Here’s the Science Behind Greenway Herbal Products’ Tanasi Line

Posted on April 22nd, 2022

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound that’s found in both marijuana and hemp plants. It’s gaining a lot of traction in the marketplace for a variety of reasons. There is more and more research coming out about the effectiveness of CBD for various medical use cases. While there is still a tremendous amount of research needed to be done, there is a lot of hope and optimism that it will one day become an effective natural compound for different conditions.

The biggest drawback with CBD right now has to be the fact it’s unregulated. Since the Farm Bill was introduced and passed, the red tape surrounding CBD was reduced. Nowadays, CBD derived from hemp plants is not classified under Schedule 1 status [1]. This has opened up CBD products to more and more people. Despite that fact, many companies sell poor-quality CBD that doesn’t meet regulation standards. One company that you can count on to deliver high-quality CBD and CBDa is Greenway Herbal Products, the company behind the well-respected Tanasi brand.

Why Tanasi From Greenway Herbal Products? Greenway Herbal Products

1. Committed To Excellence

One of the biggest things you need to look for when choosing the right CBD product is the right brand. As mentioned, there is no regulation currently in the industry. Because of this, you want to ensure the brand you are buying from is committed to providing the best possible product. That’s exactly what you get when you choose a brand like Tanasi. They have invested heavily in Research and Development to perfect their Patent-Pending formula [2]. They didn’t take an existing formula and slap their branding on it. Rather, they did their research and development to formulate the optimal CBD formula for more effective absorption.

2. CBDA and CBD

One of the things you will quickly notice when shopping for CBD is that most companies sell CBD-only formulas. They are selling formulas that only have CBD and some of them aren’t even full-spectrum. Full-spectrum means they retained all of the other compounds that can be found naturally in the hemp plant. Having other compounds with CBD allows for a synergistic effect. Without them and with only pure CBD extract, you lack the synergy and get an inferior product because of it. Tanasi did the research and found that products that combined both CBDA and CBD in every dose were capable of delivering twice the effectiveness of CBD alone [2]. This alone is reason enough to consider buying from a brand like Tanasi because you won’t find this type of proprietary formula elsewhere.

3. Different Types Of Greenway Herbal Products

Another reason to choose a brand like Tanasi has to do with the diversity of its product offerings. Whenever you are choosing to use something like CBD, you want the most effective delivery solution. The delivery solution is equally important as the quality of the product being delivered. You want to ensure that not only you are getting something that works for you, but also something that works for your intended use case. For instance, if you are looking for CBD to help with arthritis in the hands, you will benefit most from lotions and salves. Whereas, if you are looking for CBD to counteract anxiety and stress levels, you may be better off using capsules or even tinctures. Finding the right delivery method is key to getting the best results out of your CBD use.

Why Greenway Herbal Products CBD + CBDA?

This one is more complicated. Even if you have heard about CBD, you may not be familiar with CBDA. CBDA is another cannabinoid compound that you will find in both cannabis and hemp plants. It’s the precursor to CBD. By combining the two in a single product, you get a product that is much more potent and effective than CBD by itself. This makes it a much better product for those that want something that is going to deliver maximum results. It doesn’t matter why you are using CBD, you will get a better and more complete product when it has both cannabinoids in it. Also, all of Tanasi’s products are full-spectrum which means you are getting all of the synergistic benefits that come with getting all of the compounds through your preferred delivery mechanism. As mentioned previously, Tanasi has found that combining CBD and CBDA in a single product allows for 2 times the effectiveness of CBD by itself.

What Forms of CBD are Included in Greenway Herbal Products’ Tanasi Line?

1. Full-Spectrum Lotion

This particular product is great for those that suffer from inflammatory skin conditions and even inflammatory conditions like arthritis. As mentioned, there have been numerous studies that show how effective CBD can be at combatting inflammation. Also, reports as many as 29 percent of people suffering from arthritis use CBD to manage the symptoms [3]. The main reason is to get pain relief. Tanasi’s Full Spectrum CBD lotion uses Tanasi’s proprietary mix of CBD and CBDa. It contains 10mg of full-spectrum hemp extract per pump.

2. Full-Spectrum Softgels

Tanasi also has full-spectrum soft gels that you can use to experience the many benefits that CBD has to offer. These soft gels come in different doses. You can get one that delivers 10mg per pill, 50mg per pill, and 25mg per pill. This product is easy to swallow for those that have a hard time swallowing hard pills.

3. Full Spectrum DBC Plus Fish Oil Softgels

This product is unique in that it delivers full-spectrum CBD along with a daily dose of Wild Alaskan fish oil. This can be good for those that suffer from arthritis and other kinds of joint pain.

4. Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

These are gummies that are easy to consume for those that don’t like to take large pills. Gummies make it easy for you to get an effective dose of CBD and CBDa.

5. Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Tanasi is well known for producing some of the best CBD products you’ll find in the marketplace and the tinctures are where you will find the most premium product lines. Tanasi GOLD is their premium product line that gives you everything you would want in a CBD product. These products contain terpene flavoring, MCT oil for better and more efficiently deliver, and easy dosing. You can easily follow the dosage guidelines and all you need to do is place the drops underneath your tongue. That way, your body can absorb the CBD most quickly and efficiently allowing you to experience nearly immediate effects.

As you can see, Tanasi is a line you can trust when you are looking to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. Still, you want to discuss adding this supplement to the mix with your doctor. It may interact with certain medications, so mention your use to avoid any unnecessary complications, even though CBD is well tolerated and doesn’t have known severe side effects. When you choose a product from a reputable brand like Tanasi, you know what you are getting and how much you are getting with each product having its Certificate of Analysis. This should give you the peace of mind you need in an industry that lacks regulation.





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