Are There Red Ginseng Benefits You Should Know About?

red ginseng benefits

Posted on April 7th, 2021

Red ginseng is a plant/herb common on the Asian continent and popular in the health and wellness sector or Ayurveda. It packs potent properties that appear to be quite effective and beneficial in improving various health conditions. Many people report that symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, memory, and alertness are some things it can help with.  According to research, the presence of gintonin and ginsenosides in red ginseng makes it such a useful plant. However, modern clinical research is yet to uncover the actual reasons for the potential red ginseng benefits. 

Getting to Know Red Ginseng

There have been numerous studies on red ginseng and how it affects various functions/processes of the body. In one study, researchers found ginseng to modulate cerebro-electrical activity in the brain directly. This means ginseng could be effective for people with various memory-related conditions and inhibit certain types of dementias.  However, we need additional research to uncover exactly how ginseng may be a cognitive enhancer.

Animal studies on the effects of red ginseng, and especially ginsenosides (GS) and saponins, have also shown red ginseng to play a crucial role in protecting the heart from myocardial reperfusion/ischemia damage due to free radical injury.  The researchers believe GS enhances the conversion of L-arginine into L-citrulline, which again increases the release of nitric oxide. Although you might know this already, nitric oxide is a potent antioxidant that protects cells and tissues from oxidative stress.  It also is the reason for improved penile erection and especially for individuals suffering from ED. 

red ginsengPotential Red Ginseng Benefits

Improves Erectile Dysfunction And Male Fertility

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that occurs when/if a man cannot get or maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity. Many previously thought the condition only affected older men (over 70 years). However, studies show that men as young as 25 can experience ED. Erectile dysfunction can occur due to psychological and medical conditions that impair blood flow to the penis.

Red ginseng appears to have a direct impact in improving erectile dysfunction on both the young and the old.  It triggers increased nitric oxide levels in the blood, causing muscles and blood vessels in the penis to relax, allowing more blood to rush in. Studies have also shown Korean red ginseng to have a significant impact in triggering more production of luteinizing hormone. FSH, DHT, and free testosterone. These are some of the hormones responsible for improved performance in bed. For example, better sperm motility and sperm count in men can increase from these hormones.  All this is thanks to ginsenosides (GS), which many researchers believe helps inhibit the production of prolactin hormone as well. 

Another study showed that red ginseng benefits nitric oxide levels in the blood. This could be a basis for its usefulness in erectile dysfunction. Other studies have also shown that red ginseng triggers a decrease in prolactin. This allows more nitric oxide in the blood, and especially in the anterior pituitary. According to medical researchers, the potent ginsenosides have a direct impact in inducing the vasodilation of the penile corpus cavernosum. Vasodilation allows more blood into the penile arteries and capillaries, thus facilitating an erection. Researchers have also confirmed this through many tests on various animals. 

Better Immune Function

People have used red ginseng for a long time to treat/prevent various conditions, including common cold and flu. This is because they believe that ginseng can help develop white blood cells and trigger an increase in platelet activity. Studies also show that ginseng triggers an increase in inflammatory mediators like nitric oxide that help eliminate phagocytized microbes. This thus protects cells from oxidative stress and other factors that might contribute to a weaker immune response. 

Red ginseng also exhibits immunostimulatory effects on dendritic cells, which are responsible for adaptive immune response. It also works by triggering increased action on natural killer (NK) cells too.  Natural killer cells are cytotoxic lymphocytes that form the body’s first line of defense against infected and malignant cells. Activating these cells provides the body with capable protection against harmful microbes. These are just a couple of examples of ways that red ginseng benefits the immune system.

Gives The Body An Energy Boost

Let’s talk more about ginsenosides. Ginsenosides help protect the plant from bacteria and insects. However, these compounds also come in handy in protecting us from oxidative stress and the daily stresses of life. These compounds work by inducing a state of homeostasis in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA), hence helping fight stress and depression. By normalizing HPA’s functions, the body can produce just enough cortisol to keep you focused and alert without the fatigue and anxiety that comes with too much of it in the bloodstream. 

In other words, adding red ginseng to your daily regimen can help regulate/induce hormonal balance, especially cortisol levels. Although you might not know this, cortisol helps maintain alertness and is good for your health. The problem is, too much cortisol is what leaves us unable to sleep and/or relax. Red ginseng, however, reverses the effects of too much cortisol in the bloodstream. This allows both the body and mind to calm down and relax, thus allowing more restful sleep at night. This, in turn, leaves you feeling relaxed and energized for longer. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Red ginseng is loaded with potent antioxidants that play a crucial role in maintaining and promoting healthy cell health. Gintonin and ginsenosides seem to be quite effective in fighting off free radicals that cause oxidative stress on organs. That said, taking red ginseng capsules might start you on your way to a healthy heart as well. Studies also show red ginseng to have a significant impact on skin health. The rich antioxidant profile helps flush out toxins and free radicals from skin cells. This reduces the risk of developing various skin conditions, including dry skin, acne, rosacea, and stretch marks, to name but a few. 

Improved Mental and Cognitive Functions

One of the many red ginseng benefits is its notable potential effects on brain health and cognitive functions. There is evidence suggesting the effectiveness of red ginseng for mental health as outlined below: 

a. Ginseng packs powerful anti-fatigue properties that help maintain and even boost mental and physical performance. Dozens of studies have shown ginseng supplements to help Alzheimer’s patients improve their cognitive performance as well. Continued use of ginseng supplements can thus help our aging loved ones enhance their working and long-term memory. 

b. Ginseng contains properties that help protect the brain from inflammation and oxidative stress. Studies show that ginseng may protect brain cells from neurodegenerative diseases, including brain ischemia. Of course we still need more research on the subject to be completely positive.

c. Additionally, red ginseng benefits blood flow to the brain. Better blood flow keeps brain cells nourished with nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. The steady blood flow ensures the brain gets all the amino acids, vitamins, glucose, minerals, and other nutrients that improve brain health.


Ginseng has been a popular home treatment for diabetes for centuries. Numerous studies have also shown ginseng to have a significant impact on blood sugar levels. Ginseng extracts provide antioxidative protection on insulin cells from free radicals, hence helping improve symptoms of diabetes. Additional research also shows that red ginseng contains compounds that will enhance glucose uptake in the tissues and boost insulin production. Some researchers also believe ginseng helps improve functions of the pancreas, further improving a person’s ability to fight off symptoms of diabetes. 

13500mg korean red ginsengRed Ginseng Benefits Are Easy to Attain

One great thing about red ginseng is that it is relatively easy to take. There are numerous ways to add ginseng to your diet plan. For starters, ginseng may be eaten raw, although many people prefer taking ginseng supplements instead. Ginseng herbal tea may also be a welcome treat for your health as well. Red ginseng is also available in tablet, powder, oil, and capsule forms as well. Be sure to get your supply of ginseng from a trusted and verified supplier. Keep in mind that organic ginseng has a higher potency than others in the market. You also want to stay away from GMO ginseng as it might not be as potent as the organic ones. 


There is a lot of anecdotal and scientific evidence that supports red ginseng as a beneficial plant for humans. If you are looking for high quality ginseng, Tanasi has developed a potent capsule form of Korean red panax ginseng. While red ginseng might be purely natural and safe for most people, you might still want to talk to your doctor before trying it. This is particularly crucial if you already have an existing condition or take certain prescription medicine. The doctor will check to see if ginseng will be safe to use alongside your medication and provide the best plan for you.

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