How To Take CBD Effectively – Best Practices, Tips And Advice

how to take CBD effectively

Posted on March 13th, 2022

CBD is the latest craze in the wellness and wellbeing industries. More and more people decide to give CBD a try to help them alleviate stress, anxiety, inflammation, pain and insomnia, among many other things. If you’ve never used it before, you should do your homework before giving CBD a try. This article comes in handy, as it explains everything you need to know about the best practices, the delivery methods, and the right dosages for different conditions. After reading the following tips and advice, you’ll know what products to buy and how to take CBD effectively in order to reap the most benefit from your investment.

CBD Dosing Best Practices

how to take CBD effectively
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To start with, it’s worth mentioning that there are no official recommended dosages from the FDA. This means you’re on your own. But recent studies and reviews suggest that CBD is a relatively safe supplement.  It causes few to no side effects or adverse reactions. Still, different people (or animals) respond to CBD in different ways. In human studies, scientists suggest dosages between 20 and 1,500 mg per day.

One good action plan? Try starting with 20 mg a day and stick with this dosage for about one week. Then, you can increase your daily dose by 5 mg if you need to. (According to some, the best daily dosage to start with would be 0.25mg per pound of body weight.) Starting from this baseline, gradually increase your CBD intake until you reach the desired effect. It might take a few weeks or even months to find out how to take CBD effectively for you. But you’ll get there!

While you work out your best dose, try monitoring how CBD improves your targeted condition. But also look at how it affects your body and your ability to cope with your daily chores and activities. Finding a balance is the key to success.

Low and Slow Always Wins

Whatever your size and starting dose, you should start small and gradually increase the dosage. Also, if you suffer from chronic medical conditions, you should ask your doctor for advice. Schedule an appointment to discuss your intention to take CBD and to decide together on an action plan. Having a physician monitoring you is always a good thing.

With that being said, if you want to know how to take CBD effectively, you need to consider several factors such as your body weight, the condition you want to address, and your individual response to this substance. In addition, you should remember that different CBD products have different concentrations. Thus, the dosage of pills or capsules may be different than the dosage of gummies or drops.

How To Calculate How Much CBD To Take CBD Calculator Method - Find Your Optimal CBD Dosage

Let’s assume you want to take 20 mg of CBD per day. The question is how many drops, pills, capsules or gummies you should take. If you’re using oil, check the label on the bottle to see how much CBD one drop of oil contains. Then, work out the required number of drops you should take per day.

In case the manufacturer doesn’t list the CBD content per drop but rather per bottle, you should calculate this value to work out the number of drops you need to take per day. If a drop is about 0.05 ml and the volume of the bottle is 10ml, it means there are 200 drops inside. If the label states that the CBD content is of 1,000mg, one drop will contain about 5mg. A daily dosage of 20mg will call for four drops.

How to Take CBD Effectively: Consider Timing

Another good question is when to take CBD. Would it be wise to take it in the morning and then go about your day as usual? Would it be best to take it in the evening, just before bedtime? Or maybe it’s best to spread it throughout the day, take half of the daily dose in the morning and half in the evening?

There’s no right answer to these questions. In fact, the best time to take CBD depends on the effect it has on you and on the condition you’re taking it for. As drowsiness is one of the most common side effects of CBD, using it at bedtime is a good idea. You can also take it whenever you need to chill. Anyway, avoid taking it before handling heavy equipment or doing tasks that call for high precision and attention levels.

If it doesn’t interfere with your daily activities, splitting your doses between morning and evening seems to be a logical approach, as you’d benefit from its effects throughout the entire day.

Choosing The Best Delivery Methods

The most direct and efficient form of taking CBD is to administer it sublingually. This delivery method has the fastest and the highest absorption rate, as the active substance enters directly into the bloodstream. For even higher effectiveness, you can place CBD oil under your tongue longer, instead of swallowing it immediately.

Inhalation is another fast delivery method, as it also bypasses digestion. When you inhale it, the CBD arrives into your lungs, and from there, directly into the bloodstream. This makes inhalation and extremely efficient delivery method for those seeking pain relief, for instance.

Oral consumption is the most convenient delivery method. Even though the effects take longer to be felt, they tend to last for a longer time. One of the most relevant studies shows that taking CBD with fatty acids enhances the absorption rate and the effectiveness of CBD oil. If this is your preferred delivery method, just make sure you take your daily CBD dose with a fatty meal.

How to Take CBD Effectively: Guidelines For Dosing By Condition

If you want to make use of your CBD intake to the full, you have to consider why you’re taking it in the first place. If you only want to chill and relax after a hard day, starting with the minimum dosage and gradually increasing it sounds like a good plan.

However, if you suffer from a painful chronic condition and you need CBD to ease your pain, you may need to consider choosing the fastest and the most effective delivery method, as well as a higher dosage. Cancer, migraines and fibromyalgia are some of the best examples of painful conditions that require fast and highly effective pain remedies. When you’re in pain, the last thing you want is to wait 20 minutes to feel the effects of your medication.

This is how to take CBD effectively. In a nutshell, it all boils down to choosing the right delivery method, CBD products and daily dosage for your specific situation and body type. For your own safety, seek for the supervision of a medical doctor.

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