Good News: We’ve Done The Scientific Research On Hemp Extract

Posted on June 19th, 2023

We know hemp extract choices can be confusing. But the good news is that we’ve done the scientific research on hemp extract – so let’s break it down for you to make things easier to understand.

There are a lot of CBD products out there today, and the list is growing. Now, choices are great, but they can also be overwhelming. This is especially true because, on a surface level, it’s not easy to spot the differences between one hemp extract product and its similarly-priced competitor.

Fortunately, at Tanasi, we want to take you beyond the pretty packaging of our CBD + CBDa hemp extract products. We want you to understand every ingredient: what it is and why we include it in our full spectrum and broad spectrum cannabidiol CBD. And to do that, we’re going to give you a quick and dirty scientific CBD breakdown.

Where does CBD Come from?

CBD is one of many cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant (we’ll come back to this shortly). Depending on the way this plant is grown, you’ll find certain cannabinoids pop up in higher or lower concentrations. Some plants are cultivated for higher cannabidiol concentrations. We generally call them industrial hemp plants. Other times, cannabis plants are cultivated for higher concentrations of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical which produces a euphoric high for recreational users). Typically, those plants are labeled as marijuana.

Of course, the source plant is the same for THC and CBD, which is why legal CBD products are carefully monitored. If you buy CBD with a THC concentration that exceeds 0.3%, you could be violating federal laws. That’s why, at Tanasi, we are extremely careful about our hemp plants, also known as biomass. Our cannabidiol CBD + CBDa is a true hemp extract, harvested from plants grown in the U.S.A. And while we provide both broad and full-spectrum CBD, which means you get to benefit from many different cannabinoids, you don’t have to worry about more than 0.3% THC sneaking in there.

“But wait for a second, What are these cannabinoids you speak of?” Keep reading, we’ll help you sort through all this science-speak. And then you’ll have the answers you need to make informed purchasing decisions and to understand why our exceptional products are patent-pending.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Put simply, cannabinoids are a group of naturally-occurring chemical compounds (at the molecule level) that are found in the cannabis plant. When you ingest or absorb them, cannabinoids may produce effects in your body.

To truly understand cannabidiol (CBD), you’ve got to once again consider where it comes from, the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. CBD is one of many cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa L. plant; but we actually have to take it through some processing to produce the hemp extract that we use in our salves, tinctures, water-soluble drink concentrates, muscle relief rubs, sun recovery lotions and other hemp extracts products.

Close to 100 different cannabinoids live inside the Cannabis Sativa L. plant. There is the acidic precursor, CBDA, and the cannabinoid without the “A” (or acid) CBD equals two (2) cannabinoids. Our process is to convert the CBDA into CBD and make this a 1-to-1 CBDA/CBD ratio. There are many different ways to formulate CBD products, which is why there are so many different CBD brands. Our process is unique to only us and we have scientific research to back up our formula. We believe it’s better than any other formula because of our signature 1-to-1 CBDA/CBD ratio,.

This next part is important if you truly want to distinguish between our Tanasi hemp extract CBD products and the majority of what our competitors produce.

The Golden Ratio of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Unlike many CBD companies, our Tanasi team invests in science (heck, that’s why we’re sharing this entire blog post.) We’ve spent a lot of time and money studying the Cannabis Sativa L. plant with a university-based research team. Over the years, we’ve discovered some really amazing qualities of this plant that play into our scientific research on hemp extract.

If you want to isolate concentrated CBD, you must start with the CBDA and take it through a process known as decarboxylation (which involves time, heating and pressure). You can eventually get to a CBD isolate to have 99.9% pure CBD. But, while studying this plant and this product, we discovered something really big: unprocessed, and in its natural state, CBDA actually has its own value.

When CBDA is combined with CBD, we noticed our hemp extract performed better in the tests we were running than using CBD alone. Our customers who use Tanasi hemp extract products notice a difference when compared to other hemp extracts with just CBD.

This is why, unlike so many other CBD products, Tanasi’s full-spectrum or broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) contains a proprietary, patent-pending ratio of CBDA and CBD. It’s a mix you won’t find in other CBD products. And it’s one that will add more value to your CBD purchase. We also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee (just return the unused portion and we will refund your money).

Got that? When you add CBDA to your CBD, using our scientifically-backed ratio, you’ll literally get more bang for your buck. Now, let’s examine why this acidic precursor is such a valuable tool for CBD absorption.

Mother Nature Knows Best

When you include CBDA in your cannabidiol (CBD), you’re staying close to nature. This means that you’re preserving the live cells that occur naturally in the acid. And, since our bodies are composed of living cells, these whole-plant extracts may be more effective.

But don’t just take our word for it: no reputable hemp extract company would ever expect blind trust from its customers. In order to confirm that our hemp extract ratio is optimal, we’ve continued with our extensive scientific research on hemp extract, studying all the cannabinoids in the acidic form and processed form, molecules on their own, and together. And, thanks to bioassay studies (which use living organisms to test for the presence of a compound), we confirmed that our university-developed, proprietary ratio is so unique a patent was filed to extend confidence.

More to Love with Tanasi

Not to brag or anything…well, ok, maybe just a little…but our CBDA/CBD ratio isn’t all that sets Tanasi’s line apart from other CBD products on the market. We understand that people need to know exactly what is going on or going into their bodies.

So, to honor this fact, we put detailed ingredient lists on our cannabidiol (CBD) labels. They also contain the exact, scientifically-tested concentrations of those ingredients. And that’s the information we provide in the Certificate of Analysis, or CoA, or COA, also referenced as a “C” of “A,” which comes with every Tanasi item you purchase. It’s also available on each one of our product pages, so you can truly understand what you’re purchasing before you buy CBD.

Now, most other CBD sellers don’t bother showing you the science behind their products. That’s because this kind of transparency isn’t mandated. Still, we’ve made transparency our own personal mission. Why? Because, at Tanasi, we care about producing high-quality products. But we also care about educating customers on the value and intricacy of this complex product.

And there you have it, our mission at its core: no hidden ingredients, and no mystery compounds that we try to bury in the details. We take great care with our manufacturing partners to create products with our specifications, so we may confidently bring our GreenWay Tanasi products to, and have them available for you on our website, .

We stand by our products and have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee showing how strong we stand behind our superior formula.

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