You Already Love CBD, But Here’s Why You’ll Want To Try Red Ginseng Too

Posted on April 15th, 2020

Today, we’ve got a question for you guys. Have you ever browsed Tanasi’s online CBD store and wondered, ‘Why are these guys selling Red Ginseng? That’s not CBD…” If your answer is yes, then rest assured—you’re not alone!

At first glance, it might seem strange that we sell ginseng extracts alongside our CBD oil products. But, you guys, here’s the deal — Yes, we’re a CBD company. But, at heart, we’re really a wellness company. We’re devoted to holistic, 360-degree wellness for you, our customers. And we believe that both red ginseng AND Cannabidiol have a place in your complete wellness routine. It’s why we offer both products on our online CBD store. And it’s why we’re devoting today’s blog to ways you can incorporate both of these powerful supplements into your daily routine.

What is Ginseng?

Before we help you work this powerful supplement into your daily wellness routine, we’ve got to review the different types of ginseng out there. Because there are lots. We’ve found that the most effective form of ginseng is Panax because it has the highest concentration of ginsenosides (the active ingredient in ginseng that creates an effect in your body.) Still, there are two types of ginseng: red and white.

The white ginseng is the untreated Panax ginseng root. In order to create red ginseng, we put the Panax ginseng root through a highly-specialized processing routine. And, in doing so, we activate some unique bioactive properties, which can’t be found in other types of ginseng.

People love our red ginseng for so many reasons. It has many effects on your body, but some of the scientifically-documented benefits of red ginseng include immune-boosters for cold and flu prevention, energy boosts to help you get through the day, and mood boosters to help keep away the blues.

Now that you know a little bit more about our red ginseng, we’ll take you through some tips for its daily use…in just a minute. But right before we do, let’s quickly take a look at how CBD works in your body.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an industrial hemp plant extract. This means it’s a compound which we find in varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant which have been bred for low (below 0.3%) THC concentrations. And this means that, while CBD will have an effect on your body, it won’t produce a euphoric high in your body, which is CBD’s main distinction from marijuana, the other Cannabis extract which people love to talk about.

Before we can produce CBD, we must extract Cannabidiolic Acid (CBD-A) from the Cannabis plant, and take it through a process that unleashes new, beneficial properties. Then, for the purposes of our Tanasi CBD products, we include a 1:1 ratio of CBD and CBD-A, so you can get the benefits of both extracts in your system.

Now, we can’t tell you exactly what effects our CBD will produce. But what we can tell you is that CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of things like your immune response, communication between cells, appetite and metabolism, memory, and more. Sound familiar?

Basically, red ginseng and CBD can both make an impact on similar, critical systems in your body. But each supplement also produces its own unique effect. So, by now, we’re hoping you understand why Tanasi proudly produces both CBD and red ginseng. And, assuming that you’re right here with us, we’re finally ready to walk you through our 360-wellness plan, incorporating both red ginseng and CBD into your daily routine!

Wake Up with Red Ginseng

Here at Tanasi, we recommend starting your day with your 450 mg (one capsule) dose of red ginseng. Why do we suggest taking red ginseng in the morning? Well, there are a couple of different reasons for this timeline.

First of all, as we mentioned, red ginseng can boost your energy levels. So, you want to maximize that benefit by starting early, in order to keep going strong all day long. Plus, given its energy-boosting effects, red ginseng may interfere with your sleep if taken close to bedtime. Starting your day out with your daily red ginseng dose is the best way to avoid this issue.

Additionally, when you start your day with red ginseng, your daily to-do list may seem less daunting. That’s because many of our customers report improved mental focus with their daily ginseng dose. And in times like these, anything that helps keep your mind off the news and on-task is a really big deal.

Finally, if you do have to go out into the world, you’ll want to be as safe as possible. And, since red ginseng boosts your body’s natural immunity, you’ll want to turn on that jumpstart early. Before you face the scary virus circulating our world right now. So, start your day with red ginseng, and you’ll be ready for a more focused, productive and healthier day. But don’t forget your CBD! Let’s get to working those daily doses into your jam-packed (or wide-open) current schedule.

CBD: Your All-Day, Every Day Option

Let’s say you woke up, took a red ginseng supplement, and went for an early, solo run. Now, you’re home and ready for a morning cup of Java. Do you need to wait before taking your CBD?

Absolutely not! In fact, if you’re a fan of our water-soluble, hemp-extract drink concentrate, adding a few drops to your coffee is a great way to dose your CBD. Plus, many of our customers prefer spreading their CBD doses out throughout the day, to maximize its impact and benefits. This means you wouldn’t be wrong to start early and incorporate the rest of your daily CBD dose throughout your existing routine.

Of course, we love CBD at any time of day. But, if you’re looking for a set schedule, many customers find it best to end their day with a dose of CBD. And there are some very good reasons why you should do the same.

First of all, there’s plenty of science connecting CBD and its positive impact on your sleep cycle. As such, many people enjoy creating an evening, pre-bedtime self-care ritual, centered around their daily dose of CBD.

This routine will look different for every person. Maybe you want to grab a book, grab your CBD oil tincture, and hold your sub-lingual dose under your tongue while poring over the words of your favorite author. (For maximum benefits, we suggest keeping your tincture drop underneath your tongue for two minutes before swallowing. And, if that waiting period makes you feel antsy, this distraction can really help!)

Others of you may prefer to draw a steamy bath, pop a Tanasi CBD oil capsule, and soak in the warmth, as the cannabidiol enters your system. Then, once you’re out, you finish up with your night time prep and prepare for an evening of restful, restorative (and uninterrupted) sleep.

The nature of your ritual truly doesn’t matter. The point is to take care of yourself, especially now, when times are challenging. Self-care is crucial to your mental health. And nightly rituals can help create scheduled ‘you-time,’ ensuring that you prioritize your own well-being.

In and of itself, this nightly ritual will help you get through. Truly, it will. And when you add CBD to that evening routine of pampering? The effects can only improve. After all, in addition to its impact on sleep, there’s plenty of research regarding CBD’s effect on anxiety. This means that, when you combine your daily dose of CBD with your nightly self-care ritual, great things are bound to happen.

Red Ginseng and CBD: Your Two-Pronged Approach to All-Day Wellness

Hopefully, you now understand why Tanasi (a CBD store) also carries red ginseng! If not, allow us to sum things up one more time. We’re here to help you get and stay healthy — a.k.a. help you live your best life! So, it’s our job to provide you with our top recommendations for wellness-boosting supplements.

Because, in our humble opinion, a well-rounded wellness routine includes both CBD and red ginseng. And it’s our deepest, most sincere hope that, by following our suggested daily dosing routine, you’ll feel your best. Allllllll day long. Wishing you and your loved ones continued health, safety, and well-being. For now, and for always. Stay safe out there, Tanasi family. We’ve got you!

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