The Benefits of Using Hemp Lotion

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Posted on July 17th, 2021

For thousands of years, civilizations across the globe used hemp. It’s one of the most versatile crops in the world. In fact, hemp seeds can be a food source, while hemp extracts can be used as wellness supplements, and in beauty and skincare products.

Hemp seed oil is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in lotions and moisturizers because of the numerous benefits that it offers. While these products are typically combined with another emollient, such as shea or cocoa butter, the advantages of hemp stand out.

Now, it’s important to remember that hemp seeds don’t contain cannabinoids such as CBD. (You can only find cannabinoids in the plant’s flowers and leaves.) But, thanks to cannabidiol’s potential benefits for skin and pain, you can also find CBD-based hemp lotion. For today, though, we’ll focus on hemp seed oil and the lotions that contain that product.

Hemp Lotion: Rich In Vitamins That Nourish the Skin Tanasi hemp lotion

Lotion is designed to moisturize the skin, but lotion that contains hemp seed oil can benefit the skin in many other ways. It’s rich in both vitamins C and B6, which are able to increase collagen production and firm the skin. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin E, which encourages skin tissue growth.

Hemp lotion contains amino acids that can generate elastin, which helps to prevent wrinkle formation. It’s also high in essential fatty acids, like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These nutrients can enhance the skin’s appearance and can help to keep it supple.

Other phytonutrients found in hemp lotion include vitamin D, which can minimize dark spots and smooth lines, and calcium, which can help the skin to regenerate and recover. It contains magnesium, which can help to stabilize hormone production, and is also a fantastic source of potassium, which makes it easier for body to keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

Using hemp lotion consistently can greatly improve the health and appearance of the skin. The right hemp product will do more than keep your skin from feeling dry. It can provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to repair itself, keeping your skin healthy and youthful-looking even as you age.

Hemp Is Highly Penetrative

While beneficial ingredients can be found in many lotions, hemp oil is extremely penetrative, which means it will be easier for your body to absorb your lotion and benefit from its nutrients. This also means that you can get excellent results by applying even a small amount of hemp lotion to your skin.

When you’re choosing a lotion, it’s important to consider how your body will react to it. Most lotions that contain hemp are rich and hydrating. Thanks to the inclusion of hemp seed oil, you’ll be able to see the benefits of the lotion you use right away.

Hemp Can Address a Variety of Skin Conditions

If you’re looking for an everyday lotion, a product that contains hemp seed oil is a fantastic option. However, hemp products can also be an excellent choice for people who suffer from skin conditions. Since hemp is so moisturizing, it may be able to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite, and skin abrasions.

Hemp oil may also have anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can be cool a sunburn or soothe inflamed skin. It can be applied all over the body or to a specific area that needs attention, like a rash. Since hemp seed oil can help the body regulate oil levels more effectively, it can even be used if you have body acne.

People who suffer from chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis may benefit greatly from hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is able to calm skin even when it’s badly irritated. For that reason, you may find relief, even in the middle of an eczema flare.

It’s Suitable for All Skin Types

Not only can hemp lotion be applied to the body, but there are many products that you can also use on your face. Hemp is able to provide skin with the moisture it needs without clogging pores. It can help people with oily skin to regulate oil production, but it can also keep dry skin hydrated and flake-free.

It can be difficult to find moisturizing products that are right for your skin type, especially if you have combination skin. Hemp seed oil is able to adapt to the skin’s needs, making it suitable for almost everyone. Hemp moisturizers can also be used throughout the year.

Using Hemp Lotion Is Environmentally Friendly

It’s common for lotions to use non-renewable resources, such as mineral and petroleum oil, to provide moisture to the skin. Hemp seed oil is even more moisturizing than these oils, but it’s also sustainable. Hemp is a resilient crop that’s resistant to many threats, which means it isn’t necessary to use pesticides.

When hemp is processed, it isn’t necessary to use potentially harmful ingredients such as chlorine bleach or toxic chemicals. It’s an incredibly versatile plant that is used to make thousands of products. If you’re looking for a new lotion, and you’re concerned about the environmental impact of the products that you choose, hemp lotion is an excellent option.

Hemp Lotion Is Cruelty-Free

It can be difficult to find effective skincare products that are also cruelty-free. Some products are tested on animals before they are released to market, and some products test specific ingredients on animals. Hemp products can be a wonderful alternative.

The majority of lotions that use hemp seed oil are cruelty free, and it’s common for these products to use organic ingredients as well. If you want the best for your skin, but you don’t want to support products that test on animals, you’ll want to look more closely at some of the hemp products on the market.

Most Hemp Products Have an Appealing Natural Scent CBD Receptors In Skin - CBD skin cream

Many lotions on the market contain some sort of fragrance. While scented products may seem pleasant when they’re first applied to the skin, they can also be highly irritating. Fragrance in lotions can even lead to allergic-contact dermatitis.

Hemp lotion smells great, but the majority of hemp products on the market don’t contain fragrance of any kind. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural fragrance of hemp. (Due to its rich terpene content.)  Using hemp lotion will allow you to avoid artificial fragrance but still enjoy an amazing-smelling lotion.

Hemp Lotion Can Be Legally Purchased Across the United States

In the past, hemp production  was heavily regulated. However, after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was federally legalized. In early 2021, the USDA finalized its regulatory framework for hemp product production.

Thanks to these changes, hemp products are far more accessible than they were in the past. You can order hemp lotions online and even purchase them in brick and mortar stores. There are all kinds of different products to choose from, ranging from skincare products to body lotions.

Using hemp lotion can give your skin some much-needed moisture, but it can also help your skin in other ways. Since it’s rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, the right lotion can dramatically change the health of your skin. Hemp lotion can also soothe inflamed skin and may even provide pain relief.

Your skin functions as a barrier between your body and potentially harmful toxins. If you take better care of your skin, you’ll be able to keep that barrier strong. Take advantage of the nourishing properties of hemp and give your skin the defense that it needs. And, for an added bonus, browse Tanasi’s selection of CBD-based hemp lotions, which can moisturize your skin while offering all the potential benefits of a full spectrum cannabis product.

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