Menopause Cannabinoids & Sexual Health

Menopause Cannabinoids & Sexual Health

Posted on December 19th, 2020

The human body is a complex and diverse thing; it behaves differently for everyone. All women, however, undergo many much more changes than most men are capable of imagining. At some point in a woman’s life, the body stops producing estrogen and progesterone. That period is called menopause. At this time of their lives, they no longer have the ability to bear children anymore. The aforementioned estrogen and progesterone are the two main hormones responsible for child-bearing. Their absence is why, at some point, women can no longer menstruate and, therefore, have children. A woman that has not experienced menstruation in twelve months has almost certainly become menopausal. However, there’s a lot more to menopause, and, surprisingly, cannabinoids might be able to help you deal with it.

Types of Menopause

However, first things first, let’s learn to discern the different types of menopause.

Induced Menopause

Induced menopause isn’t intentional. The situation arises mostly due to exposing the ovaries to specific dangers. The problem starts most of the time via infections or injuries. Also, patients who have cancer are at risk of developing it when undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Natural Menopause

This is the one most women experience. At some point in their lives, the ovaries cease the production of progesterone and estrogen. It is a natural process, and most women don’t even realize when it happens. The only way to ascertain it is after you’ve gone for 12 consecutive months without experiencing menstruation.

Premature Menstruation

A common assumption is that menopause begins at the age of 50, as most women of that age can attest to. However, menopause can knock on your doors earlier than expected. Premature menopause kicks in before a woman reaches 40 years. The ovaries will no longer produce eggs earlier, leading to a progressive reduction in estrogen levels.

Menopause is dramatic, and unfortunately, you can’t avoid it. The symptoms include spontaneous mood swings, low libido, pain, weight gain, and insomnia, which are rather uncomfortable. Some women end up falling into depression and going through anxiety phases. Understanding what happens within your body gives you an upper hand to work around it.

Although doctors would offer pharmaceutical drugs to make the process smoother, there’s something else that may be powerful and effective:  cannabis. You’ve probably heard of it. Cannabis is now more popular than ever due to increasing research presenting more and more benefits to its use.

You might be wondering how cannabis can help with menopause. Cannabis never ceases to amaze, and its potential effects at this juncture are just exceptional, although all need more research to confirm their use. So, how much weight can you put in benefits regarding menopause cannabinoids & sexual health?

Cannabinoids and Menopause.

The human body has something called the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Cannabis has a variety of molecules, known as cannabinoids, which include the famous THC and CBD. This system’s existence allows those to cause the effects that draw people to this plant. The long-term effects are, overall, positive when it comes to menopause cannabinoids & sexual health.

The ECS can not only use the cannabinoids coming from the cannabis plant; your body also produces its own cannabinoids and uses them as well. The interaction is beneficial in relieving the side effects of menopause. A woman’s body generally has high levels of estrogen. Scientific research indicates that during the release of the hormone, cannabinoid levels increase as well. In the event of a drop in production, the system likewise goes through a low tide. Estrogen is the most significant influencer of mood regulation and emotional response for women. That explains why women undergoing menopause suffer from varying side effects regarding mood. Through the proper intake of cannabis, women can supplement cannabinoids levels and experience relief. The compound work by supporting the endocannabinoid system and restoring normalcy in the absence of estrogen.

Do Women Actually Like Cannabis?

However, there is a minor setback to this solution. Psychological studies show that women are a bit hesitant in taking CBD compared to men. Cannabis is a powerful and valuable plant. Yet, with more research and proven benefits, it is only a matter for them to welcome it with open arms. As seen above, the human body is continually undergoing changes, women more so. However, there’s no need to be scared. Women have been using marijuana for its potential medical benefits for thousands of years. In ancient Mesopotamia, Cannabis was vital in relieving menstrual cramps. The women blended the leaves and infused mint and saffron to create a relieving herbal agent called Azallu. Amusingly, a popular yet unproven claim says that Queen Victoria of England used cannabis for this very purpose. The evidence is lacking; however, royal women and common women alike can derive benefits for their menopause cannabinoids & sexual health from the compound.

How Does It Help Menopause Cannabinoids & Sexual Health?

For women going through menopause, cannabis may offer you relief in the following aspects.

Vaginal Dryness.Menopause Cannabinoids & Sexual Health - menopausal woman experiencing a depressive episode

Sex is not something many women look forward to doing during menopause as eagerly as they did in days past. The array of effects makes it a turn-off as you can’t enjoy it as you did before. One common obstacle they now are likely to face is vaginal dryness, which is discomforting. Luckily, THC and CBD may work some magic down there. There are now a variety of lubricants that feature those two. The intake of THC in the bloodstream is quite speedy. The long-term use appears to result in an improvement in menopause cannabinoids & sexual health.


Mood swings are common during menopause. During this time, a female’s body is always on the fence regarding progesterone and estrogen. The imbalance ends up interfering with the activities of neurotransmitters and serotonin. Serotonin’s nickname is the ‘happy hormone.’ However, it is only so if it’s available in the required amounts. CBD plays a role in influencing serotonin receptors. According to research, CBD acts as an antidepressant by modulating serotonin levels. Its effect might result in a reduction in mood swings and the chance of depression in menopausal women.

Progressive Weight Gain.

During menopause, there is minimal to zero production of estrogen. The result is a continuous discharge of cholesterol on areas around the waist. Fortunately, CBD may help break white fat into brown fat, reducing the chances of obesity. Women going through this can benefit from this feature. Additionally, it can also help break down excess fat. Some other cannabinoids, like THCv, are also potent appetite suppressants.


Insomnia can strike women in the menopause bracket. A little bit of insomnia isn’t that bad. However, too much too frequently can pose a risk. You will be too tired and worked up to face the day. CBD may provide a way out through these problems. Research shows that CBD may effectively help you get a good night’s sleep.

Memory Loss.

Memory loss and old age have been friends for the longest time ever, and they gang up on menopausal women. The decline in levels of estrogen and progesterone negatively impacts the brain. They interfere with neuroplasticity in specific parts of the brain. Hence, causing you to become forgetful progressively. Through proper prescription, it may also help in this situation. Preliminary research indicates CBD might help retain neuroplasticity for Alzheimer’s patients. Thus, it might be even more beneficial for women whose memory menopause affects.

Does Menopause Affect Sexual Health?

Yes, yes, and yes again. Menopause has a substantial negative impact on the sex life of any woman. As seen above, some of its side effects, like vaginal dryness, are obstacles. First and foremost, the vaginal walls become thinner. Also, there is minimal lubrication. The reason for these unwanted effects is reduced blood flow in this part of the body. Also, there will be a massive increase in pain nerves making the vagina more sensitive. Some women experience pain while going through regular life activities, like sitting or walking.

Potential Benefits of Cannabinoid for Sexual Health.Menopause Cannabinoids & Sexual Health - a menopausal woman that knows how to take it easy with cannabinoids

CBD is a gateway to improving menopause cannabinoids & sexual health. It appears to be effective in increasing sexual drive in menopausal women. CBD lubricants are natural vasodilators. They boost blood flow within the vagina, making the muscles firmer and more robust. In the long run, they may become less sensitive to pain and more towards pleasure. Sex, therefore, becomes more pleasurable for menopausal women. Below is a list of the potential benefits.

  • Vaginal muscle relaxation.
  • Libido boost.
  • An increase in sexual desire.
  • Vaginal pain relief.
  • Reduced emotional distractions.

The onset of menopause shouldn’t shut the doors on your sex life. CBD and the rest of the cannabinoids may help you get right back to enjoying sex as just like. The effects of menopause will undoubtedly come to pass, but getting some proper CBD products can help you counter them. While at home, you and your partner can undertake the below new activities to make sex more appealing.

  • Doing away with the routine and trying newer and exciting positions.
  • Introduce vaginal lubricants and moisturizers. In the beginning, you will have a smoother experience and less discomfort. In the long run, the pleasure should increase, and you may enjoy it more.
  • Use a vaginal dilator to stretch thin tissues within the vagina. The effect of this thinning is unending dryness, which brings about the discomfort that the dilator can help ease.

Menopause is unavoidable, but it is manageable. Using CBD and THC for the different hurdles brought by menopause may positively help menopause cannabinoids and sexual health. Researchers are still working to this day to see if there are any secrets cannabinoids still hold to help with menopause; stay tuned.

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