamin E. You hear dieticians talk about not taking these types of supplements on an empty stomach.

Research proves the absorption of water soluble nutrients; however, there have not been any studies thus far concerning CBD that dissolves in water and a fatty diet. One thing about this delivery method is that the particles are quite small. That said, some experts suggest particles consumed orally that hit the mouth’s mucous membranes might even pass up the first round of the liver’s metabolic process.

Company Claims

Once you start diving into the market, you’re going to see quite a few company claims about bioavailability. What should you make of these claims?

You might notice some of these companies do not provide research to back up their claims. However, there are quite a few companies that do, and studies have indeed been conducted. One such study showed that the bioavailability of water-soluble cannabidiol was five times greater than that of oil-soluble CBD.

Both types of products are great, but it pays to know more about each of them. It certainly pays to know that in many instances, water soluble CBD products rule when it comes to bioavailability with ease. You want your body to get the most benefits from consuming CBD products.

There are things you can do to make oil-soluble CBD more bioavailable within your body. It was mentioned that consuming these products with a fatty meal does help. Studies also show that sesame oil helps when it comes to the absorption of oil-based CBD products.

Not only is this form of CBD absorbed much more easily and is more bioavailable, it also reaches higher peak rates in your system. That is superior absorption at its best.

While bioavailability and absorption are key, there are still other benefits to water-soluble CBD products, too. The rate at which water soluble cannabidiol products are absorbed is also faster, and that means a person will experience the effects much sooner. Dosing is more consistent, the products are more stable, and they are also not subject to oxidation like oil-based CBD products.

This gives water-soluble CBD a longer shelf life than oil-based CBD. Plus, you can simply put water soluble CBD in your favorite beverage. That is not something you want to do with an oil. Furthermore, CBD oils sometimes have a strong taste if they are not a product termed an “isolate.” Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products often have that nasty taste. Water-soluble cannabidiol products are typically tasteless and odorless.

Water Soluble CBD: Isolates Vs Spectrums

Water soluble cannabidiol is available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum form; however, it is also commonly sold as an isolate, which requires the winterization process. You want to ensure that the product you purchase has been subject to testing by a third party. You want a guarantee when it comes to potency, quality, and of course, purity.

Why is rapid delivery and consistent dosing so important? Think about someone with a sleep disorder. They plan to take CBD products to help them rest and get a good night’s sleep. Rapid delivery is important, as is purity and potency. Consistent and of course convenient dosage is also a priority.

Taking cannabidiol that dissolves in water is certainly a viable alternative to oil-based CBD products, and the reasons are clear. Equipped with the right knowledge, consumers can make better purchase decisions concerning CBD products in general.

Final Thoughts Water Soluble CBD - cbd oil and marijuana leaf against a blue backdorp

CBD that is water soluble may not be considered better than oil-based CBD, but the benefits are clear. Each type of CBD product has its advantages and best-case uses. However, it’s hard to argue with the bioavailability of this product and how advantageous it is for consumers. After all, you want to get more for your money. The same rule about solubility can be applied to vitamins and nutrients that you consume, so there is no argument left on the table.

That is why there is a push to get more of the water-soluble CBD products on the market. More research and studies are likely to be conducted in the near future, and that will make even more information about these products readily available to the general public. For now, you can count on better bioavailability and more when you decide to go with a product that is more compatible with your body than it is with what you eat.

Not only are you equipped with the right knowledge, but you will likely notice the difference as you make the change. Check out which manufacturers are producing the top water soluble products that contain CBD, and be sure the information is verified by a third party.

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