This is How We Make Water-Soluble CBD + CBDA Drink Concentrate

Posted on October 29th, 2022

Cutting-edge research goes hand in hand with Tanasi’s mission to invest in science, which is why we were early adopters of water-soluble CBD, the main ingredient in our 2400mg CBD+CBDa drink concentrate. But why is water-soluble cannabidiol such a big deal, you may wonder?

Well, the typical CBD extract comes out of hemp plants as an oily substance. And, as anyone who’s taken a high school science class knows, oil and water don’t mix. Or they didn’t…until scientific research gave us the nanotechnology needed to create a water-soluble form of CBD.

Sounds complicated? It is, but it’s also really exciting. Which is why we’re here to explain how we make our water-soluble, full-spectrum, CBD+CBDa drink concentrate. And why we’re guessing it’s going to give you an easy, on-the-go option for getting in your daily supplements.

Why Don’t Oil and Water Mix? Tanasi drink concentrate fitting in a pocket

For anyone who needs a refresher, water is a polar molecule – it has a positive charge on one side of its cell, and a negative one on the other end. The polar opposites attract each other, making water molecules stick together. In contrast, an oil molecule is evenly balanced, so it’s more likely to stick to other molecules than to itself.

Now, since oil molecules want to connect with other oil molecules, not water molecules, and water molecules just want to stick to themselves, these two can never fully mix. At least not in their unaltered, natural states.

How Does CBD Become Water Soluble?

In its natural state, CBD dissolves in fat, not water. But in recent years, scientists discovered that, by using a process called nano emulsification, we can break down CBD into particles that are small enough (nano-sized) to become water soluble. And this process involves the use of an emulsifier, which is a machine that uses force to easily mix two otherwise incompatible substances. (Like oil and water.)

Now, you might worry that breaking down CBD into tiny particles would change its nature, meaning water-soluble CBD would be a very different supplement than other forms of this extract. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Because while nano emulsification bursts bigger CBD particles into smaller ones, they don’t lose their main properties in the process. The only difference is that they’re now able to dissolve in water, meaning it’s easier than ever to add CBD to sports drinks, water bottles or even a morning coffee.

Inside Tanasi Water Soluble Drink Concentrate

As you’ve probably guessed by now, nano particles form the base of our hemp-extract drink concentrate. But they’re not just plain old CBD nanos. Instead, we use the same patent-pending ratio of CBD+CBDa that goes into all our other Tanasi products.  Then, we round out the ingredients list with the full-spectrum of hemp-plant compounds, along with water and propylene glycol. (This is a common food additive that’s a thick, colorless liquid with a slightly-sweet taste.)

But how does your drink concentrate arrive at your door? We deliver the CBD + CBDa water soluble drink concentrate in a recyclable paper box that protects the bottle or dropper. In a minute, we’ll explain how to use that bottle dropper to measure an accurate supplement dose. First, though, we’ll go over all the other goodies included in your packaging.

On your product box, and product label you’ll find a QR code that links directly to the Certificate of Analysis, or COA, information.

But what is a COA, and why does it matter? This provides the results of unbiased, third-party testing that proves your product is safe, legal and contains the stated blend of plant-extracts. It’s considered a sign of a reputable manufacturer, so you should never buy a hemp or cannabis product without an easily accessible COA.

The leaflet insert in the product box is our way to share some basic dosing guidelines. (Yet we encourage all CBD enthusiasts to find their own CBD routine, after clearing the safe use of this supplement with a licensed medical professional.) Our suggested doses are just general guidelines, based on weight ranges and desired levels of effects. Even if you follow our tips, you’ll probably need to experiment a bit to find that just-right dose. So start low, go slow, and you’ll eventually find a perfect dosing zone that gives you the results you want or seek.

How to use Water Soluble CBD Drink Concentrate tanasi water soluble drink concentrate with full dropper

Every 30ml drink concentrate bottle contains 2400mg of CBD+CBDa, which means you get an 80 mg dose in every 1ml, which just so happens to be the amount you’ll get when you fill up the included dropper. Our other packaging for this product is a dropper, and you can add the desired drops to your beverage of choice. There are 4mg per drop.

With the bottle and dropper, once you’ve filled your dropper, go ahead and release its contents into your favorite beverage. If you choose to mix the concentrate into water or a light-colored drink, you may notice it leaves a cloudy appearance. Don’t worry—it dissolves with a quick mixing motion. And, once you’ve done your mixing, you just enjoy your beverage as you usually would. Keep in mind that, especially for mild-flavored drinks, you may notice a slightly earthy aftertaste, but most people find this taste pleasant, if they can even detect a flavor.   In fact, Tanasi customer Lisa M says that she “Put 20mg in my coffee (no taste and mixes instantly).” She enjoyed the drink concentrate so much that she,  “immediately bought the lotion, salve, tincture and biggest bottle of the drink concentrate. The price is very reasonable and all the products definitely work!!”

Reviews like that make us blush, but we do have to point out that everyone’s CBD experience is distinct, and no two people will enjoy the exact same results, nor will they need the same amount of CBD to notice any effects at all. There are similarities, just not identical experiences. So, what’s the key to getting the most out of your water-soluble CBD drink concentrate? (Or any CBD product, for that matter?)

Consistency is crucial. Once you’ve landed on a daily dose that works for you, make sure to stick to a daily routine, since that’s how most people find their groove. And if you discover that one form of CBD isn’t quite your jam? Please don’t stress. Every Tanasi product includes a no-questions asked, 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Because we care about our customers, and we believe in our research-backed products. So to offer any less just wouldn’t make sense!

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