Taking a Delta 8 Drug Test – What Do You Need To Know?

Does Delta 8 & CBD Show Up on A Drug Test? - a drug test sample under the microscope

Posted on May 11th, 2022

Are you worried about failing a Delta 8 drug test? There’s lots of controversy regarding Delta 8 THC and its variants. That’s specifically true in states where D8 is legal, but marijuana isn’t. Now, we don’t want you to  confuse CBD with Delta 8 THC. Because, while both are cannabinoids, Delta 8 makes you high. (CBD doesn’t.) Additionally, D8 can make you fail a drug test, unlike CBD.

Delta 8 Drug Test Delta 8 drug test

When would you need to take aDelta 8 drug test? Usually, these come with employment opportunities and intermittent screenings. Now, some people think that if Delta 8 is legal in their state, they don’t have to worry about testing. But that’s not the case. In fact, not only do you have to worry about drug screenings, but you also shouldn’t drive on D8.

Why is that the case? though milder, this compound does get you high. Now, technicalities allow for legal use of synthetic Delta 8. But regulations are changing constantly. And supporters want full legal status for all types of THC, while opponents want a full ban and fight to keep legalization referendums off the ballot. Many cases are making their way through the court systems, so you have to keep up state and local laws concerning Delta 8 THC and its variants.

Types Of Drug Tests

There are many types of drug tests, and many ways to analyze them, too. Now, we mentioned that synthetic D8 is technically legal at the federal level. Well, that loophole is tied to 2018 hemp laws. It left the door open for individual states to create their own mandates. While the D8 fight is ongoing, the scales seem to be tipping in favor of cannabis supporters.

Still, when it comes to drug tests, both Delta 8 and Delta 9 are essentially the same. After all, D9 degrades to D8, according to the Center for Advancing Health. Given that fact, it’s less surprising that Delta 8 is much less potent. Taken in moderation, Delta 8 may even have an energizing effect, but heavy use likely leads to sedation. People also take to Delta 8 THC because there is less risk of becoming paranoid or overanxious.

Forms of Drug Tests

Now you understand D8 and D9 differences, let’s get back to talking drug tests. There are several kinds you may need to take. Urine tests are the most common drug tests, usually administered for employment purposes. They fall into two categories: GC-MS or gas chromatography mass spectrometry tests and IA or immunoassay tests. The IA tests are faster but less accurate.

Blood are hair follicle tests are less common for employment purposes. Instead, blood tests are common for testing drivers after motor vehicle accidents. Saliva tests are also common in this situation, and they’re gaining popularity in the workplace. In fact, Amazon uses saliva tests for pre-employment drug screening, opting out of administering the traditional urine test.

When Should You Stop Use Before a Delta 8 Drug Test to Get a Negative Result?

That is the million dollar question. All types of drug tests mentioned will detect Delta 8 THC use; however, there are differences to consider. A saliva test is not going to tell an employer whether or not you were using delta 8 weeks ago, but a urine test “could” do just that.

In theory, there are guidelines to direct individuals when to stop using delta 8 ahead of different types of drug tests. In actuality, whether or not delta 8 is detected can depend on other factors, including an individual’s metabolism and how heavy the substance was used over time.

People argue that delta 8 is weaker than delta 9 and regular marijuana, and so you do not need to abstain from using the substance quite as long ahead of a drug screening. The truth is, however, that delta 8 can be detected for quite some time, depending on the type of drug test administered. Blood tests and saliva tests are not going to catch usage past two days.

Experts say though that delta 8 can show up in urine tests for anywhere between 30 and 60 days if the people being screened are heavy users. Even a person’s weight, age and hydration levels can factor into the equation. Naturally, drug screenings for employment purposes are important, and so people would rather be safe than sorry. It’s best not to play with fire. If there is a chance that delta 8 could show up in a drug screening you have scheduled, then it’s best to play by the rules according to the worst-case scenario.

Passing Delta 8 Drug Tests Does Delta 8 & CBD Show Up on A Drug Test? - a drug test sample under the microscope

The absolute best way to pass a delta 8 drug test is to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. After all, your body must metabolize all the delta 8 for it not to show up on a drug screening. This natural process takes time; however, there are certain measures you can take to help your cause.

As mentioned, one of the best steps you can take is to always make sure you are properly hydrated. Hydration helps your metabolic rate, and you want to be sure that you are doing everything you can. In general, most experts concur that Delta 8 typically leaves your system after 4 weeks, but what if you don’t have that long? What about the mention of urine tests detecting delta 8 for up to two months?

There are also at-home drug test kits that you can purchase in order to see what your results would be ahead of time. Along with these tests and drinking lots of water, what else can you do? There are detox drinks that you can consume as well. These detox drinks and kits are meant to be a way to speed up the process of metabolizing delta 8, helping it to leave your body within 5-10 days.

While there are certainly detox kits and drinks you can buy, you can also employ home remedies. For example, mixing lemon juice in your water is a natural remedy that may help your cause. Cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar are two other suggested natural home remedies.

When it comes to saliva tests, people tend to use mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide to try and manipulate a potentially positive drug test result. While urine tests are still the most popular types of drug screenings, the saliva tests are more commonplace these days due to the rising popularity of delta 8, other cannabinoids and the ongoing legalization fight in regards to marijuana in general.

Final Thoughts

While there are certainly rough guidelines to follow and even natural remedies to employ, the best chance of passing a drug test lies with abstinence. Abstaining from using delta 8 for the recommended period of time ahead of a drug screening is the only way you can guarantee yourself the result you want to see. Otherwise, you are stuck playing the waiting game.

If you know you are subject to a saliva test, then you should not have to abstain for more than a week. If you have an upcoming urine test for drug screening purposes, then you might want to think about switching gears for awhile. You do not want to rely on cleansing formulas or natural remedies to help speed up your body’s metabolic processes.

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