THCA Vs CBD: Are Both Legal And What’s The Difference?


Posted on April 25th, 2022

What’s the difference between CBD and THCA? When looking at THCA vs CBD, many people are under the impression that THCA is the same as THC, producing psychoactive effects. Yet that is not the case, however, as THCA is more similar to CBD. Now with that being said, what are the differences between THCA and CBD?

They are indeed structurally different, and CBD is a cannabinoid while THCA is actually a cannabinoid acid.

Potential Benefits Of THCA THCA vs CBD

THCA may act as an anti-inflammatory, just like CBD. It may even offer neuroprotective properties. Since it is not an intoxicating substance, people are grouping it in the same category as CBD for its potential medicinal uses. On the federal level, however, products with more than 0.3% THC are still listed as illegal. Yet CBD products became legal with the 2018 Farm Bill and individual state laws, as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC.

If THC is not legalized in your state, it is best not to consume products containing THCA. While THCA does not produce euphoric and intoxicating effects, the federal government has yet to recognize the difference between THC and THCA.

Drug tests and THCA

Will you fail a drug test if you consume THCA? Truthfully, the answer is yes, you may fail a drug test. Both THC and THCA show up as the same metabolites in drug tests. Unfortunately, the laws have yet to catch up to the science when it comes to this acidic cannabinoid.

While that is the case, some progress has been made in federal workplaces. The progress made is geared to help prevent trace amounts of THC from failing people taking drug tests.

Potential Benefits Of CBD

When consuming CBD or THCA products, it is important to understand how they interact with your body. You have to think about your individual situation and where you live. State laws govern what you are able to consume, and you also have to concern yourself with any upcoming drug tests. One way to avoid all of these worries is to focus primarily on CBD products, specifically CBD isolate.

There are many notable benefits of consuming CBD, and remember, many of these benefits are also realized when consuming products that contain THCA. It’s just that THCA, while non-intoxicating, enjoys a different legal status than CBD and can cause you to fail a drug test.

The benefits of CBD are backed by science. Much research has been done, and quite a few studies have been conducted, although more research is necessary to confirm these uses. Consuming CBD may help counter symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders.

You might also want to learn more about water-soluble CBD. It reacts with the body differently, and therefore, it is often more effective. Studies surrounding water-soluble CBD, however, are in their infancy.

THCA Benefits - THCA isolate, the most concentrated form of CBD

As for more benefits of taking CBD, one is that it may manage symptoms of epilepsy. In fact, the FDA-approved drug called Epidiolex treats certain rare forms of childhood epilepsy.

Did you know that there has also been a big move to use CBD to help with opioid addiction? CBD may minimize withdrawal anxiety and cravings. It could also help with cortisol levels and a person’s resting heart rate.

THCA vs CBD: Dosing Guidelines

Let’s talk dosage for a minute. One study published recorded people taking three different dosages of CBD. Some took a dosage of 150 mg, another took 300 mg, and another took 600 mg. Not only is dosage size important, but it also matters how often you use the CBD products.

Water-soluble CBD has a much better absorption rate, too. If you take oil-based CBD on an empty stomach, you are going to experience a low absorption rate. That means you aren’t going to reap all the benefits!

THCA VS CBD: Which to Choose

Instead of looking at it as CBD Vs THCA, you might also want to look at combining the two substances. Why would you do that? It was mentioned that with THCA, you have to pay attention to matters of legality and of course drug tests for employment. However, when you consume both CBD and THCA, you get what is called the entourage effect.

The entourage effect means that you could get more health benefits from both CBD and THCA. The combined effect could make all the difference in the world for people who are more concerned with their symptoms than they are with the legalities of THC.

More About The Benefits

Some people say that CBD helps alleviate symptoms of ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Research also suggests that CBD works as a pain reliever, without resorting to prescription medications or invasive procedures. You can ingest CBD for pain orally, or apply it topically.

One important note is that topical CBD is much more localized. That said, a patient could experience much more pronounced effects. Therefore, when pain symptoms can be addressed using topical ointments, it might be best to go this route. Or, you can use CBD both topically and orally to help combat the pain symptoms.

Diabetic complications might also be eased when a patient starts using CBD products. In one study, it was shown that CBD helps reduce resistin levels in diabetic patients. Resistin levels have everything to do with a person’s resistance to insulin. Additionally, the same study showed that CBD could help increase insulinotropic peptide, which helps ensure people get insulin naturally from the foods they consume.

THCA Vs CBD – Final Thoughts

When it comes to THCA Vs CBD, you’re mostly looking at legalities and employment drug screenings. Outside of those consequences, you’ve got two different substances that achieve the same types of goals. In fact, when grouped together, they produce an entourage effect.

Knowing these important points helps you determine which is best to use in your case, if not both. To dive in deeper, read up on individual studies that have been published based on the treatment of certain conditions and/or symptoms. The more you know about these relatively new products, the better.

You also want to find a trusted supplier that complies with your local state laws. THC is still not legal in most states, so you might find yourself having to steer clear of THCA, for now. Keep in mind, however, that those laws can always change, and there is reason to believe that the entourage effect might be everyone’s best bet.

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