Should You Try a CBD Wax Pen?

CBD Wax - a sample of cbd wax a cannabis bulb

Posted on July 13th, 2021

There are many delivery methods for CBD, including edibles, subliminal consumption, topical products, and vaping. However, another delivery method that has received less attention is dabbing. This method requires you to use a CBD wax pen to dab a CBD concentrate.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Dabs and Other CBD Products?

CBD dabs come in many forms, including crystals, wax, shatter, budder, and crumbles. These products can all vary in texture and consistency. The key difference between dabs and other CBD products is that the concentration of CBD in dabs is much higher.

CBD products combine CBD concentrate with additional ingredients. In contrast, dabs contain CBD and nothing else. Because dabs are comprised of unadulterated CBD, they can also impact the body in different ways.

What Are the Different Types of CBD Wax? CBD Wax Pen

A CBD pen can be used with any kind of CBD wax. One of the most popular types of wax is shatter, a slab of CBD concentrate that looks like it is made up of shattered glass. It’s important to look at the methods used to produce shatter before purchasing this type of wax. When butane is used, it can decrease the potency of this wax.

Crumble, a type of wax made from pre-purged CBD oil, is another very popular option. Its name refers to its crumbly texture, which makes it easier to use than many other types of CBD wax. It’s simple to break off a piece whenever you want to vape CBD.

Another option is CBD budder, which is made by agitating CBD oil. This process allows cannabinoids to be purged from the oil. It results in a product with a texture that’s similar in consistency to butter. It has a higher consistency than other types of wax.

What Kinds of Results Will You Get From Dabbing CBD?

While CBD dabs offer similar benefits to other forms of CBD, the effect that the CBD has on your body is intensified because the product is so potent. Using a pen will also allow the CBD to enter your body via the respiratory system, which means you’ll be able to feel its effect almost instantly.

Inhaling CBD increases its bioavailability, which means you can get very potent results from dabbing even with a low dosage of CBD. Because it’s stronger than other availability methods, and because you can see significant results with a very low dose, dabbing can be especially effective to those that are using CBD to address pain.

How Do You Dab CBD?

Dabbing requires you to have CBD dabs, but you’ll also need additional equipment. You’ll need to invest in a CBD wax pen, and you’ll also need a container for your CBD concentrate. Pens are far more convenient than dab rigs, which require you to use a butane torch to heat your rig before you dab.

Learning to dab can be a challenging and complicated process, but it’s much easier with a vape pen. These pens allow you to take apart your pen and apply wax to the coils. Once the oil has been applied, you can reassemble your pen. When you press the button on your pen, it will cause the wax to combust, creating vapors that you can inhale.

While this may sound complex, most people that dab CBD wax purchase pre-formed CBD wax cartridges. These cartridges come pre-filled with CBD wax. The cartridge can be used repeatedly until all the wax is used. After that, it will need to be replaced.

Can Using CBD Wax Pens Get You High?

CBD contains virtually no THC and has no psychoactive properties, which means it won’t get you high. However, because it is so potent, it can have a strong effect on the body that may feel similar to intoxication. Users often report feeling extremely relaxed and drowsy after CBD dabs.

It’s always important to start with a low dose when you’re new to CBD, but it’s even more important to show caution when you’re using a product as potent as CBD concentrate. Since you’ll be taking in a high concentration of CBD, you may find that your body feels heavy after you inhale.

How Long Do The Effects of CBD Dabs Last?

Inhaling CBD vapor provides faster and more potent effects, but these effects aren’t as long-lasting as many other methods. In many cases, the effects of CBD vapor will wear off in about three hours. In contrast, if you place CBD oil under the tongue, you can expect to feel the effects for seven hours or more.

Of course, since dabbing often causes feelings of extreme drowsiness, the shorter effect duration may not be a problem. It’s common for people to dab CBD before going to bed at night. Since CBD also improves REM sleep functions in the body, taking CBD before bed can leave you feeling awake and refreshed the next morning.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Dabbing CBD?

As mentioned previously, the biggest benefit of using CBD wax is that it’s both pure and potent. It’s an incredibly effective delivery method that doesn’t require you to wait to feel results. Since the bioavailability is so high, even a very low dosage can have a powerful effect.

The portability of these pens is another benefit. You’ll need to take time to place wax inside your pen in advance, but once that’s done, you can bring your pen with you, allowing you to enjoy the effects of CBD even when you’re away from home.

The biggest drawback of using a wax pen is that these devices can be very difficult to clean. There is a sticky residue left behind by CBD wax after it combusts. It’s important to clean the pen regularly to keep the residue from building up on the coils. If there is too much wax build up, it may no longer be possible for you to combust CBD wax that has been placed in the pen.

You can reduce the need for cleanup by selecting a pen that utilizes cartridges. Pens that use cartridges will still need to be cleaned, but there will be far less residue left behind. Refilling the chamber manually will give you more flexibility about the CBD products you use, but it’s a less convenient option for many users.

How Can You Choose the Right CBD Wax Pen? CBD Concentrate Wax - CBD WAX lying besides a cbd oil jar and dropper

When selecting a wax pen, you’ll need to decide if you want to use removable cartridges. You’ll also need to take other factors into consideration, like your budget and the appearance of the pen. Some pens are far more discreet than others are.

In addition to these things, it can be helpful to look at the pen’s temperature settings. Some pens offer multiple temperature settings, while others do not allow you to control the temperature in any way. If you want to have full control over your vaping experience, you should seek out a product that offers these kinds of options.

Other factors you’ll want to pay attention to include the battery the pen uses and its battery life. If you plan on bringing your pen with you when you’re away from home, a longer battery life will ensure that you’ll be able to use your pen at any time you want.

A CBD wax pen may not be the best option for someone that is completely new to CBD. After all, there are CBD delivery methods that are simpler and more user-friendly than dabbing. Still, the potency and high bioavailability of CBD concentrate make this an option worth considering. CBD wax is a way to experience the full effect of CBD.

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